Using Sealant in Clement Tubulars

Posted on October 21, 2011 by Clement

Clement tubular cyclocross tires feature a tubeless construction (no inner tube) and removable valve core. The removable valve allows you to inject sealant liquid easily, and the lack of inner tube allows sealant to quickly repair typical punctures less than 1 or 2mm in size.

Sealant can also be used preventively to help avoid flat tires. If you ride in an area with thorns or other sharp debris, we recommend using sealant preventively.

(Note: Our tubular tires feature a rubberized and waterproof sidewall and do not require Aqua-Seal or other weather-proofing sidewall treatment.)

Clement offers two types of sealant: Normal and Heavy Duty



Step-by-Step Step Instructions for Using Sealant

1) Gather materials:

– We recommend Clement-brand sealant. The Heavy Duty Sealant contains small particles inside and will help seal larger punctures better than sealant without particles.
– Syringe or small squeeze bottle
– Valve core removal tool

2) Remove the valve core from the valve body using a valve tool or needle-nose pliers.

3) Shake the sealant, and fill the syringe or squeeze bottle with desired amount of liquid.

For a cyclocross tubular, about 20-30 ml is needed to seal small punctures, or as a preventive measure. More may be needed to repair larger holes or for greater prevention.

4) Clean valve stem of liquid, replace valve core, and inflate tire. Sometimes the valve core will become clogged with sealant. Remove the core and clear the valve body using a thin object like an allen key or spoke.

5) If you are sealing a known puncture, rotate the wheel so the sealant flows into the hole. Leave the wheel positioned so sealant pools at the puncture for several hours.

Liquid sealant inside the tire will stay effective for several months depending upon condition and the amount used. Eventually it will dry out and won’t be effective against sealing new punctures. Add more sealant if needed. The dried out sealant generally will not negatively effect the tire except for adding a very tiny amount of weight.

The liquid weighs about 1 gram per ml.

Tip: You can carry a small bottle of sealant, a valve tool, and a pump to repair punctures on the road.