Editor's Pick
Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids,-Children and...
Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids,-Children and...
Editor's Pick
Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids,-Children and...
Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids,-Children and...

Have you ended up being confused between the myriad kid’s bike models by Mongoose? That indecisiveness will be bygone by the end of this article. Mongoose has a wide range of bikes for kids. Those include the usual neighborhood bikes and mountain bikes. We have both of these types on our list.

So, relax and choose among the best 10 Mongoose bikes for kids in 2022, as per your kid’s liking, whether he/she just enjoys roaming around on streets or wants to have fun on the downhills, this article is your stop, and your kid’s as well.

Best Mongoose Bikes for Kids

1. Mongoose Switch Boys’ Freestyle BMX Bike – Boy Mongoose Bike

This Boys Switch Freestyle BMX Bike by Mongoose is our first pick for a number of reasons. First of all, it is an ideal selection for beginners, not beginners as in those learning from scratch, to be precise, those who don’t qualify as pros but aren’t completely inexperienced either. The metal spoked wheels of this bike are flexible and protect the wheel from being damaged after abrupt shock and pressure.

The wheels are 18 inches in diameter, not too big nor too small, but a perfect width for your kid. The bike also comes with removable training wheels if your kid is a beginner. The seat height is also adjustable, a great plus for your kid’s use. The metal frame of the bike is freestyle and lightweight; the frame is also low, allowing an easier approach to young children, low enough to make the ride comfortable for your kid.

The right and controllable brakes are very important in a bike; this Mongoose Boys Switch is equipped with front and rear brakes. Along with those, there are coaster brakes, which are rear brakes and particularly suitable for young riders.

There are also front axle pegs installed for more stability. The bike has coaster brakes; It comes with four-piece handlebars and alloy-made stem, which gives the bike more strength, sturdiness and makes it durable as well. The seat is padded and has an ergonomic design; hence, needless to say, comfortable. The chain guard protects the chain from any damage.

  • Great braking system
  • Perfect, accessible height
  • Strong, durable alloy stem
  • Comfortable seat
  • Assembly can be confusing


This Boys Switch Freestyle by Mongoose has a lot of features along with a great price tag. It’s comfortable, allows frequent brakes, and has just the right height to be accessible to your kid. Plus, it’s also lightweight, a nice, comfortable, and safe ride for your kid.

2. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike – Legion L20 – Best Mongoose BMX Bike

This Legion Freestyle BMX from Mongoose is another great selection if your kid is a median rider. Before diving into anything else, one can’t help but notice the look of the bike, which is excellent, and that’s definitely a great plus for your kid. Going beyond, this Mongoose bike has a hi-ten (high tensile) steel frame, which is strong and long-lasting.

The brake mounts of the bike are removable. The top tube length of the bike is 20 – 25 inches, suitable for kids with a height of 4’8 – 5’4 inches. The drivetrain of the bike includes a 25T alloy chainring that is more resistant to corrosion and makes the bike faster, and one-piece forged steel cranks, which are stronger and reliable.

The wheelset is strong with 20 x 2.3 inches tires fixed on wide aluminum single wall 36H rims, which provide durability and grip. There is a ⅜ inch female axle front hub, and the rear hub is strong, 9T cog sealed cassette. Aluminum U- Brake and brake levers offer frequent stopping and speed control, while a precise and controlled ride is offered by Hi-Ten steel 8-inch rise handlebar and 48mm stem.

  • Highly impressive performance for a medium skilled rider
  • Firm handling
  • Solid and strong frame
  • Lightweight components
  • The front and back nuts to hold pegs aren’t the same size.


Legion L20 Freestyle BMX by Mongoose is a great balance between price tag and quality. The performance of this bike is really great for your kid who is yet to up his game. The brakes offer an easy and frequent stopping, the look is catchy, and the lightweight components make the ride easy and comfortable. The assembly is also easy if you have the right tools.

3. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike – Legion L16

Legion L16 by the Mongoose Legion, Freestyle BMX Bike series, is a highly suitable pick for your kid if he is around 12 years old, in look as well as features. It offers an impressive entry-level performance with a strong Hi-Ten steel frame and fork, and a 40mm stem provides optimal steering performance.

