Clement Launches Tubeless Tires in Multiple Treads

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Clement

Clement has launched five new tubeless offerings in both current models and new designs. For cyclocross, the well regarded PDX and MXP will both be available in tubeless versions. New to the line-up is the BOS – aptly named for Boston, made specifically for the harshest, deepest mud. With taller knobs overall and well supported, buttressed side knobs, this tire will allow one to corner on rails in even the trickiest conditions. The BOS will also be available in a tubular version by Fall of 2016.

Also added are several new gravel tires utilizing the new tubeless casing. To augment the already popular MSO line is a new 36 mm size available in both tubeless and tube type versions. This has proven to be a fantastic tire and has already been raced by a number of brand ambassadors at some of the great gravel epics. New to the fold is the Strada USH which is a cross between the well liked Strada LGG road tire and the USH gravel tire. This will be offered in 32 mm size only for now and in both tubeless and tube type versions. Availability is summer of 2016.

Keep your eyes and ears posted for some other new tires from the Clement brand in the not so distant future!

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