We all know the typical design of a motorcycle. In fact, every part of the motorcycle is predictable, from the driving systems to the seating position. However, what if we tell you that there is a different world of motorcycles, which is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Thus, we decided to show some of the  strange motorcycles which veered from the norm that you could have never imagined they existed.

18. Boss Hoss Gangsta Trike

Although it might look like a usual trike, the Boss Hoss Gangsta Trike comes with plenty of unconventional features. As a matter of fact, with a weight of 150 lbs, it can be custom made for you. Hence, you can choose how the rear section and eight-cylinder engine will look like.

17. Boxx

This weird motorcycle is designed to be portable. It runs on an electric engine and it has a shape of a box. What might sound surprising is that it’s legal to ride it and there’s plenty of storage area for groceries.

16. Ryno

Even though a unicycle motorbike is a dangerous concept, there are plenty of people who are willing to give it a try! It’s quite similar to a Segway where you have to lean forward to speed up. Plus, it not only looks unbalanced but it actually is.

15. Ascot Pullin 500

The Ascot Pullin 500 motorcycle was created in 1982 by Cyril Pullin and Douglas Groom. This is the first motorcycle with hydraulic brakes and horizontally mounted engine ever built. However, this motorcycle didn’t seem to be interesting for people as only 500 motorcycles were sold.

14. Imme R100

Imme R100 was designed by Norbert Riedel, a German engineer who used to build engines for Luftwaffe fighter planes during the WWII. This unique motorcycle was meant to use as a cheap transport. However, it ended up looking like one of the most good-looking ones.

13. Ner-a-Car

The Ner-a-Car was designed by Carl Neracher in 1918. The “feet-first” bike, was a big hit that it sold out in 16,500 units. This motorcycle was one of the most successful hub-center steered vehicles.

12. Roadog

There have been only two Roadog motorbikes built which became an icon for bikers. The motorcycles were built by Wild Bill Gelbke in the 1960s and featured Chevrolet 153 engine. Roadog was more than 3,200 lbs in weight.

11. Haleson Steam Powered

The Haleson Steam Powered motorcycle is an extremely unusual and popular motorcycle. However, with the rise of technology, a steam-powered motorbike became obsolete and its production stopped in 1914.

10. Rokon Trail-Breaker

The Rokon Trail-Breaker might look like a combo of an off-road vehicle with a motorcycle. This motorcycle is still used by the US Armed Forces since the 1960s when it started being produced. It weighs up to 2,000 lbs and can store an extra 2.5 gallons of fuel or water.

9. Jaguar

This motorcycle was inspired by the iconic Jaguar hood bonnet. The Jaguar motorcycle offers an exciting ride as it features the Buell S3 1200cc V-twin engines. What probably makes this motorcycle strange is the front headlight which is placed in the mouth of the Jaguar itself.

8. Uno Dicycle

This dicycle is as weird as it sounds. It was invented by a Canadian teenager in 2006 and it’s a self-balancing motorcycle. What’s so weird about this motorcycle is that the two wheels are set side by side than one in front of the other.

7. Megola

It might look dated rather than weird, but the Megola motorcycle comes with a five-cylinder radial engine. The engine is placed inside the spokes of the front wheel. It wouldn’t be of any use in today’s traffic as it’s a hundred years old.

6. Majestic

Built by Georges Roy in 1929, the Majestic motorcycle was definitely ahead of its time. This motorcycle, although old, features many design touches on modern bikes. In fact, it became a huge hit that many people are looking to buy a vintage Majestic nowadays.

5. Böhmerland

Böhmerland motorcycle features cast aluminum wheels, built-up front forks, and long, welded frames. It was designed by Albin Leibisch in former Czechoslovakia before the WWII started. What makes it strange is the color scheme. In fact, this motorcycle also has a three-seater and four-seater versions.

4. Quasar

Quasar motorcycle comes with an engine taken from a Reliant Robin three-wheeled car. It doesn’t only look intriguing, but Quasar could reach speeds of up to 100 mph. This semi-enclosed feet forward motorcycle was created by Malcolm Newell and Ken Leaman.

3. Evolve Xenon Lightcycle

As it resembles some futuristic machines, riding the Evolve Xenon Lightcycle would probably feel like being part of a sci-fi movie. This motorcycle comes with an environmentally friendly electric engine and can reach a speed of 100mph.

2. Peraves Monotracer

It might not look like a motorcycle at a first glance, but it can give us an idea how motorcycles will look in the future. It’s legal to ride it and it comes with a closed cabin made from an expensive combination of carbon and Kevlar. Get ready for a luxurious experience.

1. Piaggio MP3

Although the Piaggio MP3 looks like a scooter rather than a motorcycle, it’s much more powerful. It featured an unorthodox wheel configuration as it has two wheels at the front, located close together and one wheel at the rear.

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