There are a number of reasons you may one day need to ship your motorcycle from one destination to the next without simply doing so by riding it yourself. For example, maybe you’re moving. You’re not typically going to be riding your motorcycle to your new home if you’re moving a long distance.

You have a few options from which to choose when deciding how to ship your motorcycle. Enclosed motorcycle shipping from companies like is one option.

As the name implies, this method involves shipping a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer. Doing so offers several key benefits. The following are among the more noteworthy:

1. Protection from the Elements


It’s worth noting that enclosed shipping isn’t just an option for motorcycles. Enclosed shipping is also available for cars.

Regardless, while enclosed shipping may help protect cars and other such vehicles from harm, it can be particularly ideal when you’re shipping a motorcycle.

That’s because enclosed shipping protects a vehicle from the elements. Again, although enclosed shipping offers benefits no matter what type of vehicle you may be shipping, the interior sections of cars are at least protected from the elements by their metal frames.

That’s not the case with motorcycles. There are no “interior” sections. Everything, including the seats, is exposed to the elements when a motorcycle is shipped on an open trailer. This can result in damage if inclement weather strikes.

This isn’t an issue you need to worry about when you ship a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer. Regardless of the weather conditions, your motorcycle will be protected from damage.

It’s worth noting that poor weather conditions aren’t the only hazards that can potentially damage a motorcycle. A motorcycle on an open trailer could also be damaged as a result of debris from the road striking it. Guard against this with enclosed shipping.

2. Warding off Thieves and Vandals


Depending upon how far they may be traveling, those responsible for getting your motorcycle from Point A to Point B might need to take a stop or two along the way to rest or grab a bite to eat. If they were to do so while your motorcycle was on full display on an open trailer, it’s possible it would attract the unwanted attention of those who wish to steal it, or at least vandalize it.

This is another concern you don’t need to have when you choose enclosed motorcycle shipping. No one will see your motorcycle, so no one will think to steal or damage it.

3. Additional Attention


A reputable vehicle shipping company will strive to provide its customers with ideal service at all times. That said, it’s worth noting that drivers and other team members involved in facilitating enclosed motorcycle shipping service know that their customers expect a premium “white glove” experience.

As such, they often prioritize open communication. If you want to feel you’re being treated as a highly valued customer, opting for enclosed motorcycle shipping is an idea to strongly consider.

Other Tips for Shipping a Motorcycle


Investing in enclosed motorcycle shipping is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to keep your motorcycle in pristine condition when shipping it:

·Shop around.

There are many different options for shipping a motorcycle, and many different ways you can ship it. Depending on your needs, enclosed shipping may not be the most appropriate option – but it’s usually the best for guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your bike during the shipping process. No matter how you choose to ship your bike, shop around. Talk to multiple different motorcycle shipping companies and compare prices apples to apples. You’re looking for a good price, but also a group of people who genuinely care about shipping your motorcycle safely.

·Inspect the motorcycle and take photos.

In the days leading up to your motorcycle shipment, it’s a good idea to inspect the motorcycle thoroughly – and take some high-resolution photos to show the condition of the motorcycle. Document every scuff or scratch that’s on your vehicle. This way, if something is damaged during the shipping process (which should be unlikely), you’ll have visual evidence that the damage occurred during shipping.

·Check fluids, battery, and tire pressure.

Next, make sure you check the fluids, battery, and tire pressure of your motorcycle. Check with your motorcycle shipping company to see if they have any specific recommendations; most professionals recommend you ship your vehicle with a quarter tank of gasoline or less. This is also a good opportunity to make sure your other fluid levels are acceptable and that your tire pressure is ideal.

·Remove any loose items or accessories.

Take a moment to check your motorcycle for any loose items or accessories that may be attached to the bike. If they’re on securely, they probably won’t be a problem, but for the most part, you should remove anything that’s designed to be removable. This way, your bike will be less likely to take damage from moving parts within the enclosed shipping area – and you won’t risk loss or theft during the chaos of the moving process.

·Verify insurance.

Here’s an important one – verify that your bike is protected by at least one insurance policy. Your motorcycle insurance policy may protect your bike from certain types of damages that occur during the moving process. You’ll need to call your insurer to verify the details. Additionally, if you’re hiring a moving company to move your motorcycle, they should have a robust policy in place to protect all the items they move. Call them and ask them what coverage they provide and how they’ve handled damaged vehicles in the past.

·Double check loading guidelines.

For your own peace of mind, it’s a good idea to talk to your moving company and double check how they’re going to load your bike. Loading is typically the most vulnerable part of the motorcycle moving process, so it’s important to get right. If they can’t provide you an answer, or if they don’t seem to care, it might be in your best interest to go with another provider.

Again, regardless of your reasons for shipping a motorcycle, when doing so, you want to be confident your prized vehicle is as safe as possible. This is the main reason enclosed shipping may be the best option for you.