Bike Helmets for large heads

Many riders find it difficult to find a perfect helmet that fits their head because helmets don’t offer adjustability like caps. The shell is solid and sturdy, which provides you safety and protection in case of an accident.

Our Pick
Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet, Matte Black/White, Large
Good Choice
Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Small (51-55 cm), Matte True...
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Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet, Matte Black/White, Large
Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Small (51-55 cm), Matte True...
Kingbike Bike Helmet Men Women Bicycle Adult Cycling Specialized Road Mountain...
Our Pick
Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet, Matte Black/White, Large
Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet, Matte Black/White, Large
Good Choice
Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Small (51-55 cm), Matte True...
Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Small (51-55 cm), Matte True...
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Kingbike Bike Helmet Men Women Bicycle Adult Cycling Specialized Road Mountain...
Kingbike Bike Helmet Men Women Bicycle Adult Cycling Specialized Road Mountain...

It is impossible to get a flexible head helmet, but it could be possible to get one that suits your head size. In this blog, I will be reviewing the best bike helmets for large heads in 2024.

Besides, you consider some other features before purchasing a helmet, for example, its material, comfort level, resistance, and more. In this way, the buying guide section is included in this article which tells you what to consider and why! So, it’s going to be a detailed and informative discussion regarding large helmets. Let’s begin!

Top Bike Helmets For Large Heads – XL to XXL

1. Bell Falcon Bike Helmet

bell falcon helmet

First on the list is the Bell Falcon MIPS adult helmet! It is a modish helmet that features an up-to-date or trendy design. It is a perfect choice for young bikers because of its design. It comes in many different combination colors like black, grey, orange, etc. It is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. For big heads, a large size helmet would be an appropriate choice.

It features the fusion in-mold shell that is made up of polycarbonate material. The advantage of this shell is that it is extremely lightweight because of its cage-like shape. The outer shell of this hamlet scores the greatest attention in the market because it is sturdier and solid but not heavy. The weight is a point of concern because riders have to carry it all the way on his head.

The Bell Falcon is equipped with the MIPS system, which is called the Multi-directional Impact Protection System. MIPS is based on a slip-plane technology intended to decrease the rotational forces in helmets produced due to certain impacts. In basic words, it is a protection mechanism that works for the user’s safety by initiating the brain’s own protective mechanism.

Moreover, it is a float fit helmet that is easy to turn as it has rubber material that offers adjustments. On the lower side, you get the flat straps that feature quick fastening of the helmet. The straps are important for the proper positioning of the helmet.

  • Lightweight
  • Offers sweat drainage
  • Comfortable
  • Looks classy
  • Chinstrap adjustment takes time


In a nutshell, the Bell Falcon bike helmet is a lightweight and portable choice. I preferred this item because it offers a sweat drainage mechanism, looks classy, and is extremely comfortable. You will not feel fatigued while wearing this perfect helmet.

2. Giro Chronicle Cycling Helmet

giro chronicle

Here comes the Giro Chronicle adult helmet that is famous for its high-end protection. Giro is an international brand with a positive reputation in the helmet industry. The company has its own testing labs where they check the safety levels of their own engineered products. This Chronicle helmet is providing market-leading protection, according to Giro’s experts.

The product is equipped with MIPS that is a Multi-directional protection mechanism. This system is seen in top-notch products and ensures the highest safety level. The technology is introduced in collaboration with scientists who claimed that MIPS mimics the brain’s own protective mechanism. The whole is based on a low-friction layer in the helmet that absorbs the rotational forces. When the person falls or is about to fall, the rotational forces are created, so in other words, this technology provides a safety impact.

I will really like to appreciate the comfort level of this unique helmet. The inside of the helmet is made of Expanded polystyrene, shortly as EPS material. It is a cellular plastic that is light in weight, flexible to an extent, and extremely comfortable. It feels like foam but is solid in nature. Also, EPS consists of spherical balls, which put on good ventilation in this product. Overall it provides more relaxation than its market competitors.

The dimensions of this helmet are 15 x 14 x 9 inches. It is available in four different solid colors: Citron, iceberg, true spruce, and metallic coal. All three sizes (small, medium, and large) are available in this helmet.

