Suzuki`s V-Storm family has a new addition. This new addition is 650XT Touring. This new model is based on a 650XT platform that proved itself perfect, with a new touch when it comes to design. The manufacturer`s first task was providing comfort to potential customers of this vehicle.

It features handguards, windshields, and other equipment that will make driving this one unforgettable experience. Let us present you with the new 2019 Suzuki V-Storm 650XT Touring in greater detail.

The Design of V-Strom 650XT Touring

Some of the customers describe it as adventure profile bike. It has a narrowed front part that is coupled together with an ample. Also, it has a tank of 5.3-gallon size. The headlights are dominating the front. A proper fender can be found between the fork sliders. The reason is that you don`t have to rely on the uncertain coverage of high-mounted beak to control the bike.

On the top, you can see a windshield that is adjustable, that protects the torso of the rider with its design, by minimalizing head-buffeting and turbulence. For completing the frontal protection, it has a bash plate. This plate is located below the radiator.

Although it has a little narrow start, the flares are coming out the back and forming a fairly good pocket and narrow it once again down to the frame. This will be of use for riders that have somewhat smaller inseams. Also, it needs to be said that from the floor to the seats you have around 32 inches of height.

Vehicle`s Chassis

Twin-spar frame is made of aluminum that has proven itself over and over again as a perfect choice material. It is very light, so it doesn`t encumber all of the vehicles. When it comes to the steering head, it is tuned up at 25.4 degrees with a trail of 4.21 inches. Also, the rims are made of aluminum. They are connected to the hub.

The stock package features ABS protection. ABS protection has the task of overseeing the process of anchors biting the front disc and two clippers that are binding the disc out back. The vehicle weighs around five thousand pounds. However, it has hard panniers attached, so it has breaks that can do a perfectly good job. It doesn`t matter how big the load is.


This model of Suzuki has a heart of their SV 650 program. A liquid-cooled mill is running in a ninety-degree VT config with 62.66 mm stroke and 81 mm bore. When it comes to compression, it has a range of 11.2 to 1. Also, both the cylinders and pistons were treated with materials that will help with reducing friction, and by doing that decreasing the mechanical damages.

The engine`s electronics are top-notch. Suzuki`s proprietary dual valve induction controller that features a butterfly that is servo-controlled, and it helps with the flattening the differences between a capability and the demand. Plus, a Suzuki V-Storm 650XT has an idle-speed control that will stabilize the engine. It doesn`t matter if it is too hot or cold.

In the end, it looks like you will have to mess with a vehicle that has 69 horsepower at eight thousand with fifty pounds or torque that has a maximum of six thousand and four hundred rpms. A clutch is a pretty standard one, with six speeds available. The accelerations from first five speeds will result in the sixth one that can come up to 115 miles per hour.

2019 Suzuki V-Strom 650XT Touring Price Tag

This new, Suzuki`s model, has a price tag of $9,999. The base model had a somewhat lower price. It was around $1200 lower. But the final version has a lot more to show than a base model. Both of them featured the V-Storm 650. One of the biggest plusses is its stock bags.

The Competition

If you are looking for something similar to 650 XT, you can have a look at several models. The first one is Triumphs Tiger 800 XR. It has a bigger engine that V-Storm. Tiger`s windshield protects the torso of the rider; however, the hands are completely available to the wind. This can be considered as a minus for this one.

The Tiger`s frontal part is dominated by the headlights. The brakes of these two models are something that can be comparable. When it comes to the pluses for Suzuki, the frontal features are changeable, so it leaves the driver with a higher level of comfort. The main advantage of Tiger is its drivetrain.