Only with careful planning and packaging can you have an unforgettable time at a gathering like this. Think of this as an event that cannot be planned in a very short time, because you need to think about a few items. This refers to the things you need to have with you, to planning places, etc. We can say that there is a whole list of tasks that you need to go through before you start motorcycle rallies. So don’t forget to do your homework, because it will save your life and time. In order to be able to enjoy it to the maximum, you need to pay attention to the following items.

A place to put things away


When it comes to the equipment you need to have with you, this is the first thing we thought of and you need to think about as well. It is actually a tank bag that will help you put away all the things you need to have with you quickly and easily. You will also have great access to them, because they will be stored properly. Thanks to its characteristics, it will give you a lot of storage space. This way you have the opportunity to choose your favorite item without which you do not go to a gathering while driving safely.

This space is mainly used to hide the basic things that everyone has next to them. These are phones, cash, water bottles, sunscreens or something else. Many people carry action cameras, a GPS unit and the rest of the technology. Apart from the fact that these items can take up a lot of space, they are very easily breakable and require adequate protection. Therefore, it would be good to think about this type of supplement, because that way you will carry many beautiful memories with you.


Don’t forget to leave the house without sunglasses. Know that at gatherings like this you can often ride without a helmet, which means you will need eye protection. We are sure that you will have a much better time, because you will not risk the wind, dust, etc.

Instead, you will enjoy it and be protected from bugs, headlights and similar things. It is best to always have glasses for day and night, because night visibility is also important.



You never know what might happen to you or the vehicle and that is why it is essential that you have insurance. What insurance covers, as well as its price, varies from country to country, so check for details regarding the Laconia motorcycle weekend.

Sun protection

Here we are talking about sunscreens that are very useful in this situation. Depending on the type of gathering, you will be exposed to the sun all the time. Temperatures can be quite high, which means that it is very important to protect sensitive areas such as the back of the head, face, etc. You will also not look nice if you end up red or sunburned only on certain parts of the body.



This applies to tools that you may need in certain situations. For example, you may have an accident on the road and you need an urgent repair. If you have the appropriate repair tools by your side, we are sure that this situation will not spoil the whole experience.

Otherwise you could get stuck until someone comes to you who can help you or you will have to bother with repairs. Either way, the tool will solve all your problems even if it is very serious. Then you will be able to at least fix it so much that you bring the vehicle to the first mechanics. Trust us, this accessory will make your life easier and save you time and money. When it comes to the list of tools, it is necessary to find tire plugs, patches, tire repair kit, etc. on it. This is why tool bags are popular, as they offer you extra space to hold all your tools. It will not take up much space, and you will be much safer if you have it. You will also dispose of the tool properly, which means that you are safer.

Bike lock

If you don’t want to ruin your favorite event, listen to our advice. One of the most important is the bike lock, because safety comes first. Know that thieves can be everywhere and sometimes you will not recognize them. However, looking for thieves would definitely ruin your time, so it is best to take preventive measures and not think about it anymore. When it comes time to have fun, a good bike lock will be of great help to you. With it, you will save your vehicle to the maximum and you will be on your guard.

Best of all, you will find a large selection of locks on the market. There are different types and grades that will make your search easier, because we are sure that you will find something that completely suits your needs. Pay attention to its durability and therefore choose only quality materials, some thieves can be quite persistent. They use various techniques that can easily steal a vehicle if you do not save it well. As long as you have a bike lock that is durable enough you don’t have to worry.

Weather protection


In addition to the sun and wind, there are many other external factors that can spoil your mood during this event. One of them is definitely rain, which can sometimes last a very long time. We’re sure you don’t want to be wet most of the time, nor do your luggage. That’s why it’s always good to have something by your side that will protect you from the rain. You must always be ready, and the right solution is rain suits that will surely keep you dry during driving and events. In addition, you can bring a rain cover in your bag that will protect everything else.


If you are not one of those who carry a camera with them everywhere, do it this time. It is an opportunity to record all the interesting moments that you will later laugh at or simply enjoy. There are different camera models and you don’t have to take the most expensive one, but the better model you choose, the better you will capture some moments and details. Even if you can’t attend this event next time, you can go back to the action camera footage and relive those beautiful moments.

Motorcycle rallies


Of course, you have to choose some of the best US motorcycle rallies to have amazing time. Luckily, there are many of them, like Laconia motorcycle weekend, where you will spend amazing few days.

Once you gather all the necessary equipment and decide on the ideal set, you are ready to have a great time.