We know that we live in a day and age where technology is just on an insane level. In the past, some of the cutting edge techs might have surprised us, but today, we can expect anything. The cars have gotten amazing, and it is the same for motorcycles.

Today, we are going to take a look at a new interesting idea for a crazy electric motorcycle that comes from Curtiss Motorcycles. What they did is they gave their Zeus a big update with the new look of his batteries. This is an electric motorcycle that is going to have a V8 petrol engine-looking batteries, which is a nice idea.

While this design is for show, the looks are not the only benefit that people that will use this model are going to get. The batteries are fitted in the radial V pattern of the cylindrical towers and that is going to help with the cooling efficiency of the battery. Each of them holds around 17 kWh, or 16.9 kWh to be exact.

Some estimate the power of this bike spins around 217 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque. The wheels on this bad-boy are made from carbon fiber, while the front suspension is an aluminum girder fork.

When can you buy this model? Well, the 2020 Zeus is going to be in the production sometime next year, which is going to make you wait a little bit more for this cutting edge tech motorcycle. As far as the pricing goes, we expect that it’s going to cost you around 75.000 dollars to take this model home.

One last thing we are going to mention is the brand itself. Right now, they are looking to make their products balanced as far as the pricing goes. They do want to create motorcycles that are on the luxurious side, but then they are also looking to create bikes that are a bit more accessible.