Haidet headed to LUX World Championships with Team USA; Driscoll chooses US Fat Bike Nationals

Posted on January 11, 2017 by meredith miller


The Clement Professional Cycling Team is thrilled to support recently crowned U23 US National Cyclocross Champion Lance Haidet as he joins Team USA as part of the thirty rider squad heading to Luxembourg to contest the UCI World Cyclocross Championships January 28 and 29.

Haidet was a member of Team USA as a Junior at the 2015 World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic but was a DNF after crashing hard into the fencing on lap one leaving him with a broken hand. As a developing first year U23 rider, Haidet was not named to the world’s team for the 2016 World Championships in Zolder. After earning himself the stars and stripes jersey in Hartford, Haidet is excited to see what he can do in Bieles come January.

“I am super happy to make the Worlds Team selection,” said Haidet. “This is my first time going to the World Champions as a U23, so it is definitely going to be a new and exciting experience. I’m feeling fit and motivated coming off of the national championships, and am looking forward to seeing what I can do overseas.”

Donn Kellogg, owner of Donnelly Sports, which manages both the Clement Professional Cycling Team and the Clement brand, first noticed young Haidet at the Derby City Cup in Louisville, KY in 2014. Knowing talent when he sees it, Kellogg brought Haidet to the team ahead of the 2015 US National Cyclocross Championships in Austin. Through all the ups and downs, Kellogg’s faith in Haidet has remained steadfast, and he is proud to send Haidet to Luxembourg with his fervent support.

“I am personally very proud to see Lance head over to Europe with his amazing bike handling skills that we witness in Hartford,” said Kellogg. “With his skills and great form, we know he will more than hold his own there. This season was a true test for Lance, and through the disappointments he maintained an outstanding good attitude, a very steady and focused approach to the frustrations that a racing season can have. Now that he has cleared through it, he is ready for the next step in his cycling career, and I am personally very proud to have a part in it.”


After riding to a dramatic and hard fought second place at the US National Cyclocross Championships in the elite men’s race, Jamey Driscoll has declined a spot on Team USA for the UCI World Championships in Luxembourg to instead carry his fitness into the US Fat Bike National Championships in Grand Rapids, MI January 28.

“With the addition of Layla to the family, I don’t want to spend two weeks away right now,” said Driscoll. “I look at this as a good opportunity to branch out from cyclocross with a different event. I’m looking forward to being able to carry over the good form that I showed at ‘cross nationals. I’m confident that my bike handling skills can transfer over to the fast and loose conditions that could come with fat biking.”

Driscoll, a Park City resident is no stranger to riding a fat bike in Utah’s snowy conditions, although the national championships will be his first official fat bike race.

As a brand, Clement is excited to support Driscoll at fat bike nationals.

“We have forged a strong collaborative relationship with Jamey on tire design,” said Johs. Huseby, who leads product development at Clement. “We greatly appreciate his expertise and look forward to supporting Jamey in this category as it will help provide valuable feedback for future designs.”