Ignorance kills. This statement is not a mere cliché. It serves as a warning to motorists and all the drivers out there. Do you want to be spared from the dangers of a motorcycle accident? Make sure you’ve equipped yourself not just with safety gear but as well as all the knowledge you need to become a well-informed driver.

If you love to go around San Diego using your motorcycle, better gear up for safety, and muster your safe driving skills. San Diego has one of the most dangerous intersections across California. It is located along Pala Mission Road which is situated just near State Route 76. Not to mention the fact that San Diego is home to many local attractions which generate a lot of road traffic from pedestrians and drivers.

So, how do you make yourself and your motorcycle safe while on the road? The following tips will prove to be helpful.

1. Wear your safety gear

Wearing safety gear will make you feel comfortable while riding. Safety gears such as full-face helmets, motorcycle elbow pads, and knee pads can protect you from injury. It can also save your life when encountering a very dangerous impact. Don’t forget to wear your safety jacket and reflective vest with bright colors. This will allow other drivers to see you clearly, especially during night time.

2. Make sure you and your motorcycle are highly visible

Keep in mind that your motorcycle is smaller compared to other vehicles on the road. This makes it not easy to see, especially when the vehicle in front of you is a huge truck that has several blind spots. According to the motorcycle accident attorneys at, many drivers admitted that their failure to see other vehicles or motorists on the road is one common reason why an accident occurs.

So, it would be wise to do your best to increase your visibility. You may use a high beam during the day as it is more conspicuous than the low beam. A low beam tends to jive with the brightness of the day. During day time, it is best to wear a black jacket. However, during the night time, it is best to wear bright-colored clothing than black.

3. Avoid bad weather

You should always be cautious when riding during windy days, wet weather, or whatever kind of day that nature tends to test your capability to stay on the road. However, the best way to keep yourself safe is to prevent all of these in the first place. If you are not in a hurry, you may want to wait until the weather calms itself rather than get yourself stuck in a difficult situation. Ride safe and stay comfortable.

4. Make yourself alert all the time

As a responsible motorist, you should always be alert. Be ready for a sudden swerve or lane changes, especially if you encounter irresponsible drivers. Be watchful of railroad tracks, potholes, sand patches, and other hazards on the roads including careless motorcyclists. Being alert for anything that could possibly happen in front and on the sides is not enough. You should also consider the possibility of getting rear-ended by careless drivers behind you.

However, if after adhering to all the safety tips while driving, you still find yourself involved in a road accident, immediately call 911. Call the police if you want to file a police report. Moreover, do not hesitate to call a motorcycle accident lawyer if you think the damage is serious enough.