  • Wind tunnel ventilation
  • Easy and simple
  • Comfortable
  • Position adjustments
  • Includes MIPS
  • Expensive


In outline, the Giro Chronicle helmet is one of the most easy-to-wear and convenient helmets out there. I have chosen this item because it is extremely comfortable to wear, offers multiple position adjustments, and is equipped with MIPS technology. In a line, it is the safest, most protective, comfortable, and effortless helmet.

3. KINGBIKE Helmet


The KINGBIKE helmet is another ultralight product that is equipped with great safety. It features three different modes, which are the following: Always On, Fast Flash, and Slow Fash. It protects against direct light radiations from the sun to keep your eyes safe and focused on the road.

In the context of the building, the outer shell of this helmet is composed of polycarbonate material (a thermoplastic material containing carbonates). The polycarbonates sheets are used extensively for making the outer garage etc. because it is extremely resistant to external factors like pressure and temperature fluctuations. The inside of the helmet is made of EPS foam lining, which provides you a great fit as it is flexible. The foam is usually preferred because it is comfortable.

It is an ultra-lightweight helmet which is one of the reasons why I have chosen this product. It weighs only 0.49 lbs which makes it more convenient and effortless to wear. Moreover, I want to address the ample ventilation offered by this item. It has 24 vents that are responsible for temperature regulation, airflow, and reducing resistance.

The helmet is available in all sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large, but for big heads, L and XL size would be appropriate. The proportions are 54 to 59 cm (Medium to Large size) and 59 to 63 cm (Large to Extra large size). As a whole, it is a portable, convenient, resistive, and user-friendly helmet that has covered all the parameters perfectly.

  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Includes backlight
  • Weak buckle in the chin strap


As a whole, the KINGBIKE helmet is equipped with utmost safety and convenience. I preferred it because it offers a great fit, comfortability, portability, and ideal ventilation mechanism. It also includes a backlight which makes it ideal for night riders.

4. Bell Sixer Mountain Bike Helmet

BELL Sixer

Here comes the Bell Sixer Adult Helmet. It is an idealistic option for mountain bikers since it is extremely safe and resistive. This helmet also features the fusion in-mold shell, which is made of polycarbonate material. The point that makes its outer shell more protective is that it follows a progressive layering pattern. It looks like a hard cage which is sturdier than its market competitors. On the side, you get high-density EPS foam which makes you feel relaxed while riding.

Moreover, the helmet is equipped with MIPS technology which enables your brain’s own protective mechanism. The external impacts result in various rotational forces, which are reduced with the help of this slip-plane system. Overall adds more protection and safety.

I preferred this helmet because of its three-way adjustability. It comes with perfect height, tension, and pad width. Along with that, the sweat guide is also installed in this helmet. Sweat guide refers to the use of components that offer quick drying. In this way, the Bell Sixer contains real silver fibers, which resists excessive water and inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Furthermore, there is a dual flow ventilation system that allows good air passage. The breathing property of your helmet accounts for great attention because it plays a vital role in temperature regulation and proper blood circulation in your head region. Conclusively, this item works for both protection and ultimate comfort.

  • Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth
  • Roll cage reinforcement
  • Includes visor
  • Mips equipped
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Padding could be improved


In sum, the Bell Sixer is an ideal choice for mountain bikers. I included this product because it works efficiently against the growth of bacteria and fungus as it is equipped with a perfect ventilation system. It is padded with cushioning foam which gives you uttermost relaxation.

5. Giro Montaro Cycling Helmet

Giro Montaro

Fifth on this list is the Giro Montaro cycling helmet. You can wear it while riding on a bike, but it is more particularly for cycles. The Giro Montaro comes up with the market-leading protection being tested by the Giro’s own lab. In the protection context, this helmet also utilized the MIPS to redirect the energy in a crash.

The best thing about this Montaro helmet is ultra-lightweight. It feels like a cap while wearing it. However, the low weight doesn’t mean it is any less sturdy. This helmet also follows an in-mold polycarbonate construction. The shell is hard and resistive against external pressure. On the inside, it has an EPS lining, which gives you a perfect cushioning system. You can ride for hours wearing this comfortable and portable helmet.

