In Thailand’s mountainous northwest and central regions, where single-lane roads hug the rolling terrain and pass past hill tribal settlements and their long-forgotten ways of life, bikers from all over the world have come to appreciate the beauty for themselves. Thailand is known to have good places for bikers to have a good time and enjoy the locations.

Further in this article, we will talk about some of the essential and highly adventurous routes that can take less than a week. You should be well aware of it so you can organize your trip accordingly.

Some Of The Motorcycle Routes In Thailand That Take Less Than A Week:

Let’s check out some of the best motorcycle routes in Thailand that take less than a week and help you to have a memorable vacation. You must scroll down to learn more about it in detail. You will be able to prepare for it well in advance and also have a budget trip. If you want to know about motorcycle tours Thailand, you can get more comprehensive knowledge from and plan your trip accordingly.

1. Looping Golden Triangle:


The border region between Burma, Laos, and Thailand is represented by the “golden triangle,” historically well-known for its growing opium. It is a beautiful site, and usually, it attracts many tourists from around the globe. It is a beautiful attraction, and the bikers usually take that route because of the vibes it gives.

From the cultural haven of Chiang Mai, the tour takes you there in an exhilarating loop before returning to the capital of the north via Chiang Rai and Phayao through the “country of a hundred thousand rice fields.” The tour ensures you complete the journey within 3-4 days. Most of the route is flat, but a few mild climbs take you through the stunning, untamed scenery. You can see the scenic beauty and get a good view of how the outskirts look.

This journey is remembered thanks to the beautiful, low-traffic roads, the wild and picturesque surroundings, and the mountainous terrain. Not so much traffic can make it hard for you to have a good trip and have the best time of your life with the incredible scenic beauty.

2. Coastlines Of The Gulf Of Thailand:


This journey will take you through picturesque scenery and tranquil shorelines, as well as along the Gulf of Thailand. Many tourists visit Thailand for its nature, flora, and fauna. This is what mesmerizes them. When you look at the route, you will see many new and astonishing sites which do not take long enough. You’ll pass through busy urban areas and tranquil Thai villages along the route. You travel by boat to the unique Koh Chang “Elephant Islands”.

You might feel there will be a lot of traffic, but that isn’t true. They take less time, and also they cover the area at

Koh Chang island is a peninsula lost in time that hasn’t witnessed any modern development. It is considered a good site, but somewhere it might be a little problematic for the bikers. Its biggest attraction is its dense rainforest, breathtaking vistas, and mesmerizing waterfalls. Riding a Big Bike in Koh Chang can help you unwind and rejuvenate. When you look at the location, you will realize how pretty it is.

3. Kanchanaburi’s Backwaters:


The region is most known for its famous River Kwai bridge and its magnificent waterfalls. Many bikers recommend this route as they can easily see the bridge, which covers it for almost a week. But there is so much more to this immense mountainous region than that. This magnificent tropical jungle wilderness bordering Myanmar is breathtaking to behold. The whole route can be a little problematic for bike riders, but it will be quite straightforward if you are well-prepared and know how to cover the route. This region of Thailand has served as the backdrop for countless Hollywood films for a good reason, thanks to its flooded lowland valleys and breathtaking mountain backdrops. It’s simply breathtaking.

This trip to central Thailand includes the historical and natural attractions of Kanchanaburi, which then takes you around the lovely Sri Nakarin reservoir, to caves and waterfalls, and ends with a vibrant floating market. If you are planning to enjoy the view along with covering the areas, then you can take this route, as it might make it easier for you. This tour is ideal for enjoying sightseeing and real Thai culture. You can learn about their specialties.

4. The Nan Loop:


The Nan Loop departs from Chiang Mai and travels through one of the world’s top ten bicycling routes, Highway 1148, and passes through some of Thailand’s most breathtaking mountain scenery on its way to Nan. When you approach a tour guide company, it might not be easy for you to plan out the whole thing with minimum cost. You can easily rely on a good company, and if you are searching for one such company, you can rely on and know more about all the routes and sites in detail.

Before arriving in the lakeside town of Phayao, which is worth a day or two to tour its temples, the most impressive of which is Wat Analayo, you will travel by the Than Tong Waterfall and the Mae Kachan hot spring. You will know more about the geographical locations in detail when you approach a good company as they are experts and have experience. Also, if you plan to take this route, you might see Phu Lang Kha National Park in the province of Phayao.

5. Mae Hong Son Loopz:


Thailand’s most well-known road journey takes travelers through the Mae Hong Son province’s cooler and beautiful highland region. The major tourist city of Chiang Mai serves as the departure point for this winding journey. This is considered to be a go-to route.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to go to Thailand by motorbike and want to explore in less than a week, then consider all these things. It will help you in the future and ensure you can have the best days of your life.