Although car repairs are never inexpensive and you are likely to leave the auto repair shop after paying a couple of hundred dollars, some repairs can put a big dent in your pocket. That is when many car owners find themselves on the fence, wondering whether to repair or not to repair.

Regardless of the repair type or expense, it is advisable to get it fixed before it becomes a serious problem and poses a safety risk to you and your loved ones.

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A Blown Head Gasket

This is one of the most costly car repairs you’re likely to incur if you don’t keep your car well-maintained. Though the head gasket is a relatively cheap auto part, the labour involved in performing this repair is costly, which can shoot up the cost to a couple of thousand dollars or possibly more depending on the damage it has done to other parts of the car.

The purpose of the head gasket is to seal the combustion gases and prevent coolant and engine oil from leaking into the cylinders. You will instantly know that you need a repair if the white smoke billows from the engine and exhaust. It means that the engine is overheating, and there is a problem with the head gasket. It should be repaired right away before it damages your car further.

Engine Replacement

‘Your car needs engine replacement’ is one sentence that no car owner wants to hear, especially when their powertrain warranty has expired. This is because engine replacement is a costly repair and time-consuming. It is likely to cost approximately $3000 to $4500.

Sometimes the replacement cost may skyrocket to $7000 too.
The top reasons for engine replacement are excessive wear, underlying catastrophic failure or poor car maintenance. Delaying this type of car repair will only aggravate the issue.

Transmission Replacement


You may have to take your car to the auto shop right away if there is a transmission problem. If your car’s transmission doesn’t work efficiently and how it is supposed to work, your wheel may not turn. It is crucial to understand that the transmission is responsible for handling the flow of power to the driveshaft of your engine. Heat and friction cause this part to damage easily as it experiences the most wear and tears over time.

Transmission replacement is likely to cost you between $3,500 and $5,000. However, this depends on your vehicle’s model and make and whether you decide to rebuild the transmission or buy a new one.

Fortunately, this problem can be avoided easily by taking care of the transmission. If you have an automatic transmission, make sure to keep the fluid fresh inside it. Similarly, for a manual transmission, be extra vigilant and careful about the way you shift gears and use the clutch.

For instance, don’t keep the clutch pressed while driving. By taking these measures, you can easily prevent transmission replacement and the high cost associated with it.

Catalytic Converter

A lot of car manufacturers are now installing catalytic converters in their new models. This is best for those who want to go green and play their part in keeping the environment clean. The role of a catalytic converter is to convert the harmful gases and chemicals produced in the exhaust fumes into safe and harmless ones that don’t pose any environmental damage and pollute the air that people breathe.

We all value the role this component plays, but as far as the cost goes, it is one part that can break your bank when it needs a repair. That’s right; if a catalytic converter needs a repair, expect to incur a cost of around $1500, if not more. Also, add to it the high labour cost. All this can make catalytic converter repair a big expense.

If you are wondering how to identify the problem, you can instantly do so if your car’s catalytic converter begins to smell like rotten eggs. This is a sure-fire sign that the converter is not working efficiently and needs repair. Sometimes the repair can be as a result of contamination or because the inner honeycomb structure is broken. The catalytic converter will cost you good money.

Brake Line


Brakes are crucial to ensure your safety on the road. New brake pads may be inexpensive, but if the brake line gets damaged and needs a repair, you need to make sure that you get it fixed ASAP. But at the same time expect it to cost somewhere around $1000.

The brake line may need repair if it blows or disintegrates. This is the feature that provides brake fluid to the brakes. Almost in all cases, mechanics advise car owners to replace the brake line instead of patching it because of the driver’s safety. Make sure to get it repaired before you get back on the road. You should never drive if the brake line is damaged and doesn’t function properly, as you could risk your safety and the lives of the passengers in your car.



The camshaft is a crucial vehicle component that plays a role in the mixture of fuel and air that enters the cylinders and the gases emitted from them.

This is a repeated action. Hence, no surprise that over time, it becomes plugged up with debris and dirt. If it is not well-maintained and kept clean through valve cleaning and oil changes, a camshaft will breakdown eventually.

Camshaft replacement may cost you approximately $1500 and more. It is definitely not cheap. This cost is inclusive of the labour cost, and that is what makes it expensive. Replacing a camshaft requires a lot of labour.

Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid and prevent these costly repairs is to keep your vehicle well-maintained. Schedule periodic car maintenance services to make sure your vehicle is in top condition.