Nothing says “I got this” more than a Dodge RAM 1500. That thing can pull anything. It can carry anything. The only thing it can’t do is babysit your kid and do your taxes. Aside from that, it’s a workhorse of a machine that deserves respect.

It is, more than any other car, one’s prized possession, and with that comes the need for mods and accessories. Yes, every person has stared at that thing of beauty and thought: “I wondered what this bad boy would look like lifted.”

Here are the quintessential mods and upgrades to get for your Dodge RAM 1500:

Cold Air Intake

Power is everything when it comes to a truck. It’s why we buy them. According to, if you’re looking to increase the power of your Dodge RAM 1500, a cold air intake should be at the top of your list. It’s a simple, tried, and true method to get that power up to where you want it to be.

Now, that alone isn’t going to turn your RAM into a monster truck. But it is the prototypical start of a good mod adventure. A cold air intake allows more oxygen-rich air into the engine, adding to the combustion potential of the machine, leading to more power. In the end, the engine is a compartmentalized casing for controlling explosions and all explosions need air. 


If you’re going to increase the air intake, you’re going to have to provide a place for it to leave. That’s the exhaust pipe. If you’re doing any sort of modification to your RAM, the exhaust has to come up to snuff as well. You can’t have all that air coming in with a small pipe for it to leave.

The flow will get all messed up and the smooth system necessary to generate the power you want will just go out the window. On top of performance, the RAM 1500 has a massive engine that can make a thunderous sound under the right conditions. A good exhaust facilitates that, chest rumbling roar. Let the world hear what you’ve got under the hood. 

Running Board

Not everyone is tall enough to just hop into a monster like the RAM 1500. If you’ve got friends or a significant other, or you yourself have a bit of trouble getting in, a running board and/or sidestep can be of great service.

There are some disadvantages when it comes to height and car choice. Not only is it functional, but it also gives you an extra area to customize the aesthetics. As much as RAM 1500 is fun on its own, it’s even better when filled with people you enjoy. Give them the comfort that needs by first giving them away into the truck. 

Lift Kit

If you’ve ever been in a big truck, you know the feeling of being higher than everybody on the road. There’s an excitement there that is unparalleled. There’s also a next level to that: the lift kit. The lift kit is the ultimate expression of pure fun with a truck. It’s preposterous and over the top.

Literally, you’ll be over every top on the road short of a 16 wheeler Mack truck. If you’re not familiar with what a lift kit is, it’s a form of suspension modification that involves making the space between the wheels and the chassis greater than when it was as a stock car. A lift is usually relative to the tire size and how much you want it raised.

Generally, you’ve got up to 8-10 inches of suspension space, depending on what kind of tires you’re working with. Whatever your reasons may be, whether you’re into off roading and the lift kit helps you get across some mean and rugged terrain, or you just like the look, a lift kit is an amazing addition to the overall visuals and functionality of your RAM 1500.


Racks, specifically tire carriers and winch mounts, are the best accessories to top off the functionality of your Dodge. It’s the extra 10% that makes the difference. This doesn’t change when it comes to trucks. Having a winch mount allows you to not only be functional, but a great help just in case you need to be.

If there’s anything that falls into a ditch, you’re there with the winch. If there’s a trailer that has to be pulled, you’re there with the winch. A tire rack, being a part of that extra 10%, men’s that you’ll never be in trouble if trouble tries to come. You’ve got everything you need. 


Protecting your truck is among one of the most important imperatives for your RAM 1500. The bed, especially, gets rusty and full of gunk. There’s a methodology for keeping your things clean, mostly having to do with prevention, and there’s nothing that prevents dirt and gunk build-up quite like a cover for the bed.

This is especially true if you’ve got an expensive payload in the back. You can’t predict the weather. What if it rains and you’ve got electronics in the back? What if you’re hauling cement? It would be an immense waste of time if you’ve got bags of dry building materials getting soaked prematurely. Having a cover, more than anything, is the investment in what makes your truck a unique piece of machinery. Once you’ve got that taken care of, you’re set. 

These parts are just the beginnings of a good modification journey. Taking everything into account (comfort, speed, power, etc.) means that not only will you have a bad beast on your hands, but one that everyone can enjoy. You can be of service to anyone around you, and not just when they’re moving. Think about all the things you can do with a big truck. Now multiply that by the modifications you throw on there. It’s so worth it. So good luck, have fun and share what you’ve got cooking up for your Dodge RAM 1500.