Recently, we are witnessing the growth and refreshing of Ducati`s Scrambler lineup. When it comes to the Icon type, we are mostly talking about refreshing. The Icon is presented in a whole new light. You can see that it features new color, new ergonomics, and updated lights. Newly introduced safety electronics are first class.

The one new feature that blows out the competition is the multimedia system that can connect your phone and your vehicle, and offer you countless possibilities. There is a lot more of the features that we can talk about. But let us divide all of them into certain categories and present them to you. This will be an easier way to present all of them to you.

2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon Design

Like any Scrambler, it has a youthful look, that is the recognizable trait for all of them. However, a new 2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon has a 3.5-gallon size tank. Also, it features a new color, an Atomic Tangerine. Like the name itself is saying, it is an orange color with black elements all over it. If you prefer yellow colors, you can have this model in that color.

This vehicle was reinforced with the front fender that was heavily supported. Yet, it doesn`t have any unnecessary coverage that can have a bad influence on the vehicle itself. In order to improve the visibility of the driver, Icon has headlights that are featuring new LED DRL. This is completely a new feature that is almost new to the auto-moto industry itself.

The cover for a teardrop tank is almost the same as one that was featured on the previous generation of Icon. The side plates are different and they are interchangeable. But, in all honesty, we don`t see the point in changing them. They are perfectly good as they are. Under the seat, you can find a USB port that can be used for charging some of your devices when needed.

Vehicle`s Chassis

The steering head is adjusted at the twenty-four degrees, vertically at thirty-five degrees. The height of the seat is 31 inches. If that is not good enough for you, you can ask for a 30.6-inch seat. The stems upfront are a forty-one mm forks used by Kayaba. And in the back, the same brand coil-over shock is supporting the back of the vehicle.

It features a Brembo`s four pistons calipers that are biting a disc from the upfront, different to the one piston that bites another disc out back. What`s really new about this year is that Bosch is making ABS that will do the measuring of forces that are acting on the vehicle, and do the job of finding the right balance.


The Icon is powered by the 803 cc L-Twin plant. At first sight, it seems that the engine is not sophisticated enough, but the famous manufacturer has the best things saved for the insight of the vehicle. However, the horsepower is something that we can say is disappointing. It has a 73 horsepower at 8,250 rpm. The stroke and bore can be measured out at 66mm and 88mm.

The real problems emerge with the compression. The compression range is 11 to 1, and it requires even more money to prevent potential problems that can emerge from it. The throttle body of fifty millimeters manages the introduction of Lambda probes to read the catalytic converter and exhaust gasses. With the top gear, you can expect that it can reach up to 120 miles per hour.

The Price Tag

If you decide to acquire Ducati Scrambler Icon 2019, you will need to gather up to $9,400. This is the lowest amount of money that you can offer for this bike. However, this bike is not available on the market yet, but it will be in the first quarter of the current year.

The Competition

Scrambles, even it doesn`t target any specific vehicle from the past, has something old-school about its look. And, retro is the most popular thing about vehicles right now. If you are looking for something similar to 2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon, you should look at the 900RS Kawasaki. Unlike the Scrambler, it has a specific vehicle that it looks up to. It looks up to Z1 900 from 1973.