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Editor's Pick
Fox Racing Women's Ranger Short, Dark Purple, X-Large
Good Choice
Cycorld Women's-Mountain-Bike-MTB-Shorts Baggy-Fashion-Breathable with Zip...
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NOOYME Women's Bike shorts 3D Padded Cycling Short with Ride in Color Design...
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Fox Racing Women's Ranger Short, Dark Purple, X-Large
Cycorld Women's-Mountain-Bike-MTB-Shorts Baggy-Fashion-Breathable with Zip...
NOOYME Women's Bike shorts 3D Padded Cycling Short with Ride in Color Design...
Truity Women’s Cycling Mountain Bike MTB Shorts - 3D Gel Padded Cycling Shorts...
Editor's Pick
Fox Racing Women's Ranger Short, Dark Purple, X-Large
Fox Racing Women's Ranger Short, Dark Purple, X-Large
Good Choice
Cycorld Women's-Mountain-Bike-MTB-Shorts Baggy-Fashion-Breathable with Zip...
Cycorld Women's-Mountain-Bike-MTB-Shorts Baggy-Fashion-Breathable with Zip...
Don't Miss
NOOYME Women's Bike shorts 3D Padded Cycling Short with Ride in Color Design...
NOOYME Women's Bike shorts 3D Padded Cycling Short with Ride in Color Design...
Also Consider
Truity Women’s Cycling Mountain Bike MTB Shorts - 3D Gel Padded Cycling Shorts...
Truity Women’s Cycling Mountain Bike MTB Shorts - 3D Gel Padded Cycling Shorts...

A good pair of shorts is an imperative part of the Mountain Biking gear. A pair of shorts can break or make your ride; therefore, it is important to look for a perfect one. The best mountain bike shorts are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and easy maneuverability during rides.

Mountain Bike shorts generally come in baggy or form-fitting styles. Both styles offer different levels of comfort during different rides. It is critical to consider mountain biking specific features like the type of fabric, adjustment mechanism, stretchability, fit, design, comfort and pocket provision, etc. To make your way easy, we tried out the seven best mountain bike shorts and reviewed them in detail. This article will help you understand what each pair of shorts offer to you.

Top Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts

1. Fox Racing Women’s Cycling Shorts

Fox Racing Women's Cycling Shorts


Fox Racing Women’s cycling shorts with a roomy cut, removable liner, and soft fabric construction offers the maximum comfort you can expect from quality cycling shorts. What I liked the most is its ergonomic fit. It has a roomy cut that allows you to comfortably wear knee pads and provide you unmatched comfort as you paddle. Additionally, it features durable yet highly comfortable construction.

Fox Racing Women’s short uses a two-way-stretch high-quality fabric that is lightweight and durable. Moreover, the shorts have a DWR finish that repels the dirt and moisture, keeping them fresh for long hours. Pockets are another critical part of cycling shorts. Thankfully Foxing Racing Shorts come with two spacious hip pockets and one cargo zipper pocket. The hip pocket provides you enough room to store phones, lip balm, hands-free, and other related stuff and lets you put your hand in and out easily.

Additionally, the zipper cargo pockets let you store the precious item safely. These shorts come with a liner which I personally liked very much. However, it is removable, so you can also pair it with the one you like to wear. Finally, I really appreciate the waist adjustment of these shorts.

Unlike traditional bike racing shorts, they have introduced a patented Fox Link Waite Enclosure System. They used something like google straps, making the waist adjustment a real breeze. However, shorts don’t come with a zipper fly which is a bit annoying for the people who are used to zipper fly.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and the breathable fabric
  • User-friendly waist adjustment
  • Removable liner
  • Absence of zipper fly


Fox Racing Women’s Cycling shorts offer comfort, durability, style, and convenience at a very competitive price. These shorts offer a very comfortable waist adjustment mechanism, making them best among Women’s mountain bike shorts.

2. Flylow Eleanor Shorts


Flylow Eleanor shorts use 100% polyester fabric and feature a comfy and cozy design, making them perfect for Mountain Biking adventures like a downhill ride, a cross country ride, or any racing event in-between. The most standout feature of Flylow Eleanor shorts is their fitting design. These shorts are in between baggy and tight. I loved the way these shorts are designed, as they feel comfortably tight at thighs while remaining straight at the knees.

Straight knee design allows you to pair them up with your favorite knee pads and also facilitates the airflow to ensure breathability. Moreover, the construction quality is also great. It uses 100% polyester construction, which helps it withstand rough use, impact, tea breeches, sunlight, and other environmental factors. The IQ MTB fabric with a 40+ UPF rating protects you from the sun and shreds the moisture in the rain.