Over and above that, it has an ideal ventilation mechanism. The product is installed with sixteen wind tunnel vents which offer an internal channeling matrix. It helps with good air passage and regulates the temperature not to feel too hot or too cold. Temperature management is imperative for the blood circulation of your head.

  • Anti-bacterial padding foam
  • POV visor
  • Adjustable
  • MIPS equipped
  • Comfortable
  • Sweat issue may be faced


In conclusion, the Giro Montaro helmet is the best cycling helmet. It comes with great resistance. I recommend this item because of its antibacterial inner lining, great adjustability, and superlative safety.

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6. Giro Savant Cycling Helmet

Giro Savant

Here comes another top-notch product by Giro. As I mentioned above, Giro is one of the leading brands in the helmets industry and famous for producing exceptionally comfortable and protective items. This Savant Adult helmet also follows market-leading extraordinary protection. It is specifically engineered for cyclers.

The best feature of the Giro Savant helmet is its ventilation system. It has twenty-five wind tunnel vents which collectively form an internal channeling mechanism that provides uniform air passage. The channels also help in temperature regulation and adjustment, which further takes part in the normal blood circulation of your head.

Along with that, it has a perfect cushioning system inside the shell. The lining also contains woven fibers, which absorb extra sweat or moisture and keep the inside area dry. The interior area of the helmet should have minimum or zero water content; otherwise, there is a chance of fungi or mold growth.

In a nutshell, this best bike helmet is extremely comfortable and lightweight. It offers effortless adjustment in the vertical position and also has a loc-fit system. In one sentence, it is a portable, convenient, and best-performing helmet.

  • Perfect ventilation mechanism
  • In-mold construction
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Convenient
  • Straps are not long-lasting


The Giro Savant is preferred because of its idealistic ventilation system, comfortable inner lining, and comfort level. It is a lightweight and portable helmet that offers great adjustability, lacking in its market competitors. It is the best option for cyclists.

7. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet


Last on this list is the VICTGOAL bike helmet which features a dual fit design that is extremely adjustable. You get the adjusting knobs on the backside of the helmet, which helps you fit it on your head’s circumference nicely. The adjustable size ranges from 22 to 24 inches. It is suitable for all men and women.

Next, I really want to appreciate its perfect ventilation. It includes a total of 21 vents, which allows good air passage. It follows an aerodynamic design which makes it one of the most breathable helmets out here. It effectively decreases air resistance and prevents sweating. In this way, you will not be prone to fungal or bacterial infections.

Moreover, it is a lightweight choice too. It weighs only 0.68 lbs. You can carry it on your head for hours without feeling any pain or fatigue. Don’t let the lightweight fool you! Because this helmet offers durable and sturdy construction. It has a PC high-density case which ensures improved protection as safety. On the inside, you get padded cushion-like foam which provides comfort to the rider.

Furthermore, it includes magnetic goggles and a visor shield. These accessories protect your eyes and face from direct UV rays coming from the sun. You will not need to put on sunglasses because of this shield. It overall provides safety to your face.

  • Dual fit adjustment
  • LED light is included
  • Removable visor
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • Visor shield gets foggy


The VICTGOAL bike helmet stands a step forward in the market because of its aerodynamic design. I am really impressed with its ideal ventilation system and dual-fit adjustment. It comes in various sizes and colors and is perfect for both men and women.

How to Choose the Best Bike Helmet For Large Head

Best Bike Helmet For Large Head

In this section, I will not convince you to wear a helmet as it is not a choice but a compulsion for noggin protection. Helmets simply add a safety element and shield your head from an injury.

But, a helmet that doesn’t fit your head or make you feel uncomfortable will not particularly do that in a good way. Thus, we will be discussing a few things you need to consider to get a perfect helmet.

Bike Helmet Fit

The first thing which you need to consider is whether the desired helmet fits the circumference of your head or not. If it is not, then you should seek another option! But, it is not that simple! You have to address your head’s size and helmet parameter properly to know if it fits ideally or not.

