Motorcycles are available in many different models, shapes and sizes. For many motorcycle fans around the globe, it is hard to say a bad word about these machines in general. Even the worst bikes make us look when they race past besides us on a highway. They are motorcycles after all, the beasts our mothers never wanted us to love nor ride, things that make us look cooler, the trusted steeds we use to overcome the miles.

Companies of today produce tons of bikes every year. Naturally, there are fthan a few that fail in some way. Even the top manufacturers have been known to slip here and there, as some mistakes might surprise you.

In this article, we look at some of the motorcycles that just were not it, either because of their mechanics or style. These bikes probably made their buyers and owners regret the purchase.

20. Ariel Arrow

The company was founded in 1902 in the United Kingdom, and they started with bicycles. They also made cars, but not for long. The company completely closed down in 1970. For many people, their bike, The Arrow, looked good. We agree here, but it had some serious problems that upset the consumers and collectors. The mufflers were built too low to the ground, which was a problem when turning, as expert riders know. This was a very big problem for many of the bikes unfortunate buyers.

19. Ducati 900SS

Ducati is a great manufacturer of quality bikes, that is for sure. This bike however, had some issues. The bike in question was supposed to be super-fast. It was not, which was not the only issue. Its further issues include problems with maintenance, because it breaks down too often, the springs racket a lot, and some general problems with the clutch are also present. Too many issues if you ask us.


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