I was also impressed by the waist adjustment of these shorts. It has a stomach-friendly waist design, offering velcro and belt adjustments. The velcro adjustment was a bit annoying as it created small gaps that make you uncomfortable. However, the belt loop adjustment is perfect and highly comfortable.

Finally, I loved the respectable pocket provision of Flylow Eleanor shorts. They come with two zippered pockets at the thighs and one velcro pocket on the leg. The zippered pockets are roomy, allowing you to store the phone and other important items safely. The side pocket is smaller and is dedicated to quick and short-term storage.

  • Ergonomic fit
  • IQ MTB fabric with 40+ UPF
  • Respectable pocket provision
  • Velcro adjustment is not good


If you are looking for a straight-knee design short with a long in-seam, consider Flylow Eleanor shorts. These shorts have a 12.5-inch inseam and a straight-knee design that is highly comfortable during long stretches of paddling and intense downhill riding.

Additionally, it has quality construction, an ergonomic design, making it a reliable and durable option.

3. ZOANO Women’s Cycling Shorts

ZOANO Women's Cycling Shorts


Here is the best option for you if you are looking for baggie-style and breathable Women’s Mountain Bike shorts. ZOANO Women’s cycling short features a 92% polyester and 8% spandex material, offering comfort, breathability, and reliability. The polyester fabric makes it thicker and strong, while spandex provides it the next level of stretchability, flexibility, and breathability.

The spandex material can be stretched up to 500 times without ripping and tearing, giving you the confidence to paddle hard even on challenging terrains. They also use high-density foam padding inside, making them one of the most comfortable Mountain Bike Shorts you can buy in 20241. Moreover, it has a baggy style that facilitates the airflow, keeping your thighs cool on hot days. Also, it has a moisture repellent and dry-fast treatment that keeps it dry even on rainy days.

The pocket provision on ZOANO shorts is typical, with two side-thigh pockets without zip-enclosure. Also, it has no hip pockets, which is pretty disappointing for women who love carrying their essentials on rides. Additionally, I really liked the soft and ergonomic waistband style.

Belt loops are given around the waistband that allows you to adjust the waist. Moreover, it uses a zipper fly with a button enclosure that is pretty easy to open and close. It also includes a removable inner liner with a silicone leg band that keeps it fixed in place when you ride.

  • Durable yet breathable construction
  • Ergonomic soft waist-band
  • Zipper fly with button enclosure
  • Competitively priced
  • The pocket provision is not ideal


ZOANO Women Mountain Bike shorts come in a baggy style, offerings plenty of room for leg movement while paddling. Additionally, it has an adjustable and soft waistband with a comfortable liner inside, making it one of the best biking shorts you can buy in 2024.

4. NOOYME Women’s Bike Shorts for Cycling

NOOYME Women's Bike Shorts for Cycling


If you are a fan of form-fitting Lycra MTB shorts, here is the perfect choice for you. Nooyme Bike shorts feature a stylish design and comfortable construction making them ideal for long and challenging rides. Unlike outdated form-fitting shorts, NOOYME shorts use a lightweight and breathable Polyamide construction with 20% spandex.

The shorts snugly fit with your body without causing irritation and restlessness. Also, they are stretchable enough to provide the required room for paddling and leg movement. The feature that impressed me most is its soft and elastic waistband. It features an elastic wristband enclosure that feels extremely soft and lightweight on the stomach.

Moreover, it has a multilayer construction with 3D padding providing unmatched comfort during downhill rides. Also, it features very durable and reliable construction, and you can also machine wash this pair of shorts. The shorts also use a silicone non-slip gripper, keeping the shorts intact during the abrupt and powerful movements giving you freedom of paddling during racing events.

Also, I love the stylish design of these shorts. The black-grey and pink combination with the logo on the side looks cool and attractive. The only thing I found annoying is that these shorts don’t come with pockets.

  • Flexible and form-fitting
  • Durable-machine washable
  • Stylish design
  • No pockets


NOOYME women Mountain Bike shorts with stylish design, durable construction, and comfortable ergonomics offer the best value for money. With 20 spandex construction, these shorts offer unmatched stretchability, making them perfect for racing events and challenging rides.

5. Cycorld Women’s Mountain Bike MTB Shorts

Cycorld Women's Mountain Bike MTB Shorts


Women’s mountain bike shorts by Cycrold is another top-rated and best-selling product of the year. These baggy style shorts with stylish design and breathable fabric construction are the best option for mountain bikers. These shorts use lightweight and breathable fabric with a blend of spandex to provide the required stretchability. The baggy shorts are flexible and don’t restrict your movement during rides.

