Problems With Motorcycles  – Motorcycles are a very popular mode of transport and they can stand side by side with cars. They require a lot of investment in maintenance, as well as everyday care. But sometimes it happens to breakdown.

It’s probably the worst thing for every biker. These breakdowns will sometimes be caused by errors on the motorcycle itself, but very often the situations in which the breakdown is caused by insufficient attention that the owner should devote to maintenance of his machine. So, we have prepared a list of the 15 most common problems that drivers ignore in their motorcycles.

15. High fuel consumption

Every biker should take care of the fuel consumption of his motorcycle. The best way to do this is regular machine service, as well as a regular check of engine oil. Also, driving at an average speed can help in this situation.

14. Contaminated fuel

It happens that some bikers ride their motorcycles very little or do not drive at all, in order to save the machine as much as possible. Although this is a good way to drive their vehicle as long as possible, sometimes it may create problems due to lack of usage. In this case, it is necessary to add fuel supplements to prevent problems.

13. Handling problems

According to Motorcyclist Online, the biker’s problem is often a problem with handling the motorcycle. The causes are different, and one of the problems can be tires, more precisely the tire pressure. Therefore, it is very important to check the tire pressure before each ride.

12. Not tracking straight

Another problem with the steering of the vehicle, but now the problem is that the bike is not going straight. It is very likely that the problem is that the wheels are not aligned. If everything is fine with them, bikers should check the steering head, wheel bearing, or swingarm.

11. Alternator failure

Malfunctions on the alternator occur suddenly and without special warning. But the careless driver can cause them, as well. Prior to failure, the motorcycle gives clear signs, such as flicker of the gauges or the headlight dimming. Accordingly, each biker should follow the signs sent to him by the vehicle.

10. Poorly lubricated chains

Poorly lubricated chain is a mistake caused by careless owner. Simply, it is necessary to do this, especially because of a safe ride. Poor lubricated chain can easily break, and then accidents are inevitable.

9. Ecu/Engine management malfunction

In today’s motorcycles, electronics take a major part. As a little before mentioned problems with the alternator, these ones happen suddenly and without notice, as well. The only way to prevent potential failures is the proper ride and regular care of your vehicle.

8. Braking issues

Brakes are probably one of the most important parts of the bike, especially if we are talking about a safe ride. Unlike electronics problems, problems with brakes are easy to spot. Therefore, regular control of all parts of the braking system is mandatory.

7. Vibrations at high speeds

It’s normal for the bike to vibrate. But if a motorcycle vibrates too much, then it’s a problem. These problems can even cause an accident. The cause of excessive vibrations can be a weakly attached seat, a problem with the suspension or simply a motorcycle needs cooling.

6. Uncharged batteries

If you are a driver who drives his bike a little, you probably had problems with the batteries. This is another reason to drive your bike as much as you can. Hupy estimates that problems occur with drivers who drive less than 5 hours per week.

5. Plugs/flooded fuel

This is a bigger problem for older motorcycles than for modern bikes. Flooded engine is probably one of the worst situations that can happen to a biker on the road. On the other hand, the change of the spark plugs is not a big problem.

4.Clutch failure

A broken clutch is a very unpleasant problem with which motorcycle riders can face. First of all, because this type of problem can cost the driver a few thousand dollars. The clutch will not suddenly spoil, but you will be warned before the failure.

3. Engine mechanical problems

Another very unpleasant problem that can happen to every driver. In this case, the skills of an ordinary biker will not be enough, but help from mechanics is necessary. It creates the costs of which no one is happy, except mechanics.

2. Suspension binding

A very important part of every motorcycle is a suspension. It is certain that no one wants to be uncomfortable while riding on a rough road. Therefore, if you want a comfortable ride, timely replacement of oil in suspensions is important as well as regular maintenance.

1. Worn-out tires

Another incredibly important part of your bike. The only thing that lies between your motorcycle and the road is tire, and that’s something that you often need to think about. Bad and worn-out tires can be dangerous when driving, especially in rainy conditions.


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