The bicycle is one of the most popular types of transportation in the world. The great thing about it is that it is environmentally friendly and healthy. However, many countries are facing issues with the safety and lack of proper roads for bikes.

Also, there is a common issue where car drivers typically don’t pay enough attention to bicycle riders, and that is one of the most common reasons of accidents. If you even find yourself in this situation, the first thing to do is to contact the bicycle accident lawyer. We will provide some important information about this process.

Most Common Accidents


As we already mentioned, the biggest problem is that the drivers of other types of vehicles don’t pay enough attention to these ones. One of the most common types of accidents is dooring. In this case, the driver of a truck or a car will part aside of the road without checking whether there are bikers and open the door, resulting in a bicycle hitting it.

There are many other cases, such as not letting the rider on time pass the road on, being distracted and hitting it, not following rules and keeping proper distance, or even a road rage, where the driver will purposely get too close. All of these cases could lead to serious injuries to riders.

If you prefer using this type of transport to go to work, or simply to get around your city, it is essential to be aware of the rules. It is common for urban places to have lanes for bicycles. If there is none in your area, you must check out the official rules.

Your actions can also prevent accidents. Therefore, don’t be aggressive, always wear a helmet, along with reflective clothes while on the road, and use signals when you are turning and there is a vehicle behind you.

Stay Calm


There is no need to become aggressive if someone hit you. Focus on the situation and try to resolve it properly. First of all, check out if someone was injured. If that was only a minor collision, the cyclist is always in a much bigger danger than any other driver.

If you fell on the ground, inspect your body for injuries, and call the emergency if needed. Arguing with the other side will never lead to any constructive results. If you cannot determine the responsible side, a simple solution is to call the police that will create the report, and you can file a lawsuit.

On the other hand, if the other side is responsible and willing to cooperate, you have to be aware of your rights, and the amount of compensation to ask for. It depends on the damage made to your bike, but also to injuries you could have.

If calling the police is the only option, you should provide all details so they can create an accurate report of your case. In most cases, determining the right amount of compensation and making a deal without help can be difficult.

Hire a Good Lawyer


Like with any other type of accident, choosing a professional assistance is always the best solution. He will use his knowledge and experience and ensure providing the best deal. Also, these accidents can be tricky, especially when the other side is claiming that you are responsible.

The great thing is that there is a law in many states where the no-fault insurance policy is active. In that matter, the fault side won’t have to pay for the compensation directly since the insurance company will cover that.

On the other side, it is common for the biker is responsible or that both sides have their parts involved. Such a case should be brought to court since it can be quite complex. For example, the owner of the bicycle could be granted with compensation for some injuries, but the amount can be deducted for the repair or some other details if he has part of the responsibility. The lawyer is there to secure the best scenario.

Furthermore, there are different types of compensations. It is quite simple to determine the amount required for repairing the bike. However, making the right deal for injuries is more complex. You have to be aware of different categories, like medical expenses, cost of therapies, pain and suffering, lost income, and more.


If you want to settle a deal and skip the lawsuit process, it is a common mistake because people will often forget to add some of these details. On the other hand, a professional will help you create the best circumstances and ensure getting the right amount that will include money for recovery, lost wages, potential disabilities, and other complications.

You should never rush with your decision when choosing a lawyer as well. The best solution is to focus on those people with more experience in the same area. They are familiar with different cases, and it will be simple for them to create the best conditions for you in the court.

The one with the lack of experience could forget adding some terms related to important details like the recovery expenses that you will have in the future, or the proper compensation for the pain you have experienced.

Last Words


The most important thing is to know how to keep yourself safe on the roads. Therefore, always wear a helmet, drive on the right track, and be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. There are many mistakes people are making in these situations.

For instance, forcing a deal without a court to save team can lead to a much lower compensation. Keep that in mind when the other side is rushing to give you money. Also, starting an argument that could lead to aggression will only make the process more difficult.

Therefore, the best option is to be calm and patient, to ensure that everyone is safe, and then to call the emergency, take pictures, and contact the professional in this area.