The feature that I found very promising is its ability to resist dirt and moisture. It keeps you fresh and dry even in rainy and foggy conditions. Therefore they are ideal for racing events as they keep you fresh and dry and let you focus on the movement.

I also loved the ergonomic design of the shorts. These shorts come with a zipper closure and an adjustable waistband. The waistband uses belt loops and can be adjusted externally. The waistband is also very soft and skin-friendly, making shorts cozy and comfy. Keep in mind that you can only get the best out of the adjustment feature when you choose the perfect size of shorts. Cycrold Shorts is available in five standard sizes.

Finally, the feature that sets this pair of shorts apart from its counterparts is its pocket provision. I was pleased to get four zipper pockets to store all my essentials. All the pockets are roomy and easily accessible, making these shorts the best option for women. The shorts don’t include liner or chamois, and you need to buy a separate liner with these shorts.

  • Breathable construction
  • Ergonomic waistband adjustment
  • Four zipper pockets
  • No liner included


Cycrold MTB shorts are one of the best women’s Mountain bike shorts you can buy in 2024- thanks to ergonomic design and breathable fabric. Additionally, it comes with four zipper pockets, easy waist adjustment, and unmatched flexibility, making them the best option for downhill riding.

6. Club Ride Apparel Ventura Cycling Short

Club Ride Apparel Ventura Cycling Short


Club Ride Ventura cycling shorts come in a baggy style that feels like home on the challenging rides. These shorts come in baggy style with an 11-inch in-seam making them highly comfortable during uphill and downhill pedaling. These shorts feature RideLite reflective accents to ensure safe rides by keeping you visible in the dark. Also, it is available in two bright color options; red and twilight.

The feature I found most promising is its construction quality. It uses a double-weave fabric that is a blend of polyester and spandex material. The polyester fabric makes it strong and ensures durability even under rough use. Plus, the spandex material provides unmatched flexibility, making it a perfect fit for fat people.

The only thing I wouldn’t say I liked much is its weight. It’s medium-weight biking short, which feels a bit uncozy if you are used to lightweight shorts. Also, these shorts come with two huge zipper pockets that let you carry your essentials like phone, moisturizers, sanitizers, and lip-balms, etc., on the go. The waistband of this pair of shorts is also wide, soft, and straight that doesn’t pinch in the stomach.

However, I was not too fond of the velcro adjustment system. Velcro adjustment creates a gap at the back, making it a bit uncomfortable during the ride. Finally, Club Ride Apparel shorts have got moisture and dust-repellent treatment that keeps them fresh and odorless even after prolonged use. The shorts don’t include a liner, and you need to pair it up with your favorite liner.

  • Flexible and durable construction
  • RideLite reflective accents for safe rides
  • Zipper pockets
  • Moisture and dirt repellent finish
  • A bit thick and heavier construction
  • Expensive


Club Ride Apparel Ventura Cycling shorts are one of the best-selling and top-rated products of 2024. With stretchable and flexible construction and an 11-inch flat in-seam, this pair of shorts promise unmatched comfort and paddling freedom during challenging rides.

7. Truity Women’s MTB Baggy Mountain Cycling Short

Truity Women's MTB Baggy Mountain Cycling Short


Truity Women’s MTB Baggy Cycling pair of shorts is our next pick. This is among the most comfortable and ergonomically designed Mountain Bike shorts I’ve ever tried. With an 11-inch seam and baggy style, these shorts offer plenty of riding freedom and comfort during challenging rides.

Moreover, it comes equipped with silicone grippers that keep the short’s legs intact as you ride and offer a relaxed and comfortable posture. The thing that made me a fan of Truity Women’s shorts is their flexibility and quality. It uses a combination fabric of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. The spandex material enhances its flexibility many 100 times, making them ideal for challenging uphill rides.

Moreover, I loved the 3D foam padding inside that provides additional comfort and cushion to bumps and thighs. This feature is also useful to newcomers who are not used to sitting on the saddle for a longer period of time. The pocket provision on this pair of shorts is average, as it offers only two front-thigh pockets without a zipper.

These pockets let you put some of your essentials, like a phone or money, during the ride. Finally, these shorts have a high-quality fly zipper coupled with a button enclosure. The shorts are available in three standard sizes, L/M/S, and have stretchable automatic waist adjustment. Therefore it is critical to go with the perfect size.

  • Stretchable and flexible
  • 3D foam padding
  • Automatic waist adjustment
  • No zipper pocket


Truity Women’s Mountain Bike shorts are one of the coziest and comfortable MTB shorts I tried out. Its automatic waist adjustment, stretchable and lightweight construction, and breathable leg opening make these shorts perfect for racing events, daily commute, and gym, etc.

