Motorcycle enthusiasts know that motorcycle boots are a necessity during their rides. Motorcycle boots protect the feet and ankles from unwanted bruises and scrapes and reduce the impact during untoward falls and slides. Furthermore, they add control and support to the ankle for a safer and more comfortable riding experience.

Motorcycle riders know that finding the perfect pair of boots is a struggle despite all these advantages. There are a lot of factors to consider – including the correct sizing, preferred style, the motorcycle you are riding, and how you ride your bike. But, women motorcycle riders have it a little more challenging to find the most suitable pair.

Women’s heights tend to be shorter than men’s, making their riding posture and riding more uncomfortable when handling big bikes. Thus, finding boots tailored to their comfort and riding style can be more taxing. But, this hindrance never stopped women from enjoying their riding hobby.

You just have to know your ways and how-tos in finding the best pair of women’s motorcycle boots.

This article has detailed below how women size and choose motorcycle boots.

1. Choose according to style


Motorcycle riders wear boots for comfort and added ankle support. But, boots should not be bulky and outlandish. Women do not have to sacrifice their outfit-of-the-days to compromise for a comfortable boot. Likewise, women do not prioritize design over functionality but instead, find a balance between two aspects, for more details check Pandamoto’s website.

Shoe manufacturers are now pumping out more designs of the same model to cater to the multitude of preferences of motorcycle riders to balance out the demand for protection and style. Thus, riders have many more options to choose from if they search enough.

Women usually pair leather boots with their leather jackets. They also pick boots with accents such as red stripes or flame graphics to pair with the designs of their motorcycles. By doing so, they ride with both safety and style.

There are riding boots that ought to be worn out in the wilds. Boots carved on brown leather have a steel toe, and snug ankle support shouts adventure when you are off into the greens of the countryside. Wear your plaid shirt under your armored jacket to still rock that cowboy look while on top of your bike.

City riding should go just as well with black leather boots. Gear it up with leather pants and a tucked-in white shirt under your leather jacket for a serious yet sleek city rider getup. Whatever style you ought to don, there will surely be the perfect boots.

2. Finding the perfect fit


Even though you own the most trendy and stylish boots on the market, they would not be as essential and ground-breaking if they do not fit you well. An unfit show will only provide you with more discomfort, lessen ankle control, and even scar your feet in adverse cases. Thus, it is wiser to find the perfect boot that fits you snuggly than settle for a boot just for its style.

As motorcycle boots tend to have a more rigid material, we advise riders to size up. Longer trips will also cause your feet to swell, requiring more room in your boots. Also, provide space for socks for cold winter seasons and your feet to breathe during warm seasons.

Most riders have a pair of boots kept for the winter season and another for the warmer months. Having different pairs will spare your shoes from wearing too quickly, especially when you are often on the road.

Especially for short women, the height of your heel should also reach the shifter and should allow you to control it comfortably. We also advise that you make the extra effort to fit boots on-site to get a more hands-on grasp and decision.

3. Picking Boot Materials


There are a lot of different materials of boots available in the market, such as leather or plastic. But, you may choose according to your style and preference.

We recommend choosing boots made out of leather. Although they are hard to break in due to their rigidity, they are more durable for longer rides and would have a longer closet life.

These pairs are designed to protect your feet and ankle area, avoiding serious injuries in the event of an accident. But, if you prioritize comfort and are only in it for short rides, boots made of wool or plastic are softer and would provide more comfort. You can have these pairs if you do not have a long ride.

Remember that in choosing a pair, you also need to consider the type of ride you have to determine the amount of protection you need. Accidents happen, and women need safety gear on the road as much as men do. Wearing boots with appropriate and sturdy materials is the most advised among riders.

Key Takeaways

Motorcycle boots are essential for protection, comfort, and added support. But, finding the most suitable pair of boots for the rider, type of ride, and motorcycle can be challenging. Women usually have a shorter height than men, and they face an added hindrance to finding the perfect boots.

The tips in this guide are the basic things you should know. Read more about sizing and choosing motorcycle boots for women to understand what you need. Visiting shops and talking to the sales guy will also help you select the proper boots. Fit them and walk them around first before deciding to buy. Women face these struggles more often than men.

But, it does not mean that riding is not for women. Women just have to know how to size and choose their motorcycle boots, such as style, fit, and materials. Consider protection more over the design and style. Learn more about the materials used and identify the frequency and the length of your rides so you would know the amount of protection you need. Once comfortable and functional, riding is for everyone to enjoy.