It’s known that riders are always up to date when it comes to the latest models in bikes, parts, and upgrades available in the scene. The passion that drives riders to get on their bike and enjoy the cool air is seeping into many different areas that could make the experience more fun and convenient.

If you own a bike, by default, you probably enjoy adventures and getting some adrenaline out of your experiences, some people just can’t help it. The age of technology has managed to integrate fancy electronics and sophisticated gadgets into the repertoire of adventurous riders well.

While some riders may be old-fashioned and prefer not to use electronics, a lot of riders are reaping the benefits of using gadgets to enhance their experience. We’ve made a list of the best gadgets you can use to make your ride even better.

Action Cameras

The concept of action cameras and camcorders have revolutionized whole industries, as it allowed the user to capture the exact footage of what they see while doing what they love. Riders can document their adventures safely and with high quality by using action cameras that are strapped onto their heads recording everything as it is from their perspective.

You can use DSLR monitors to get a live feed of what is being shot on your camera with complete ease. Different monitors come with unique features, and you can read more here if you’d like to see how they can be used to your advantage.

A lot of people are now able to make a living by shooting adventurous video and footage doing amazing things. If you’re interested in putting your experience out there for friends, family, or even strangers, an action camera is a must.


Driving a car while using a cellphone is dangerous; doing so can end up being fatal. A lot of riders would prefer being able to make calls and hear them while they’re enjoying their ride without endangering themselves.

Communicators are devices designed to help you use your phone without needing to hold it with features like voice-activated commands. Both iOS and Android offer amazing voice-activated capabilities that can keep you connected and communicators sure know how to take advantage of them. You’ll also be able to hear through special speakers and talk through unique mics that slice through the air with ease.

GPS Screens

GPS is an indispensable tool at every rider or driver’s list. Gone are the days where you have to use a map to know where you’re going, to only find out that you can’t read a map well.

Using a smartphone screen to navigate is not the ideal way as it can be dangerous and quite cumbersome due to the small screen size. GPS monitors can be strapped onto your bike and provide you with directions visually and audibly to help you reach any destination you’ve designated with complete ease.

Spot Devices

If you happen to be a very adventurous person who lets the road take you wherever it goes, a spot device can be a true lifesaver. A spot device is like an emergency device that is equipped with GPS tracker features and can be programmed to send your coordinates to the people of your choosing.

If you happen to find yourself amidst an emergency, you can simply push a button and it will signal emergency services with your exact coordinates even if you’re not in range of cellular services as it uses satellites.

Tank Bag

A lot of riders have motorcycles that either come with a small trunk or none at all. A trunk is a very important feature that can allow you to carry a lot of stuff without any hassle.

A tank bag is designed to replace the traditional trunk using magnetic mounts along with a backpack and a carrier for your helmet. This should help you reduce any clutter on your bike fashionably.

Cruise Control

Some motorcycles come equipped with pre-installed cruise systems, but many don’t. If you happen to find yourself on an adventure and you’d like to focus a bit more on the scenery rather than constantly stabilizing the speed, a cruise control gadget is the device for you. It can be easily installed on the throttle to be activated by a lever at any time of your choosing.

Disc-Lock Alarms

Unfortunately, stealing a bike is usually much easier than a car as it’s lighter, less secure, and simpler. Disc-lock alarms are used to add an extra dimension of security to your bike while being easy to use and completely safe. They’re made with high-quality metal and an alarm system that works in combination with locking the discs.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

A motorcycle’s tire pressure gauge is even more critical than its 4-wheel counterpart as losing balance and handling can prove to be fatal. It’s recommended to check the tire pressure before each and every ride. A digital pressure gauge is quite the aid as it’s cheap, easy-to-use, and quick. While high-quality analog gauges are preferred by experts, digital ones will do more than enough for most people.

Bungee Net

Bungee nets are like the Jack of all trades when it comes to most miscellaneous requirements. They can be smoothly strapped to the gas tank or back seat where you can place various items on them like helmets, kits, or bags. They cost next to nothing and you’ll find they make your errands much more convenient.


A lot of motorcyclists believe that not being heard on the road can be lethal. Your stock horn may not be able to reach some drivers or attract attention. An airhorn can be attached to your bike independently to help you when you’re in a pinch. A lazy or distracted driver is definitely going to snap right out of it when they hear a 130DB+ airhorn.

There are numerous ways to have fun on your bike and you can’t get enough of improving it with upgrades and gadgets. It’s recommended to research about the gadgets that would suit your style to get something that is perfect and convenient for you.