You will find many racing helmet options on the market, and it can be a bit confusing to get the right one. One of the factors to consider is the type of race you will be participating in. You will find that there are specific regulations you need to adhere to with regards to the kind of helmet. For instance, the type of headgear you buy for circuit racing will be different from the one you buy for karting.

A helmet could mean the difference between life and death, and you cannot take it for granted.

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Rallying Helmets

One of the critical considerations for a riding helmet is whether you have intercom capabilities. It needs to be compatible with what you have in your car. Pay particular attention to the plugs as there are many types, including Nexus, Stilo, Terratrip, among others.

An open-face helmet will also give you better visibility, but it depends on your individual preference.

Circuit Racing Helmets

Circuit racing helmets are a bit easier to buy. If you are participating in a single-seater race, you’re better off with a full-face helmet. Other sports may require that you wear an open face, but include goggles as well. The latter case is not very common nowadays. You will find those with advanced ballistic Protection (ABP) that have a smaller visor aperture then you’d find in the standard ones. The reinforcement on the panel will protect you from flying debris.

In closed circuit racing, you have the option of an open or closed face helmet, and it depends on what you prefer. You can also get an open face helmet with a peak instead of a visor. You will get the same protection as you would if you’re wearing a full-face helmet.

Karting Helmets

You will find the regulations around karting helmets are age-specific. For those under the age of 15, you need a light helmet that will not strain the neck.

Track days

You may not be engaging in competitive sport but would like to spend some time on the circuit. You will, therefore, still need to get protection for your head due to the speed you will be reaching. You’ll need to buy a helmet that gives you the best level of protection. The type you buy does not need to adhere to the rigid specifications of the racing helmets.

You have the option of an open or closed helmet depending on what you prefer. Closed helmets will give you more protection, while open ones make communication easier.

Other Factors to Consider

  1. Depending on the race, get a Snell, FIA or CMR approved helmet
  2. Consider the material; there are fiberglass carbon and composite
  3. Get a good fit, think about it like buying a shoe
  4. Make sure it has good ventilation for proper airflow

Final Thoughts

Use our tips above when looking for the right helmet. Be very careful to ensure you get a good one, which will give you sufficient protection.