For better or for worse, people generally tend to complain about their partners. So we decided to compare one of the everyday things to a model girlfriend, a bicycle.

1. You are able to spend time with your bicycle and it will not nag and criticize you. It will actually stay almost completely quiet most of your time together.

2. Bicycles live for the moment and will never ask you about the next step in your relationship.

3. Your dear bicycle is never going to bring up some old issues, and you will never have to worry about bad surprises related to some past arguments.

4. Your bike will not complain about other bicycles, nor will it care about what people say. It surely knows that you have other important things to think about.

5. You are free to be yourself around your bicycle, and it will never want to fix you and mold you into something you are not.

6. The moods of your bicycle are independent of its hormones, because a bike does not have them.

7. Your bike does not need constant reassuring about its looks, and it does not compare itself with other bicycles on the streets.

8. Their purpose is to go whenever you are ready to go. You will never have to wait around for them to get ready, unless of course something needs to be fixed.

9. They lack emotions, and therefore will not cry for no reason or otherwise express them.

10. Last but not least, bikes are immune to crazy Hollywood movies and romance novels ideas, and will not expect you to live up the ridiculous standards they set.