The term that we use to describe the maximum distance covered by the electric bike is its “range”. So whatever term you use, your aim is to find out the maximum distance that a bike can travel on one charge. This is one of the most important aspects to look at before buying it. The reason is that you might have to go to the market and what if the bike went blank on the way back? You will have your heavy baggage with you and the bike will also not work.

But here is the good thing for you.

The longest range of an electric bike on a single charge is 350 to 400 km. Of course, this is not for all bikes, this is the one with the best features.

Apart from being ideal, such a bike will have a higher price. So if you are looking for something that won’t cost you much, you should consider the one with less range. Or there is another thing that you can do. If you already have a bike, you can electrify it.

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Distance range in e-bikes


We cannot precisely tell the exact distance that a bike can travel because it depends on some factors. However, the most precise rage that we have is:

The best one

As we have mentioned above, the best range that you will get in e-bikes is 350 to 400 km. However, such a bike will be much more expensive. So you will pay for it.

Standard bikes

Standard electric bikes have a range of 100 to 150 km. This is also quite a good range considering the excessive use of petroleum products. Because with such an innovative drive, you won’t be playing your role in creating pollution. Furthermore, you will save money (as petroleum products have gotten quite expensive after the pandemic).

A city bike

Simple city electric bikes are rather simple and offer only 50 to 60 km of range. So you will have three options to choose from. Make sure to make the decision according to your needs. You better know what you need and for what purpose you need the bike.

What affects the range of an e-bike?


When you purchase an e-bike, it will come in a box and all the necessary information will be written on it. So of course, the distance range will also be there. However, despite the provided range, your e-bike might go down in its power because of some other factors. So let’s have a look at them.

1 – Your pedaling speed

If you are pedaling too hard or going at a very slow or fast speed, the provided distance will change. So if you are riding the bike at a high speed, the range might decrease and the battery will go down.

2 – Level of assistance

If you are using any level of assistance, it will also affect the battery timing significantly.

3 – The weight on the bike

Although it might sound irrelevant to you, the weight significantly affects the battery timing of your e-bike. So you have to check your weight and also the weight that you are putting on it. This will affect the battery timing to some extent.

4 – Number of times you start your bike

When you start an e-bike or a regular bike, it consumes more power. Therefore, if you are riding a bike on a straight road for 30 minutes, it will not consume as much power as when you stop it after every 5 minutes and start it again. So if you are going to stop it, again and again, the battery will go down very quickly.

5 – Varying terrains

If you are living somewhere with rough terrain, battery consumption will increase. Your e-bike will consume more power when there are continuous hills and steeps. This is because the bike will need more power to ride up the hill. Likewise, the speed will also change depending on the hill and steepness.


6 – Pressure of the tires

Pressure should always be at its best. Because if there is less pressure in the tires, the ride won’t be smooth. Furthermore, the battery will suffer more because it will be providing more power. So make sure to maintain it.

7 – The type of battery

This is the most important thing to consider. If you are using the best quality battery, of course, you will be able to travel a longer distance. A powerful battery will be able to bear more load and pressure. Likewise, it will be able to provide you with a longer range.

8 – The type of motor

Apart from the battery, the motor of your bike should be of good quality. There are heavy motors and a heavy battery that provide the best performance and greater quality. So you should never compromise on this factor.

9 – The weather

Sounds silly, right? Actually, it is not. Although it might seem like the impact of weather will be very insignificant, it actually affects 15 percent of your battery power.

So if the weather is sunny and nice, your bike will travel 15 percent more distance than raining and cold weather. So make sure to make maximum use of your bike during sunny days. And on rainy days, you won’t be going out on a bike, right? There will be other options for rainy days.