There is nothing that feels super amazing than buying your first car. It gives you the freedom to move about without restrictions while carrying on with your daily hustles and bustles of the streets. Cars come loaded with plenty of accessories, some of which you may have never put into use. These enhancements help boost your comfort, while on the road, while others help you with the navigation.

Without saying much, here are some of the accessories you may not have in your car, and which you need.

1. Dash-cam

If you have been driving for some time, then you can agree that the roads aren’t always safe. There are drivers out there who are up to no good. You may be careful while on the way, but you never know what the other driver in the next lane or in front of you is up to. Now and then, you have come across accidents caused by careless driving. On many occasions, most drivers end up losing on these accident cases due to a lack of evidence to support that they are the victims.

Luckily, for you, technology has come to the rescue of such wrong incidents. All that is needed of you is to add a dash-cam in your car. You may never understand how important a dash camera is in your vehicle until you are involved in an accident. Like CCTV, these cameras record videos of everything happening on the road. One fantastic thing is that they also record your car’s speed. Therefore, if you get on the wrong side with the speed cops, you can use the recordings as evidence.

2. Leak proof hanging car trash bags

After acquiring your first car, there is the urge to hit the highways for a road trip. You can’t undermine the fun part that comes with cruising with your friends or family. During the long drives, especially, your car may get messy because of the junk foods you are likely to use. The big question is, “where will you trash the wrappers once you are done with the eating?” Most people opt to dispose of the trash on the roadsides, which isn’t good for the environment.

If you care much about your surroundings, the best you can do is invest in a trash bag. It doesn’t have to be large, but it should be big enough to hold your litter until the next stop. In this case, a leakproof litter bag is recommended in case one of your passengers happens to throw up while on the trip. With the trash bag, it means that you will help keep your car in mint condition while contributing significantly to saving the environment.

3. Air purifier

Most of the car wash focuses on cleaning the outside of your car and not the inside. Besides, their cleaning doesn’t deal with the rancid smell that your car may have. Unfortunately, these bad smells can mess with your comfort while driving.

The fantastic thing is that you can add an air purifier in your car to help deal with the bad smells. According To Lussogear, you can consider acquiring a 2-in-1 air purifier and air freshener. These advanced fresheners help eliminate pollen, dust, smoke, and the nuisance odors from your car. As opposed to the typical fresheners that work by covering the lousy odor, these 2-in-1 products remove the odor-causing particles in the air.

4. Jumper cables

According to battery manufacturers, a car battery should serve your car for at least two to three years, without fail. Well, the fact that these batteries do come with warranties means that the chances of the battery bailing on your new car are minimal. However, there are instances when the battery may run out of charge because of parasitic drains, for example, or too many electrical devices attached.

It’s for this reason that you are advised to have jumper cables with you all the time in case you experience a flat battery. With the appliances, you can quickly jump start your car using the charge from a different vehicle and go on with your journey. Today, you can as well invest in a power bank, and that means that you don’t have to wait for another car to assist you with the jumping.

5. Car vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is also another accessory that you may need. For example, someone may spill a drink on your seats during those bumpy rides. Does it mean that you have to wait until you arrive at a station where you will have the mess washed?

Definitely, no, by doing so, you may ruin the comfort of your passengers. It’s at this point that a vacuum cleaner comes in handy to help clear the mess before it leads to other serious complications.

6. Car USB charger

In the modern world, where smartphones have become everything, it’s almost impossible to operate without one. When taking a tour, for example, you may be required to make calls along the way, use Google Maps, as well as, respond to text messages.

Performing all these activities can siphon your phone’s charge. However, with a USB charger, there is nothing to worry about as you can always keep your smartphone charged to capacity.

7. First aid kit

Often, many drivers assume that a first aid kit is a thing for public vehicles or premises. It’s not good to live with that assumption. You never know what may happen when you are out there camping or caravanning. You or one of your passengers may sustain an injury while out there.

With a first aid box, you may put your first aid lessons into use by containing the breeding while you await further treatments. Most of these first aid kits are small and hence easy to add to your car. Besides, they contain almost everything that you may need to deal with an emergency.

8. Headrest cushions

When cruising during longer trips, you may get exhausted over time and fall asleep. At times sleeping may prove difficult owing to the state of your car seats.

Most seats don’t offer head support. Luckily, today, there are unique cushions you can attach to your car seats to support your head and help you grab a quick nap during those tiring trips.

9. Key Bluetooth tracker

On how many occasions have you lost or misplaced your car keys? The chances are that you can’t even remember because it’s a frequent habit. Well, losing your car keys can be a traumatizing experience, especially when you are needed somewhere, but you can’t find them.

Luckily, today, technology has come to the rescue. You can consider investing in a coin-shaped Bluetooth tracker to help locate your keys when lost. With the tracker, you will no longer have to go through this traumatizing experience.

10. A console insert

Most individuals start their day by grabbing a mug of coffee and drinking it while in traffic. If this is what your typical morning sounds like, then you understand how stressful it can be driving with your cup on your hands and nowhere to place. Not all cars come with mug compartments.

You may not realize their importance until you spill hot coffee on yourself while driving. Therefore, you must consider having a console in your car for your coffee mugs or other drinks. Also, you can add another insert console in the car to help with the storage of things such as sunglasses, phones, and other items that you may need during the day. These insert consoles help keep your items in an organized manner.

In the modern world, owning a car is almost becoming a basic necessity. Well, the truth is that you can’t ignore the many benefits that come having your vehicle. However, there is much satisfaction that comes with having the necessary accessories that your vehicle needs.

Listed in this article are some of the standard accessories you may have thought aren’t necessary, but they are. Read through the entire piece to understand why you should consider investing in the accessories as soon as possible.