We spend a good chunk of our time on the roads driving from one place to another on a regular basis. Whether we go to our classes, work or grocery stores, commuting back and forth takes up about hundreds of hours of our lives each year.

Driving a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibilities and most important amongst them is the responsibility of keeping yourself and the people with and/or around you. Let’s look at some of the essential safety equipment that you should have if you are driving a vehicle.

Safety Pieces Of Equipment For Motor Vehicles

Since the invention of vehicles, different safety equipment has been introduced. Modern automotive technology has come a long way since it started with the basic rearview and side mirrors to the automatic emergency brake. Here are some basic and some advanced technological pieces of equipment that you should have for the ultimate safety.


Although it’s not something new, it is crucial to make sure that the vehicle you are driving has good functional airbags installed. Airbags are inflated cushions that are kept inside the vehicles that have crash sensors connected to it, which triggers the release when it senses a collision. The bags inflate in a few milliseconds and immediately starts to deflate to avoid further injuring the driver and passengers. Having airbags reduce the fatality of a crash immensely. Although it may also cause injuries through severe pressure, they are continuously being upgraded over the years to increase its effectiveness while decreasing the chances of injury.


If someone rams his car into your vehicle, you want the incident to get recorded so that you can present that in front of a court as evidence. A dashcam will help you do that.
Moreover, it will stave off the potential thieves while the car is parked thanks to the motion sensor detector. Autogeeky has an awesome article for choosing the top-rated dashcams.

Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB)

This is a feature that is becoming increasingly important and popular amongst most drivers. Automatic emergency braking has a system that detects an approaching forward crash, after which it alerts the driver through sound, but if the driver is not fast enough to do something to avoid the crash, the AEB system automatically applies the brakes to avert or decrease the severity of the accident. Studies concluded that accidents have fallen by 50% on vehicles that have AEB. As a result, casualties from accidents have also decreased. Even though some drivers do complain that it can be oversensitive at times, but the advantages of having it outweighs the minor problems.

Blind Spot Detection

While driving, you have a lot of different things going around you, and it might be very difficult to look around everywhere to look for blind spots continuously. Having a blind spot detector installed to your vehicle will make your driving experience relatively stress free. A blind-spot monitoring system is a system that continuously looks around your vehicle to find spots you may have missed otherwise. Blindspot sensors are usually more effective than mirrors alone, they give active notification of something that is nearby or the blind spot itself, giving you the opportunity to take time to think and react calmly. The basic indicators notify everyone present in the vehicle, so passengers riding with you can also help you notice blind spots around you; this will make you and the passengers feel more comfortable and at ease.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic stability control takes traction control to another level. This system is designed to keep the vehicle on its intended route during a turn by helping to avoid skidding or sliding. It uses a computer that is linked to a series of sensors – steering angle, detecting wheel speed, sideways motion, and rotation to pull the car back on course. The stability control system briefly brakes one or more wheels and reduces the engine power if the car goes off the track. ESC is especially beneficial with tall, top-heavy vehicles, but it is recommended for all sorts of vehicles.


Combining Global Positioning Satellite and Cellular Telephone technology, a lot of major automakers are offering an automated facility that delivers a high level of convenience and security. With the touch of a button, these systems let the driver communicate with the central dispatch center. As the center gets access to the location of the vehicle, it can provide route directions or emergency assistance on request.

If there’s an accident where the airbag deploys and the driver is unreachable, the system will automatically notify the dispatch center, locates the vehicle and send emergency services. Additionally, it also comes with smartphone applications that will unlock and start your car, then beeps the horn to help you locate your car when needed.

Safety Pieces Of Equipment For Motorcycles

As motorbikes don’t have a protective layer over it as other vehicles do, it is essential to have your body fully secure and covered. 5 years ago, Seattle motorcycle accident attorney Boohoff Law gave us the sobering news that a motorcycle rider is close to 30 times more likely to die from an auto accident than passengers in cars, for example. From helmets to boots, there are different types of gears available to provide protection for your entire body.


Helmets are the most vital safety gear when riding a motorcycle, whether you are the driver or the passenger. According to recent studies, the chances a motorcycle crashing is a lot higher than any other vehicle. We will suggest you buy a helmet that covers and protects your entire face rather than an open-face helmet. Buying motorcycle helmets can put a dent in your wallet, however, don’t let that discourage you from buying a high-quality helmet that is also comfortable because you can’t put a price on your head.


Many riders undervalue the importance of wearing eye protection since they have to wear a helmet. However, most helmets don’t have visors to give your eyes the correct protection it needs. Without proper protection, the chances of getting fragments of dust or gravel increase significantly. Getting this kind of debris in your eyes can cause discomfort, itchiness, tears, and ultimately blurred vision while riding the bike. Goggles will also provide you protection from harsh sunlight glare, wind, rain and insects. Overall, it will help to keep your vision uncompromised during the ride.

Motorcycle Gloves And Jackets:

While gloves may seem very old fashioned, it is a very useful tool to have when driving. Motorcycle gloves give good control over the vehicle as it will allow you to have a firmer grip on the bike’s handles. When buying gloves, look for a pair that are comfortable, water-resistant, warm, and that gives you superior protection without being too bulky. Wearing a good pair of gloves will provide your hands protection from burns and injuries during a crash.

Motorcycle jackets are one of the most expensive safety gear. You want to get one with is made with high-quality components and with the most technical features. Look for jackets that are warm, well-ventilated, comfortable, water-resistance, and made with high-quality material that is torn, cut, and abrasion-resistant. These jackets will not only give protection while riding but they are proven to be very effective at reducing the severity of injuries in crashes.

Motorcycle Boots

Investing in appropriate footwear is paramount to staying in control and safe while riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle boots offer proper foot and ankle support. Furthermore, they also provide protection against potential hazards or road impacts. Getting a good quality and comfortable pair of boots will protect your feet and ankles from being crushed or twisted. They also provide good traction, are oil resistant, and are built in a manner which won’t interfere with gear shifters, pegs or brakes.

To Conclude

The importance of having these tools cannot be stressed enough. As a driver, your chief priority should be the safety of yourself, the passengers and other pedestrians. Given the fact that we spend a significant amount of time on the road, and that some of the accidents are actually out of our hands, these tools will help make your job and life a lot easier by taking over and doing most of your work for you. Some of the items may seem expensive or over the top, but can you really put a price on your or someone else’s life?