Legion L16 is a precise choice for your kid if he is neither too young nor too big. It comes with a 16 x 2.3 inches wheel size and effective braking system that involves an aluminum U handbrake and steel linear-pull brake, which gives the rider total command on the speed. It is durable with the Hi-Ten steel frame and has a 15.3 top tube length.

The drivetrain involves a 130 mm one-piece crank and a 25T alloy chainring. Wheels are wear-resistant, fixed on aluminum single wall 28H rims with a ⅜ inch axle front hub and a cassette rear hub. The aluminum rims absorb the intense shocks and pressures.

  • Appropriate size for kids
  • The braking system is effective
  • Assembly is easy
  • Wheels are wide- easy to balance for kids
  • BMX seat post lower for their requirements


Legion L16 comes in attractive colors, and the design and features are specifically designed for kids’ use. The bike is durable and a safe and balanced ride with efficient brakes and wide tires. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, lightweight, and a great value for money, making it one of the best mongoose bikes for kids in 2022.

4. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike – Legion Mag

Legion Mag from the Mongoose Legion, Freestyle BMX Bike series, offers incredible entry-level performance. The Hi-Ten steel frame and fork are strong, sturdy, and durable. The alloy wheels are aluminum mag, hence rendered tough, hard-wearing, and offers benefits in terms of bike handling, plus of course, they look good as well.

The bike comes with 4 freestyle pegs providing scope for stunts and tricks. The handlebars offer 360-degree spin along with the cable detangler to keep the spins safe. The alloy 4 bolt front load stem keeps the bars tight and secure and makes the handling and moving of the bar smooth for your kid.

The wheel size is 20 inches; the steel chainring is 40T. The 40 x 16T gearing coordinated with two-piece forged steel 170 mm cranks provides smooth riding. The aluminum U handbrake allows precise speed control.

  • Good value for money
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mag wheels can be flammable


Legion /Mag is a good value for money with it being strong, sturdy, and stylish. The mag tires look so cool, and that will be counted as a great factor by your kid. It is lightweight and easy to handle, with the brake system providing quick stopping ability. It is easy to assemble as well.

5. Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike for Kids

This Kong Fat Tire Bike by Mongoose is a great option if you are looking for a fat tire bike for your kid. Fat tires are normally preferred because they are designed to ride on basically any type of terrain. This fat tire bike by Mongoose gives an impressive performance on various terrains like sand, snow, mud, and steep hill.

This bike, like other models from Mongoose, shows no compromise on quality components. The high-quality frame is of steel, strong and sturdy. The seat tube length – frame size of the bike is 13 inches, ideal for the rider whose height ranges from 48 to 60 inches. A rear derailleur makes the ride easy and smooth on rough, bumpy terrains, while the twist shifter makes changing gear easy, significantly decreasing the chances of accidents on such surfaces, like on hills.

The rims are alloy, lightweight and strong, enhancing the performance and speed. The extra-wide tires provide great balance and stability. The 4 bolt fork and 2 piece handlebars combine to give a reliable and supportive ride. The seat height is adjustable, and the threadless headset is also adjustable, making the bike highly convenient for riders with different heights. The beach cruiser pedals make the ride comfortable, and the mechanical disc brakes offer frequent stopping power.

  • Fat tires allow riding on any surface type
  • The braking system with enhanced safety
  • Highly adjustable- adjustable seat and headset
  • Strong and durable
  • There are a few complaints about gears


This Mongoose Fat Tire Bike is reliable, safe, and gives a top-notch performance on rough and bumpy surfaces with its high-quality features. Riding this Mongoose bike on rugged trails will refine your kid’s skills and develop the ability to ride on mountains. With undeniably impressive features, this bike is among the best Mongoose bikes for kids in 2022.

6. Mongoose exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This Mountain Bike by Mongoose is a perfect ride for your kid who loves to have fun on the downhills. It features a lightweight yet strong steel suspension frame. With the dual suspension, this ride is comfortable and smooth on rugged trails. The front and rear linear-pull brakes have excellent stopping power and speed regulation on rough terrains.

The linear-pull brakes are also low maintenance, which is definitely on the plus side. The seat post is adjustable. The suspension fork allows absorption of the sudden and abrupt impacts coming from the bumpy trails. The knobby can run at low pressures and gives high traction, while the twist shifter makes gear changing easier on rough and challenging trails.

