The company Arch Motorcycle is founded by a popular movie actor, Keanu Reeves. They are planning to go on the market with a new model in 2020, the KRGT-1 motorcycle. We could see this model at the EICMA bike show in Milan this year, and it looks like a slightly moderated version of the previous model.

The KRGT-1 has more than twenty important modifications and more than 150 new components with new designs. The intention of the company was to make a bike that will keep the original classic design, but with modern solutions for the engine.

2020 KRGT-1

When it comes to an engine, the 2020 KRGT-1 has an S&S v-twin engine with downdraft induction and K&N air filter. The size of the engine is 2,032 cc. The exhaust is specially designed for the KRGT-1, and it is made from stainless steel and has the carbon veil. Also, it has improved brake system and suspension, along with better comfort while riding it.

2020 KRGT-1

The braking system is improved with Boch anti-lock braking system, which gives this bike better stability, and it is safer to drive it. The fuel tank is also modified, and now it has a better ergonomics, with the size of the tank that is now 22.7 liters. The Arch bike is now lighter with a lot of aluminum details.

2020 KRGT-1

With all of these improvements in design and performances, we can say this bike is currently one of the most attractive ones on the market. Along with the fact that this brand is owned by Keanu Reeves, it is expected that this model will be craved on the market. The estimated price for the KRGT-1 is around 80,000 dollars.


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