Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and liberating experience for riders of all ages and backgrounds. Transporting your bike to a distant location, however, can sometimes feel like quite the chore. While some owners complain about the tediousness of the shipping process, working with the right motorcycle transportation company can simplify things in a big way.

If you’re planning on transporting your bike in the near future, there are several tips and tricks you can tuck into your back pocket that’ll make the recruiting, booking, and delivery process run as smoothly as possible. Remember, the insider knowledge a company like Guardian auto transport can provide will be infinitely helpful in the transporting process.

Don’t settle for a company that fails to maintain communication with their customers or ineffectively manages their time. Solicit recommendations on social media forums or contact your loved ones for suggestions on shipping providers in your area.

1. Work with the best professionals in the industry


It’s critical to hire professionals with the credentials and experience necessary to oversee the motorcycle shipping process successfully. As a general rule of thumb, look for companies with seemingly countless glowing reviews on Internet forums. For customer satisfaction guaranteed, scout out a company equipped with a comprehensive insurance policy. Remember, it isn’t unheard of for bikes to sustain damage during the transportation process. You can find more details on

2. Request quotes from your top contenders


There are many precautions you can take to ensure you handpick a reputable motorcycle transportation company dedicated to the safety and well-being of your high-ticket investment. It’s always wise to take your budget into consideration during the research phase of the shipment process. Unfortunately, overspending one the auto transportation may force you to cut spending in other areas of your big move, renovation costs, decor, etc.

The last thing you want to do is pay too much to transport your bike. You’ve already invested enough money into your prized possession. To find the most reliable shipping provider, conduct a quick Internet search for auto transport companies to accommodate your budget restrictions. Ask for numerous quotes, and always factor transportation expenses into your final total.

Think about the specific type of service that you want, as well. Some people are interested in crating while other vehicle owners expect an upfront promise, stating that your motorcycle will arrive directly at your doorstep.

3. Consider equipment choices at length


Picking an auto transport company staffed by qualified professionals isn’t the only critical task. It’s equally vital to hire a company that utilizes the appropriate equipment to complete day-to-day tasks and process customer orders.

Reputable companies use lift gates to simplify loading and unloading processes. These gates can make pickup go off without a hitch. With an experienced team of experts at your side, you won’t experience unforeseen delays that can cost you precious financial resources. Generally speaking, certified professionals don’t usually rely on pallets or crates, either. Unbeknownst to most motorcycle owners, crates and pallets can significantly increase your total costs.

4. Select a carrier rather than a broker


Experts recommend opting for a carrier over a broker to transport your bike. Why exactly is a carrier? For starters, these professionals differ immensely from brokers as they manage motorcycle delivery from doorstep to doorstep, with no exceptions. If you want the process to run effortlessly, a carrier’s expertise is precisely the thing you’re missing.

5. Know that enclosed and open shipping yield different benefits


These days, motorcycle owners can pick between several distinct motorcycle transportation techniques. Any motorcyclist can opt for open-carrier transportation or enclosed transportation upon hiring their desired auto transport company. Open transport is relatively self-explanatory, as this method of shipping requires a team of transporting experts to load a bike onto an open-air trailer.

In most cases, open-air transportation will be the most budget-friendly option available. Unlike open-air transportation, enclosed transportation is rather costly. If you choose a company that offers enclosed transportation as an option, the company’s representatives will safely position your motorcycle inside of an individual trailer. Once loaded, a team of experts will wrap ties around the bike to stabilize it in place. This step ensures your motorcycle doesn’t topple over in the event of a sudden stop, sharp turn, or roadside accident.

While some motorcyclists may cringe at the proposition of strangers pulling and tugging at their prized possession, these ties won’t damage your vehicle in the slightest.

One of the most notable benefits of enclosed transporting is the added layer of protection it offers. With a secure trailer, large hailstones, rocks, airborne branches, or harsh rain won’t be able to wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint job. With enclosed shipping, your motorcycle will arrive in the same condition as drop-off.

6. Prepare your bike for shipment


It’s crucial to prepare your motorcycle according to the prescribed list of steps before shipping it. Wipe your bike down carefully to remove any dirt or debris. Don’t neglect to wipe the wheel during this process. While polishing your motorcycle may seem unnecessary, dirt can cover up minor imperfections. By rinsing your bike exterior, you can spot any scrapes or imperfections.

If you happen to see any dents or dings during your self-conducted inspection, you’ll need to record these damages beforehand and relay this information to your transporting provider. Before shipment, be sure to check your tire pressure, fluids, and battery status.

If you notice anything that might be loose, tighten it without delay. You should also turn off any alarm that may be on to prevent future inconveniences.

7. Consider investing in extra insurance


The vast majority of shipping providers offer a baseline of insurance coverage. For a higher degree of coverage, you’ll need to inquire about additional plans when speaking with a company representative.

Unfortunately, the insurance coverage built into your shipping costs may not suffice. If your motorcycle is totaled in an accident, the auto transport company’s insurance provider won’t cover the entire cost of your bike. If you own a bike that you cherish, investing in a more comprehensive insurance plan may be a good idea.

8. Take care of scheduling matters


Proper scheduling and good time management can go a long way. Before hiring a shipping provider, you should think about your motorcycle’s final destination. Shipping a bike across the United States usually requires approximately five days.

With this estimated travel time in mind, it may be wise to create a three-day buffer between your desired drop-off date and the date you officially need your motorcycle.This extra allowance may be able to make up for frustrating delays and ensure your provider doesn’t exceed its deadline.

9. Try speeding things up


Carriers often schedule appointments with customers as a means of collecting bike prior to shipment. If you’re interested in expediting the transporting process, it may be possible for you to visit the shipping facility in-person. This option may be preferable for customers who don’t want to spend time waiting around for their carrier to arrive.

10. Remember that you need to take the keys


It’s critical to note that a shipping company won’t need to be in possession of your keys for any reason. If a shipping provider insists that you hand over your keys, reassess your decision and question the transporters’ intentions.

To safeguard your motorcycle from theft, you should make a point to take the keys with you before you head to your destination. If you fail to do so, you won’t be able to access and use your bike when all is said and done, which can squander a significant amount of your precious time.

If you don’t want to risk taking the keys with you and losing them in transit, that’s fine as well. You can always opt to transport them to the third party who’s agreed to receive and sign-off on the delivery. If you aren’t planning on being physically present at the delivery, you’ll want to make arrangements with your proxy.


Don’t enter the motorcycle transporting process blindly. By intensively researching shipping providers located nearby, you can avoid annoying and costly mishaps.