Proper maintenance is essential if you own RZR. Heading to off-road adventures more often will require you to pay more attention to different parts. While there are things where you must have some skills and experience in mechanics, there are also simple ones that you can deal with on your own, such as the oil change. 

Like with any other type of vehicle, the main reason why you should change oil from time to time is to keep the engine lubricated. Also, it can become full of dirt and debris, which will make it less efficient. Besides that, you must choose the right option for a specific engine. If you want to buy Polaris rzr oil, check out

How to Make the Right Choice?


The most common misconception is that the selection is not that important. However, keep in mind that using any type is not the best decision, especially if you are planning to use the standard one that is made for cars. 

Car oils cannot provide the same level of protection from friction as specialized products. The mechanics are not the same, and most quads have automatic transmission and wet clutch where both systems use the same oil. On the other hand, you should avoid this solution even when the transmission is separated. 

In case you cannot find the specialized oil in a local store, there are some alternatives that can serve properly. Those options have the label JASO MA or MA 2, and they are made for bikes that have similar features as RZR, such as the wet clutch. 

If you cannot do this one as well, deciding to out a car oil is still a worse decision you can make. That is simply because it won’t keep the engine running in the right way, especially when you are driving off-road. The RZR engine needs more protection and higher viscosity to prevent overheating and secure proper features in different conditions. 

What Are the Best Options?


There is a wide selection of brands specialized in providing the right products that will keep your quad in perfect condition. Before you make a choice, you should pay attention to some important factors like the frequency of driving, how aggressive your style is, whether you are driving in hot or cold weather and more. 

If you are looking for a perfect all-around combo, you should choose the 1000 XP OEM kit. The main reason is that this package will also provide some other types of oil that will keep your RZR in the right state all the time. For instance, besides the engine oil, you will also get the one for differentials and transmission. There are also oils for brakes and other systems included. Therefore, it represents a full package. The best part is that you will also get the additional air filter and a couple of spark plugs in the package. 

Moreover, if you are looking only for synthetic oil, and you don’t need other products that are usually included, Extreme Duty 4 is one of the best decisions you can make. It is designed especially for the aggressive driving style and has the right viscosity and other features that your ATV needs. 

The additives in these oils are also very important since they can prevent damage, wear of parts, and oxidation. In that matter, you should choose the right formula, like the Polaris Full Kit. The right viscosity of these engines is 5W-50 because it can protect the engine at both low and high temperatures, and prevent the engine from overheating. 

We already mentioned the XP 1000. According to many drivers, this is one of the best products you can get. If you are not looking for a whole kit, there is also a single package available, with just the right amount of oil for a single change. That is especially convenient for beginners who are not sure about the amount and frequency of change. 

Other Important Details


If you are a beginner, chances are great that you are not sure about the right amount of oil to use when changing it. However, learning more about that is quite simple. You can use a manual of your RZR, or look for it online. 

There are many other valuable details that you will find if you check the specifications of the model you are driving. That will help you find the right oils for other parts like the brakes and transmission, but it is also essential when you want to replace some parts. 

On the other side, if you cannot handle the information and you are still not sure about the right option, the best solution is to contact a mechanic specializes in ATVs. This person will make sure to secure the right maintenance. You can keep using this as a solution until you learn more about it and become capable of taking proper care of your quad. 

Another important part is to pay attention to the condition of different parts and replace them on time. For example, the oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, and many other components. A lot of them will lose their features over time. For example, the average time when you should replace the air filter on an ATV is only 50 hours, which is quite different when compared to cars. The same is true for the oil filter, which is commonly replaced after 100 hours of driving. 

The Bottom Line

Paying more attention to different parts and proper maintenance is crucial for keeping your RZR in a good state. It may remain functional with an old oil for a longer time than specified, you are risking serious malfunctions with that. 

Therefore, learn more about the specs and requirements of the engine, and make sure to always have the right kit at your home so that you can always replace the oil before heading to some off-road adventure. That will save you more money in the long term since you will avoid more expensive repairs.