Q: Where can I get Clement tires?

A: Most bike shops in North America have access to Clement products from our extensive distributor network. Just ask your favorite shop! Here’s a list of international distributors and US dealers by state.

Q: Which direction should I install the  tires?

A: We prefer to install all our tires so any arrow-shaped knobs or chevrons face forward when viewed from the top. Typically, the most prominent knobs will have a sloped or ramped leading edge and a more abrupt or steep trailing edge, when viewed from above.  This is true for both front and rear tires. On the PDX, the center arrow-shaped knobs face forward. The LAS side knobs form arrows facing forward too. Some riders may install them differently to get different traction characteristics and that’s perfectly OK!

Q: How wide are the cyclocross tires?

A: All our ‘cross tires (LAS, MXP, PDX clinchers and tubulars) measure 33 mm wide on an average rim at average pressure. Slight differences in width may occur on especially wide or narrow rims, or at different pressures. Tubular width is less effected less by rim width. Clinchers may run slightly wider than 33 due to manufacturing variances. New tires are sometimes slightly narrower, and will become wider by about 1-2 mm after being inflated for a couple days.

Q: What air pressure should I use in Clement tires?

A: Pressure is an important factor that determines a tire’s performance. But it is impossible to say exactly what pressure will be right for you. The ideal pressure depends upon a combination of factors that include rider weight, tire type and size, riding conditions, and rider preferences. A hand-held tire pressure gauge will help you learn what tire pressure works best for you. Carry one in your pocket for a few rides to experiment with different pressures and combinations. This will help you know exactly what works best for different tires and conditions.

Q: Can I use the tires tubeless?

A: Clement clincher tires are designed to be used with an inner tube. Liquid sealant may cause the inside of the tire to deteriorate. Clement tubular tires are designed to be used with liquid sealant.

Q: How do you glue cyclocross tubulars?

A: See our favorite how-to articles here.

Q: Should I add liquid sealant to the tubulars?

A: See our complete tips for sealant here.

Q: Do I need to coat the sidewalls of Clement tubulars with weather-proofing sealant?

A: Our tubular tires feature a pre-coated sidewall and do not require sidewall sealant.

Q: Where can I find media reviews of Clement tires?

A: Links to reviews can be found here.

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