If you have participated in numerous Hollywood blockbusters, for a few decades in a row, as Harrison Ford did, it should be no surprise that you have a certain amount of wealth on your bank accounts. Harrison Ford appeared in a high number of blockbusters during his career, that lasts for more than a couple of decades.

Many of them are considered classic and some are considered to be cult classics. Harrison Ford`s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million. That surely offers him the opportunity to play way tougher than he works. And he works a lot, even in his seventy-six years.

Today, he makes a couple of millions of dollars from every movie that he appears in, but at the beginning, his rising to the top wasn`t so easy. He started several times that at the beginning of his career he had a contract that had a worth of $150 per week. Quickly, he learned that the studios are not showing the respect to actors that work for so little money. Since he started to make serious money from acting, Harrison started to buy some toys. He owns a certain number of airplanes, motorcycles, motorbikes, and cars. In this article, we are going to focus on bikes that he owns in his private collection.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

As we said, Harrison Ford is a big fan of motorbikes. He has an impressive collection of them in his home. However, he is probably most proud of his Harley Davidson.

This is one of the most popular motorbikes of all time, and surely, serves as a symbol of one time. Harrison Ford was seen on the set driving Harleys, but he is a fan long before he started to drive them in the movies.

Triumph Daytona

We are pretty sure that Mr. Ford is driving his Triumph Daytona when he decides that he wants to feel some high-quality performances from his machines. This bike is a capable one. It can produce blazing speed, and Harrison Ford is not someone who is afraid to push the boundaries to the far limits.

As we know, he is famous for driving airplanes, so it is no surprise that he likes to get on a bike only with a shirt and a helmet. He constantly continues to prove that age is just a number and that it doesn`t mean almost anything in life.


Mr. Ford stated that his BMW R1200GS is one of his favorite bikes he owns. It features a fuel tank with big capacity and has a long travel suspension. Also, it has a two-cylinder engine that has four valves per one cylinder. Since it was released into the market in 2012, it became the best and fastest selling model of all the BMW`s models.

It can develop up to 109 horsepower, that is resulting into the top speed of one hundred and thrithy-one mph. It is good to know that, an actor, Ewan McGregor choose this one for his trip around the world, he chose this model. This is the ultimate proof of how good this vehicle is.


If you are a person that loves motorbikes, you shouldn`t miss the opportunity to acquire a product of the United Kingdom`s biggest manufacturer, Triumph Motorcycles. This company gained a lot of recognition because of its long and successful tradition in making motorcycles, and because of the records that they are holding in terms of sales per year.

For example, from June 2016 to June 2017, they sold over 60k vehicles. Just imagine how big that is. Besides motorbikes, they are becoming a big competitor in the motorcycle industry. It is no surprise that a person such as Harrison Ford has one of these in his collection.


BMW`s model GS in one of the most popular products of its company. The company makes it since the eighties, and it continues to be popular up to today. Also, BMW is a company known for very reliable vehicles, and that they are doing a job equally as well with its motorbikes.

One of the best-known things that can separate GS from the other motorbikes is its large front wheels, an upright riding position, and its long travel suspension. Plus, it is very popular because of the design that makes it one of the easiest accessible motorbikes in the market.