When it comes to luxury automotive makers, they are usually making only limited series of vehicles for a small number of enthusiasts, which are wealthy enough. Ecosse Moto Works is one of these companies.

Recently, they became very popular after they released their Night Stalker. The Ecosse`s product Night Stalker is a dark, elegant and expensive vehicle.

With the chassis made of titanium, the Night Stalker is surprisingly lightweight. It features brakes, pins, and headers that are made of titanium, like the chassis. Like its name is saying, Night Stalker comes only in black color.

As you probably presume, making this bike was definitely not an easy job. There were too many details that needed the attention of designers and manufacturers. If we would start to name all the features of this bike, this article would be much longer than it is.

It looks almost like a military product. The customers of this machine will be provided with Kevlar helmet and carbon-fiber airborne solutions, which was made for pilots. Plus, you will get a titanium-made wristwatch.

In order to acquire this, you would need to get about $270k. The enthusiasts are just grabbing machines like these when they become available on the market.