Traveling in a recreational vehicle, or an RV is a great way to explore different destinations that can be reached through road trips. This is because, with an RV, you need not fret about where to camp or stay for the night since your vehicle already has appropriate living quarters. However, it is not a secret that this type of vehicle is expensive and its maintenance can also cost you.

Thus, it is important to exert an extra effort to ensure that your RV is in its best condition, including its tires. In doing so, you may cover up your tires for additional padding for protection. As such, here is a quick guide on how you can measure an RV tire cover.

Tire Code

The simplest way to measure for RV tire covers is to look for the tire code on the sidewall of your current RV tire. The most common sizes have three parts that indicate the section width, the sidewall aspect ratio and the diameter of the wheel. You can use this number as a basis to match tire covers. In the event that you have a hard time locating this number, you can simply measure your RV’s tire from tread to tread across the rim.

Types of Tire Covers
  • Shield Style

A shield style RV tire cover allows for air circulation because it only shelters the front side of the tire. It can come in either a black or a white color which can reduce UV exposure. According to RV Hometown, the best RV tire covers are usually made from durable vinyl material that lasts a long time. Most shield style RV tire covers come in this type of material, which is known to be weatherproof as well.

  • Bag Style

A bag style RV tire cover encloses the entire tire. It usually fits snugly while still allowing for air circulation. These usually also come in black or white colors, with more people opting for the former because it tends to hide the dirt that accumulates on the surface of the covers. However, a black bag style RV tire cover should not be used in an environment where the temperature can reach an extreme heat.

Why Use an RV Tire Cover?

There are several reasons why you need to use an RV tire cover but the most significant one is because of the benefits you are most likely to get from it.
  • UV Ray Protection

RV tire covers offer protection to your tires by shielding them from direct sunlight or harmful UV rays. Both of these have a negative impact on the flexibility of the rubber compounds of your tire. Come to think of it, the sun can even cause noticeable changes in the color of your vehicle or crack in its roof.

The most alarming thing about this is that you don’t get to see the effect of these physically on your tires. Thereby, make sure to look into the specifications of the RV tire cover and check whether the manufacturer claims that it is capable of providing protection against UV rays. Oftentimes, those which are made of polypropylene and polyester have this capability, while others are even made with layers to specifically offer an added UV protection.

  • Heat Reduction

RV tire covers also reduce the heat that penetrates within your vehicle’s tire. Apart from the UV rays brought about by direct sunlight, prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun may likewise cause damage to the tires of your vehicle.

This is because your tires are more prone to wear and tear when they are subjected to these extreme weather conditions for a considerably long period of time, which is what happens when your vehicle is parked on an open space parking area. With a proper tire cover, you will be able to greatly minimize the heat that penetrates into your tires, paving the way for their longevity. For this purpose, the best tire covers are the white ones because black or gray colored tire covers absorb the heat of the sun.

  • Protection from Dry Rotting and Cold Weather

If you often frequent locations with extreme weather conditions, then your vehicle tires are greatly susceptible to dry rot. An RV tire cover will be able to provide your tires with ample protection from these elements such as extreme heat, as well as excessively wet environments. This is because the tire covers serve as a good shield for your tires, preventing your tires from cracking up or being soaked.

On the other hand, RV tire covers can also protect your tires from extreme cold weather. This is particularly important if you are often traveling to locations with a temperature below zero. This kind of weather can prove to be damaging to your tires, but you can circumvent the damage that road salt or snow may cause by using RV tire covers.
  • Easier Maintenance

Finally, an RV tire cover will greatly aid you in preserving the tires of your RV, allowing you to use your tires for a long period of time, with minimal maintenance. Aside from the lesser hassle in terms of cleaning your tire because they are already shielded from dust and dirt, all you need to do to clean the tire cover itself is to wipe it out a bit. Thus, it can be deemed that an RV tire cover requires even the least maintenance, eliminating the need for you to shell out a hefty sum to keep your tire, as well as its cover, in top condition.

Traveling with your RV is a proven way to explore new destinations far and wide without having to spend much on stopovers at hotels. Thus, it is important to ensure that your RV is always in its best condition to ensure that you will avoid mishaps along the way.

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As much as possible, provide extra protection for your vehicle, such as using tire covers. However, you must ensure that the tire covers you purchase are of high-quality to get the most out of your money’s worth. In the end, the effort you put in to maintain your vehicle will all be worth it.