Buyer’s Guide

Mountain Bike shorts are way different from cycling shorts. For an enjoyable and fruitful experience, it is critical to creating a balance between style and comfort. Mountain Bike shorts are purposely designed to provide additional comfort and cushion during challenging rides.

Therefore they have some unique and dedicated features, making them perfect for mountain biking. Here is a brief guide on the features you must look for in mountain bike shorts in 2024.

Baggies or Lycra Shorts

It is the first choice you need to make while buying mountain bike shorts. Lycra is form-fitting shorts that stick to your body and provide the required stretch as you move your legs to paddle. A few years back, these shorts were popular among the riders for hardtail cross-country rides. These shorts are shorter in length than the baggy shorts and help with the aerodynamics while riding.

However, mountain bikers are more concerned with the style and comfort during downhill riding. Therefore baggies are becoming popular among them. Baggy shorts have a relatively long length and a wide opening at the knee, making them breathable. Also, they let them pair with knee pads for extra protection.

Baggy shorts are usually made of a thicker material like polyester and often get a water and dirt repellent treatment. Baggies offer comfort, style, and durability on challenging and long rides. Keep in mind that baggy shorts are always paired with an inner or chamois.

Padded chamois is made with breathable mesh material or thin and stretchy fabrics. It makes them cool and comfortable during the challenging rides. Padding inside the chamois provides the required cushion and support while sitting on the saddle for a longer time.


Adjustability is the second most critical factor of the MTB shorts. Mountain bike shorts offer both internal and external adjustments. Waistband adjustment is the most critical feature as it keeps your shorts from sagging down or cinching too tight.

External adjustment like belt hooks is preferred as they feel more comfy and cozy on the stomach and skin. However, some shorts offer internal velcro and hook adjustments. It is important to ensure that the shorts you are going to buy offer a respectable amount of adjustment.


It is important to choose from the right standard size like Medium/Small/Large if you are buying form-fitting shorts. Moreover, you should buy MTB shorts that provide you enough room for leg movement during the ride. The shorts should fit snugly without causing hurdles in movement.

Baggy shorts offer loose-fitting; therefore, the fitting of liners, in this case, matters a lot. It is recommended to buy the liner with maximum stretchability that offers freedom for paddling during downhill and hardtail biking.


The comfort a particular pair of shorts provides also depends upon the type of fabric used. It is important to go with lightweight and breathable fabric construction. Moreover, its fabric should contain a reasonable amount of spandex material to provide the required stretchability. Also, the fabric should be treated with dirt and moisture repellent to keep you fresh outdoors.


Pockets are an essential part of women’s mountain bike shorts. Lycra shorts hardly come with one or two small pockets or maybe no pockets. Pocket lets you carry your essentials like phone and money safely during rides.

If you are buying baggies, it is important to look for a respectable provision of pockets. Best MTB shorts offer roomy hip and thighs pockets that let you store your essentials safely during rides. Some shorts also offer zipper side pockets which is another plus.


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Are mountain bike shorts worth it?

Yes, mountain bike shorts are equipped with useful traits like incredible stretchability, durability, Ergonomic fit, and several pockets. All these features set them apart from regular shorts and make them perfect for mountain biking.

Why are mountain bike shorts so expensive?

Mountain bike shorts are purposely designed to provide the required strength, stretchability, and comfort during mountain biking. They use premium multi-layered material like polyester and spandex, making them incredibly stretchable, cozy, and durable. Therefore these shorts are more expensive than regular shorts.

Why do mountain bikers wear baggy shorts?

Mountain bikers wear baggy shorts as they offer more room for paddling and maneuverability, are water-proof and abrasion-resistant, and offer more comfort than lycra shorts. Also, baggy shorts have respectable pocket provisions that let you store your essentials on the go.

Final Thoughts

We can safely conclude that it is critical to choose a perfect mountain biking short for a comfortable riding experience. All the products on our list are of high quality and have the best ergonomics offering the best value for money.

Our top-three picks from the list are

Cycorld Women’s Mountain Bike MTB Shorts for its competitive price, ease of adjustment, comfortable fit, and four zipper pockets.

Truity Women’s MTB Baggy Mountain Cycling Shorts for its elastic waist adjustment, lightweight and breathable construction, and 3D foam chamois.

NOOYME Women’s Bike Shorts for Cycling for its flexible form-fitting ergonomics, stylish design, and affordable price.

We are hopeful that this guide and review will help you find your perfect match. Finally, if you want to get the best out of an MTB short, it is important to choose a perfect size from standard sizes like medium, small and large.


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