Spending as much time as possible with your children should be on your list of priorities. By doing that, you can make their childhood memorable. Since childhood is a foundation for every healthy person, it is obvious how crucial it is for every person’s mental health to have a quality one.

Among many extraordinary things you can do with your kids, you will certainly find teaching them to ride a bike. Just remember how exciting this was for you when you were young. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t provide your little one with the same opportunity, right?

Of course, the first thing you should do is purchase the proper one. Sure, the most important factor to pay attention to is the size. Besides that, you should see whether some features can make it significantly easier for your little one to learn how to do it.

Before you can go about creating wholesome memories with your children, you should purchase them a bike that fits them in every way. In the article below, according to, we have listed all the major factors you have to consider before selecting the one that suits them perfectly.

Aspects to Pay Attention To


The most significant aspect you should make sure of is that your little one must fit the bicycle and vice versa. You can’t give your six-year-old a bicycle that’s fit for someone much older. Naturally, this is something that can lead to a disaster. What you can do is look at the sizing charts presented in stores and decide what would fit your child.

These are usually measured by using their wheels, unlike adults. The most common ones for kids have inches that are 12-inches wide, and this measurement goes up to 24 inches. Therefore, you can see that this is the most obvious way to take appropriate measures.


Parents often think they can get the one for their kids depending on how old they are. Still, standard ages and dimensions will not be a complement to your children. Thus, to avoid the pain of making a mistake of this sort, which leads to money waste, you should go according to their height instead.

There are many sizing charts available on the internet or even in your local bike store that can help you choose the best possible option. We would recommend you to visit a local store rather than take a look at an online shop. The reason is quite simple, the chances of you having a proper idea about the size is something you cannot achieve this way. Instead, take your child with you and try it out.


You want to measure how tall your kid is and then decide according to that. The reason why height is crucial is that your little one can sit on it and have the right balance. This is the place between the top tube and the surface. To be relaxed on the bicycle, your kid should have the space to straddle it so their feet touch the ground and their crotch isn’t placed on the top tube.

We are talking about a crucial factor since achieving the proper balance is possible only when the rider is completely comfortable. If you have your child along with you, you may want to get them to mount the bike and see how it all shows up. We truly don’t believe there’s any better way to establish a proper idea about it.


The handlebars should be at a distance so that the rider can reach them without stretching too much. Once again, we are talking about something that is a foundation of having the proper balance. They should at least have a slight bend at the elbows so that they can manage their bicycle a little better.


You want them to be in complete control over it where they can steer and pull the breaks if that’s required. With this possibility, they can prevent any accidents that can potentially pop up for whatever reason. Of course, this is something that could help them with being as safe as they need to be. For that reason, we feel that this aspect is definitely among the most important ones.

Seat’s Tallness

Children’s bicycles are generally made so they can drive them in a standing posture without any need for bending over. We are not just talking about good posture, this is also a vital element for having the best possible control. If they should also be able to enjoy their surroundings and view them in the easiest possible manner.

Not having the proper tallness between the pedals and seats can be quite a big problem. With the lack of balance, falling off the bicycle is something that’s likely to happen. That’s why it is essential to have a proper measure between these two points. Without considering this aspect, it is not possible to have the utmost confidence, which then leads to a lack of ability to learn.


The aesthetics of the bicycle should be gender-neutral. The little one can later decide if they want to make them sportier or princessy. Don’t try to buy pink ones for your daughters so they can feel more princess-like. Your best bet is to take your kid along with you and let them pick the look they want in one of these. Of course, deciding on a design can be done at any point.


Sure, purchasing a new one is a waste of money. Still, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make some changes in design. For instance, you can repaint them whenever you want. Also, it is not impossible to include some additional features that can make it more unique.


There are a plethora of different types you can choose from.

12-14 inch wheeled bikes are generally for those aged 2-4. Seats are usually low, and it’s unlikely that they will have any stringent mechanism to ride the bike. The most common example is balance bicycles. They usually have no pedals and don’t have any cranks. They’re great devices to allow your little ones to learn how to achieve a much-needed balance on their own.

Some of them have pedals in this class. We believe that you should purchase those that come with some training wheels since these are essential for achieving the balance until your little one gets experienced enough to remove them.

16-inch bikes are generally the child’s first pedal bike. These are also single-speed and have rear coaster breaks that will have to cycle back to stop. It is a perfect way for you to provide them with enough self-confidence to navigate through all the obstacles and problems they will come across.

20-inch and 24-inch bikes are generally the first ones in which your kid can switch gears. These are for older ones, and you can find ones that have a single speed or even ones that allow them to shift speeds. You need to note that 24-inch bikes have different variations.

However, we wouldn’t recommend you to experiment with the first one you will purchase. Let them learn on a basic one, and then pursue the ones that interest them more. Basically, adopt a patient approach.

Final Thoughts


Many companies allow you to buy these online. For online ones, you will have to leak at the inseam measurement so that you’re aware of how the standout height would fit on the bicycle. As we’ve already stated, we believe that visiting the shop is actually much better do it. In this article of ours, we’ve provided you with a guide that answers all the essential questions. We’re sure you will find it useful.