The alloy wheels are lightweight and provide easier handling of the bike, rapid acceleration, and braking. The Shimano rear derailleur gives an effectively smooth ride on the downhills. The 3 piece cranks are lighter and stronger, and the brake cables and shoe position can be adjusted during assembly.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Negligible


This Mountain Bike is definitely a high-end model manufactured by Mongoose. With all the features specifically designed to give your kid a smooth, easier, and fun ride on the rough and challenging trails.

7. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike – Legion L18

Legion L18 from the Mongoose Legion series is another perfect median option for a kid who wishes for a BMX bike but needs a smaller frame. The suggested rider height is 3’8 – 4’8 inches. This Legion Freestyle BMX bike features a strong and durable Hi-Ten steel frame and a 16.9-inch top tube length.

The drivetrain includes a 140 mm 1 piece crank and 25T alloy chainring, which is lightweight, hence provides enhanced mobility. The tires are 18 x 2.3 inches, positioned on aluminum single wall 28H rims with a cassette rear hub and a ⅜ inch female axle front hub, which is known to be stronger than a male axle hub.

The front and rear suspension provide a comfortable ride on various surfaces, while the aluminum U brake gives precision speed control. The sturdy Hi-Ten steel handlebar and fork coordinate through a 40 mm stem and threadless headset for optimal steering performance.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Dual suspension
  • Negligible


Besides the impressive features, Legion L18 by Mongoose comes in cool and attractive colors. The best of performance is ensured by high-end features like a strong and durable steel frame, effective aluminum U brake, and dual suspension. Hence, qualifying as one of the best Mongoose bikes for kids in 2022.

8. Mongoose Rockadile Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike

The first thing you can’t help noticing in the Rockadile Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike by Mongoose is its eye-catching appearance. This cool mountain bike is a must addition to the best Mongoose bikes for kids, with its equally cool features. With 20 inch wheels, Rockadile is designed for young mountain bikers who also want to use it as an ordinary neighborhood ride.

The Tectonic T1 aluminum frame and fork are lightweight yet strong, durable, and reliable. The suspension fork absorbs intense jerks and bumps on the ride. The high-end Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain includes a Revo shifter for smooth and easy shifting on bumpy terrains and hills.

The 140 mm crank provides precise gearing. The aluminum linear-pull brakes offer unhindered stopping power, while the lightweight and strong aluminum double-wall wheels with 20 – 2.35 inches tires provide traction on any type of surface. The front suspension provides stability and better ride quality.

  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Effective brakes
  • Attractive look
  • Not dual suspension


The rockadile Mountain Bike by Mongoose will offer a great time on the downhills to your kid. It is safe, reliable, and performs really impressively. The bike is lightweight yet strong and can be easily controlled by your kid.

9. Mongoose Brawler Freestyle BMX Bike, 20-inch Wheels, pegs, Boys, Girls, Black

This Mongoose Brawler Freestyle BMX Bike has a strong steel freestyle frame allowing your kid all the potential tricks. With the freestyle frame and pro-style 25/9T micro gearing, this bike is outstandingly lightweight, making your kid feel as free while riding as he is flying.

The alloy caliper front brake coordinates with the steel rear U brake for abrupt and frequent braking. The drivetrain is simple and single-speed hence also lighter.

The alloy rims are lightweight yet strong and highly durable. There are a 360 degrees brake rotor and four freestyle pegs completing the freestyle package.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • A single-speed drivetrain


The Brawler Freestyle BMX Bike by Mongoose is a simple yet reliable ride. This allows a great deal of mobility to the rider since its freestyle and amazingly lightweight. However, Mongoose hasn’t compromised on the strength and durability here despite it being so lightweight.

10. Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike

This Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain Bike features an aluminum suspension frame, which is impressively lightweight, along with a suspension fork that soaks in the bumps and impacts of the hilly surfaces and controls gearing. The high-quality Shimano rear derailleur provides precise shifting.

The bike comes with a twist shifter makes changing gears on the downhills easier and convenient. The 3 piece crank allows a wide gear range, and the linear-pull brakes provide incredible braking power. The wheels are 20 inches mounted on lightweight and durable alloy rims.

