If you are used to be bored in traffic, then you should replace the waste of time with really useful things.

For most cities, traffic jams have long become commonplace, and this applies not only to megacities. You can spend time in traffic in completely different ways, both useful and not so. We decided to figure out how to spend those hours productively.

1. Stock up on audiobooks and educational content


Many people find it much more pleasant to listen to their favorite music, however, to take something useful out of each traffic jam, it will not be superfluous to make friends with audiobooks, language courses, and educational platforms. Replace radio with interesting literature, podcasts, and everyday traffic jams will be very helpful.

2. Important calls

In a “dead” traffic jam, a smartphone comes to the rescue of many, but people use it most often for the Internet. At the same time, you can make a lot of important calls, especially when it comes to working. Also, you can simply call parents with whom you have not communicated for a long time. According to if you need to make sure that you are on a call while driving, it is much safer to use a hands-free device.

3. Physical exercises


This is not about getting out of the car, stretching and waving your arms in front of the whole traffic jam. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of exercises that can be done right behind the wheel, of course, if the traffic jam is completely “dead”. For example, small ball exercises, as well as many options to stretch your neck and back muscles well. This can include a small massage.

Remember not to overwork any parts of your body because you shouldn’t feel tired when driving by any means. It’s important to be warmed up because your body performs better that way, and your reflexes will be better as well. When you do a certain exercise, one for your neck, for example, do it enough but not too much, because doing it too much would tire that part of your body, and then it will be difficult to drive.

4. Make a plan for the day

If the traffic jam is in the morning, then an excellent solution would be to draw up a detailed plan for the whole day. This will save time in the future, and will also help you to do important things during the day in a systematic way without unnecessary fuss. Also, you can prepare for an important meeting and finalize your speech.

Be sure not to get way too caught up in your schedule creation because you still need to have your eyes on the road, despite the traffic being a bit slower than usual.

5. Tidy up your salon


It is clear that there is no way to get to the rear seats or the trunk in this situation, but it is quite possible to arrange a little cleaning at arm’s length. Collect trash from all sorts of crevices and put everything in a bag to throw away later. Remove all unnecessary from the glove compartment, wipe the front of the cabin with a damp cloth.

You’d be surprised to know how much of a difference it makes to simply remove all of the small, unrequired things in your car, everything will feel a lot “spacier” and better.

6. Relax and sing

Singing is a good way to relieve stress, even if you don’t know how to do it. In addition to the fact that the time in a traffic jam will fly by so much faster, you can relax and forget about everyday problems. Singing can also at least improve your mood.

If the traffic is stressful and things are going very slow, singing will make time pass a lot easier. Just load up your favorite playlist either from a CD, an AUX Cord cable, or a platform such as Spotify or Deezer. You’ll be surprised when you see how much of a difference in your mood singing will make.

7. Get creative


If the flow is not moving at all, then it’s time to unleash your creativity. Pen and paper will be enough for this. Then it all depends on your imagination: compose poetry, draw or something else. You can just brainstorm and jot down all your creative ideas.

Also, planning your day is a great idea, just write down all of your chores to cross them off the list later on as you complete them.

8. Cinema in the car

When the road is closed or some movements occur at intervals of several minutes, you can immerse yourself in the world of cinema. Perhaps you have long wanted to see a movie. This can be done from both a phone and a tablet.

Attaching a tablet or a smartphone with a larger screen can be a great solution for those who enjoy watching movies and TV shows no matter where they are. However, make sure that you’re doing this only when the traffic is completely “dead”, or you’re stuck at a border for example. Otherwise, it is way too dangerous, and we don’t recommend it by any means. Keep in mind that safety should always be in the first place when you’re in the vehicle.

9. Make new acquaintances


It’s no secret that useful connections are very important in our life. If you have no problems with communication skills, then just chat with your neighbors in traffic. They can turn out to be very interesting people, and possibly future business or hobby partners.

10. Notes for girls

You can often see when a girl starts to put on makeup or tint her lips at a traffic light. A blind plug is a great reason to do it in full. Still, it is better to do this in a huge traffic jam than at a traffic light or even on the move.

This is a great way to be effective and save time, but you should never let this activity compromise your driving abilities. If you ever end up in an accident while doing something like this, the witnesses will say that you were paying attention to something else instead of driving, and that will get you in even more trouble.