First, you have to do is to measure the size of your head. For this purpose, wrap a flexible tape around the largest portion of the head (i.e., one inch above your eyebrows). After wrapping the tape or string, you have to measure the length. Note the size of your head with prior attention to get the best helmet fit.

After doing that, it is time to purchase a helmet that meets the size of your head. The helmets come in a standard size or parameters like clothes or shoes. The sizes range from extra small to extra large. The measurements are the following: Extra small (XS) below 20 inches, Small (S) 20 to 21.75 inches, Medium (M) 21.75 to 23.25 inches, Large (L) 23.25 to 24.75 inches, and Extra Large (XL) above 24.75 inches.

Helmet Protection Choices

The primary mission of a helmet is to guard the rider against head injuries. In the context of protection, the helmet has two sides: The outer shell and inner lining. The outer shell provides resistance against external factors like temperature and pressure fluctuations, punctures, etc.

Mountain Bike helmets

In my opinion, polycarbonate is one of the best materials that provides sturdiness and strength. A helmet’s liner should be of polystyrene foam material that protects your head by dissipating the impact forces.

In addition, there are some specified technologies related to helmet protection. First is MITS( Multidirectional Impact Protection System). This technology features a low friction fill that redirects the rotational forces by mimicking the brains on a protective mechanism. This technology is introduced in collaboration with scientists and other experts.

The second is the wave cell Helmets. This technology is found in helmets manufactured by Bontrager. It features a honeycombed material specifically designed to create a crumple zone that absorbs primary impact forces or other rotational energies. In a nutshell, wave cell technology adds superlative protection to helmets.

The third is the SPIN(Shearing Pads Inside) technology. The spin technology is mostly found in POC helmets. It features a silicon injected pad that moves inside the helmet’s shell. The purpose of these pads is to redirect the rotational forces during an external impact.

Ventilation System

In my opinion, ventilation or air passage is an important factor. The best helmets come up with vents (for example, 20 to 25 vents), forming a complete matrix. Space allows the air molecules to pass through. The ventilation helps in temperature regulation and thereby puts the part in the proper blood circulation of your head. Moreover, it effectively decreases air resistance and prevents sweating. In this way, you will not be prone to fungal or bacterial infections.


best bike helmets for large heads
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Do bike helmets come in extra large?

The helmets come in different sizes, including extra-large sizes. The riders or cyclists with large heads should consider a large or extra-large helmet that fits properly in their heads. Bell, Giro, and Bontrager brands manufacture the best bike helmets for large heads.

What is MIPS in a bike helmet?

MIPS is a Multi-directional protection mechanism that ensures the highest safety. The technology is introduced in collaboration with scientists who claimed that MIPS mimics the brain’s own protective mechanism. The whole is based on a low-friction layer in the helmet that absorbs the rotational forces.

How do I know what size helmet to buy?

To get the best helmet that fits properly in your head, you have to measure the circumference of your head first. Wrap the flexible measuring tape around your head, approximately one inch above your brows, and get the reading. Then find the size of the helmet of this measurement. Make sure to do this task precisely.

Final Words

The best bike helmets for large heads might be difficult to find. In this way, this article has summed up the best available choices in large and extra-large sizes. You can select the size from the amazon site easily. Amongst all, my top three choices are the following:

Bell Falcon Helmet because it offers a sweat drainage mechanism, looks classy, and is extremely comfortable.

KINGBIKE Helmet because it offers a great fit, comfortability, portability, and ideal ventilation mechanism.

Giro Savant Helmet because of its idealistic ventilation system, comfortable inner lining, and comfort level.

In the end, you have gone through enough piece of information regarding helmets. But, every product is not suitable for everyone. You have to address the application, your needs, preferences, and course size before purchasing the best helmet.

Take a look at these helmets from Amazon:

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet - Two Removable Liners Ventilation...
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Tiekoun Safety Breathable Lightweight Bike Cycling Helmet, Adjustable Size Road...
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  • Adjustable size design : The helmet can adjust the tightness of wearing And the length of the headband, SIZE L : 59-62 CM / 23.2-24.4 INCH
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Joovy Noodle Bike Helmet for Toddlers and Kids Aged 1-9 with Adjustable-Fit...
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Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet
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