The steel handlebars offer firm grip and steering motion. The seats are padded hence comfortable. Moreover, the dual suspension makes the bike ideal for mountain riding. The four-bar linkage and full suspension frame create a stable, supportive frame and comfortable and controlled ride.

  • Lightweight
  • Dual suspension
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Negligible


The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 contains all the features necessary for a great mountain riding experience for your kid. It is a perfect choice to push the limits of your kids on those rugged and challenging trails.

Buying Guide

Thinking of buying a bike for your kid? That can be a bit difficult since the matter involves your kid, and anything like that has to be difficult, right. Buying a bike for your kid can be complicated because he/she might still be learning and not so skilled, of course, so it gets unclear as to what to look for in a bike for your kid.

To buy a bike for your kid, you need to consider certain criteria, which are provided below. You can rely on the buying guide provided below, and after going through these considerations, you will find the decision-making facilitated and much easier.

Bike Size

standard bike size

Since your kid is not yet a highly skilled rider neither too grown-up, he/she needs to get acquainted with and used to a bike; normally, the right size for a kid is around 20 inches. Although, you should consider your kid’s height before deciding the right height of the bike for him/her.

The size of the bike should be neither too small nor too large for your kid since, in both cases, it can be dangerous. For the bike to be controllable, it needs to be the right size. If buying online, there are many brands that provide a sizing chart to choose the perfect size for your kid; go through that properly and carefully and decide accordingly.

The weight of the bike is also important for the bike to be easily controllable by your kid. A bike too heavy cant be handled by your kid, and you definitely wouldn’t want that. Other than that, adjustable seat height and tire width are also crucial for the comfort and balance of your kid’s ride.

Brake Type

The most undeniable necessity in your kid’s bike has to be a nice and effective braking system. There are multiple types of brakes; to pick the right brake type, consider your child’s ability, practice, and age. For instance, the coaster brakes require reverse pedaling for the stoping, which can be frustrating for kids with no practice since reverse pedaling is normally used to go backward.

The handbrakes are the brake levers on both the handlebars; the problem with handbrakes is that they can be too large hence a bit difficult for the little hands of your kid to control. If you opt for handbrakes, make sure that they are child-specific, easy to access, and easy to control for your kid. If the bike has only handbrakes, then make sure that they are high-quality with lasting and effective functioning.

There is also an intermediary option, that is a choosing a bike with both handbrakes and coaster brakes. The advantage of such a bike is that your kid can choose what he/she is most comfortable with and develop that skill. Plus, there’s also an enhanced safety quota; with two types of brakes, there are rarely any chances of their failure.


kid testing bike tire

Some key considerations about the tires of your kid’s bike are essential to be made. Wider tires, like those of a mountain bike, are particularly good for children. Firstly because they offer a nice balance and stability, secondly, because they can run on low pressure hence can cushion the ride. They also provide better traction on various surfaces. You can choose the thin wheels later when your kid is all prepared and equipped with the skill to ride on those.


Does Mongoose still make good bikes?

Mongoose is not the best brand out there when it comes to manufacturing bikes, but they do offer a great value for money, making the brand ideal for aspiring and developing riders.

What age is a 20-inch BMX bike for?

20-inch wheel BMX bikes are normally ridden by all, including children and adults. The minimum age, however, would be between 7 to 8 years.

Is a 20 bike too big for a 6-year-old?

If your 6-year-old has a longer inseam, between 18 to 22 inches, he/she needs a 16-inch bicycle. For a larger 6-year-old measuring 42 to 28 inches in height with an inseam of 20 to 24 inches, choose an 18-inch wheel.


Mongoose provides a wide range of high-end kids’ bikes; it is understandable that the selection can be overwhelming. We just facilitated the selection for you by shortlisting the 10 best Mongoose bikes for kids in 2022. Our top 3 selections are below

Mongoose Switch Boys’ Freestyle BMX Bike for having the right features for your beginner-level kid.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike – Legion L20 because it’s lightweight and strong

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike – Legion L16 for its effective braking system and wide, stable wheels.

The 10 best Mongoose bikes enlisted in this article include normal street bikes and mountain bikes as well, without any compromise on the quality. If you feel that your kid is a budding mountain rider, choose one from the list and push his/her limits on those challenging trails. If he/she just wants to have fun with friends on the street, you’ll find just the right choice here for that too.

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