Although it has been months since the coronavirus outbreak was first reported, thousands of new cases are still being reported daily. Due to this reason, everyone’s routines are still hampered and there are plenty of new dos and don’ts to follow.

One of these usual activities is going out. Most countries have imposed restrictions limiting the movement of residents, whether for work, business, wellness, and other personal reasons. Going to the supermarket or going for a run in the nearest park have been temporarily discouraged or prohibited as well.

Because of this, car owners have experienced changes in their routines and lifestyle, too. Aside from not being able to take their vehicle for a spin whenever they want to, they have to double up their efforts to clean and sanitize these after driving them.

The specialists at DT Service Centre in Dubai also say that vehicle owners have to step up in maintaining their cars if their mechanics are temporarily unavailable.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle During a Pandemic

The coronavirus, which has already claimed thousands of lives, can spread through droplets and surface transmission.

When you go out, you run the risk of getting the virus, especially if you don’t follow the important hygiene protocols such as washing your hands thoroughly, using a hand sanitizer frequently, and observing physical distancing.

If you don’t keep your hands clean and you happen to pick up the virus, when you touch the door handle of your car, you leave traces of the virus on this surface. If you don’t disinfect this spot, you will put yourself and others who lay a hand on it at a higher risk of getting sick.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop here. A poorly maintained car is a carrier of dust and grime — substances that viruses love clinging to. As such, you can further spread the disease and put more people at risk if you don’t clean and sanitize your vehicle thoroughly, especially after taking it out for a drive.

Tips for Keeping a Vehicle Clean and Safe

Below are some helpful tips for keeping a car clean, virus-free, and road-safe during the pandemic:

Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

Since the coronavirus and other viruses spread through surface transmission, you can lower the chances of your vehicle becoming a carrier by disinfecting it regularly, particularly after using it.

Whenever you step inside your car, wipe the steering wheel, gearshift, and other knobs, buttons, switches, and features that you usually touch when you drive with a disinfectant wipe. Once done, rub your hands with sanitizer or alcohol.

Once home and you’re ready to give your car a more thorough cleaning, prepare a solution of warm water and laundry detergent. Wet a microfiber cloth and wipe the steering wheel, gearshift, seats, radio buttons or knobs, touchscreens, cup holders, and front console panels.

Wipe the exterior and interior door handles, the rearview mirror, and key fob as well. If you’re up to it, give the body of your vehicle a thorough wash.

Vacuum your vehicle

To prevent your car from collecting dust particles and minimize the likelihood that it will carry germs and viruses, you have to vacuum it regularly, too.

Make sure you have all the accessories you need to vacuum your vehicle properly. These should include different wands, a bendable hose, dusting brushes, and a crevice tool.

Start by using the original attachment to pick up the obvious large debris and dirt. Next, use the brush accessories to dislodge dust and smaller muck. And to clean hard-to-reach areas, attach the crevice tool.

Ensure you run the vacuum cleaner over the vehicle’s carpet, upholstery, and all surfaces inside to get rid of all dirt and debris.

Keep cleaning and sanitizing essentials in your vehicle

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted everyone to always bring a hand sanitizer or small bottle of rubbing alcohol, wet wipes, and a pack of tissue in their bags. In the current situation, you should also keep these items in your vehicle.

Sanitary wipes are great for wiping down surfaces while you are still out and unable to give them a thorough cleaning. If you don’t have any wet wipes, you can wet tissues with rubbing alcohol or sanitizer to wipe high-touch surfaces.

You also need these items to clean and disinfect your hands after climbing in the car after grocery shopping or pumping gas.

Bring your vehicle to a service center for a more thorough disinfection

Although you can give your car a proper cleaning, if you want your ride to be fully sanitized, opt to bring it to experts who can do it professionally.

A service center cleaning team will wear gloves as they work. They will disinfect all high-touch areas and other spots that are hard to reach and clean. From your keys to the dashboard and doors and mirrors, the staff will ensure that everything you can and can’t touch is sanitized.

Another key feature an automotive service cleaning team can handle properly is your car’s HVAC system. This HVAC unit warms, cools, and circulates air in the vehicle cabin. Because of its function, it may carry and spread viruses inside your ride.

Trained automotive cleaning teams can deep-clean your vehicle’s HVAC system, including the air filter. When all parts are properly disinfected, you can be sure the air circulating inside your car is safe to breathe and germ-free.

Keep up with your car’s maintenance requirements

Finally, it may take a while before you can use your car again daily. As such, you have to maintain it properly while it is idle.

Make sure you fill up the tank to prevent moisture from building up. Consider adding fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel lines and engine from corroding, too.

Also, start your car at least once or twice a week to protect the battery. When doing this, check if the engine is working properly by getting it up to full operating temperature before shutting it back down.

If your car sits in one spot for a long period, you may likely get a flat. To avoid this, inflate the tire and add an extra 10 PSI to the tire pressure and remove it before you take out your vehicle.

You can also have your car checked and maintained by professionals from your service center when you bring it for cleaning and disinfecting. By doing so, you can be sure that your vehicle is not only virus-free but road-worthy as well.

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