Zero Motorcycles is a relatively young company in the motorcycle world since it was founded 13 years ago, in 2006. However, since that time, they have managed to build a reputation as leading manufacturers of electric two-wheelers. Not only that, they have also significantly improved technology so you can now buy very reliable machines that are great for long rides. One of these is electric-powered Black Forest model that belongs to the Zero Dual Sport line.

Indeed, many features make the DSR Black Forest one of the best electric two wheelers we will see next year. For example, there is equipment that allows you to indulge in long and comfortable adventures. In addition, the DSR Black Forest has a fairly large storage space, which was not the case with some previous motorcycles. The fact is that Zero has prepared an excellent and advanced machine, so let’s look at the specifications, design, drive and of course the price of a new motorcycle.

2020 Zero DSR Black Forest Design

If we tell you that this bike is for adventurers, it is not too difficult to conclude that design is very durable and reliable. Specifically, there is a large windshield and hand guards on the front. Also, the front LED headlight has a grille protection, which indicates that off-road driving won’t be a problem at all. Given that this is an all-electric motorcycle, it is logical that there have been design changes due to the removal of the fuel tank. This may be a bit odd for those who are first encountering an electric-powered bike. Still, it doesn’t look strange because there is a small bump to keep the classic design of this part as much as possible.

There is also a fender on the front and bars on both sides to provide greater safety and security while driving. The back is dominated by three large luggage boxes so you can carry a large amount of the necessary items for the trip. Also, the upper box is designed to provide support if you have a back passenger.

Overall, the design is aligned with the purpose of the DSR Black Forest electric motorcycle. It’s all about the adventurous spirit. There are even extra arm guards, fenders as well as LED headlight with grille protection that are great for off-road driving. Also, three large luggage boxes at the back provide ample space. When it comes to design of seat, we have to add that it is very comfortable and fully adapted to the adventurers.

2020 Zero DSR Black Forest Chassis

Since the DSR Black Forest is intended for long journeys as well as off-road terrains, special attention has been paid to the frame and overall endurance of the machine. The backbone of the structure is the twin-spar frame, which is made of high-quality aluminum. The use of these materials has significantly reduced weight, resulting in better handling and driving experience. Both front and rear rims are cast, which further adds to the fact that durability and reliability are a priority.

Pirelli MT-60 tires are located on the front and rear wheels, though the front end includes 100/90-19 while the rear end has 130/80-17 unit. Interestingly, another fact reveals the off-road capabilities of this electric machine, which are treads that contain deep grooves to improve surface adhesion, whether you drive on muddy or asphalt roads. However, if you want to drive mostly on city streets, it may be better to replace them with a different type of tires.

For suspensions, the front end features 41 mm inverted Showa forks, while the rear features 40 mm Showa monoshock forks. In fact, both the front and rear suspension have some similar characteristics, including 7 and 7.03 inches of travel as well as three adjustment levels for both units. The front end features J-Juan 320 mm disc brake calipers that come with Bosch Gen 9 ABS. It is similar to the rear wheel except that there is a 240 mm disc.

2020 Zero DSR Black Forest Drivetrain

Like we said, the DSR Black Forest is an electric motorcycle, so it makes sense to have an electric motor. It is powered by a brushless Z-Force 75-7R motor. This machine features some very interesting components such as permanent hi-temp magnets and radial flux which contributes to excellent driving performance. The maximum power capacity is 14.4 kWh for the basic version, while there is another option where you can choose Power Tank accessory to increase capacity to 18.0 kWh. This includes a maximum range of 157 miles with a single charge for 14.4 kWh unit for city driving, while for the highway, the maximum range is 88 miles at 55 mph.

For enhanced version with a capacity of 18.0 kWh, driving around the city provides a range of 196 miles, while for the highway, that number is 110 miles.

The DSR Black Forest is a machine that you can use in all situations because it is really versatile. Weekend camping, long adventures or city rides, everything is possible if you own a DSR Black Forest. In essence, it averages 112 miles for 14.4 kWh while the 18.0 kWh version reaches 141 miles in combined driving (city and highway). Also, if you drive 70 mph, the maximum range for the former is 64 miles, while for the latter it is 80 miles. The combined ride takes 91 miles for the first version, while for the boosted variant it is 114 miles. Although the highway range doesn’t appear to be great, the mileage is quite fine considering that it is a single recharge.

The most interesting thing is that the DSR Black Forest has no clutch, but it all comes down to a twist-and-go system. This makes the bike great for beginners as well. Also, there are 116 pound-feet of torque as well as a maximum power of 70 horsepower.

As for battery recharge, the ZF14.4 version takes about 9.8 hours to complete, while ZF18.0 version takes about 12 hours to reach 100%. Although these are factory-made results, the true results shouldn’t deviate too much from those stated. Also, we have to emphasize that there are accessories for fast charging, so the time can be shortened to 3.3 hours for basic and 2.5 hours for Power Tank option.

Zero DSR Black Forest Pricing and Competitors

So, you will be able to choose between two variants that primarily differ in battery capacity. The first version with a 14.4 kWh battery costs $18,995, while the 18-kWh version will cost you an additional $2,895. If you want to get accessories, you’ll need to spend $2,495 for the Charge Tank or $600 for the Quick Charger.

As for competitors, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire is definitely the biggest one. LiveWire’s maximum power is 105 horsepower, while it can reach 60 mph in just 3 seconds. Also, the charging time is about 1 hour with the fast charging system. Still, the price is much higher and is $29,799.

Overall, LiveWire is primarily designed for sporty and fast driving, while the DSR Black Forest is a motorcycle for real adventurers. In addition, we believe that price is also important, and even for the most expensive variant of the Zero machine, you will pay less than for the Harley-Davidson.

So, the conclusion is that the 2024 Zero DSR Black Forest is one of the best electric motorcycles the market has to offer. With its performance, the DSR Black Forest is an excellent versatile machine suitable for both city and off-road adventure travel.