Bike saddles are well-known pieces of equipment that are a must for every bike owner. Saddles make riding possible and without them, the rider would very likely keep their bike at home for it is essentially useless.

There are saddles for different types of bikes and also for different kinds of biking purposes. It can be a daunting task looking for the perfect saddle given that there are so many kinds of saddles and they all have their distinguishing features which manufacturers are using to try to sell and market their wares.

Some of this information might be contradicting, and some might be just plain false. It is the purpose of the buyer to sift through all the chaff to find true gems. This guideline is presented as a form of help in that direction.

Different kinds of saddles are reviewed, and their properties looked into to provide the user with an opinion on the best in the market.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Road Bike Saddles

The following is a collection of five important factors to consider before buying your saddle.


Women and men differ markedly like their bodies. When it comes to saddles, these differences play a huge role in the making of the devices. Some saddles are made to suit female riders while others are made for male riders.

It is important as you are going out to look for a saddle to keep all this in mind. Choosing a female saddle for a male rider would be a disastrous thing indeed.

Fitting Ease

Another important factor to consider is fitting ease. The way a saddle is made determines how it will be fitted onto the bike. For fitting to be easy, the saddle must have been made so.

Some saddles aren’t made with these considerations in mind and because of this shouldn’t be considered by prospective buyers.

Bike Compatibility Of Road Bike Saddles

Perhaps the most important consideration is that of bike compatibility. Not all saddles can fit into your bike, and not all bikes are made for a specific saddle. The saddle makers make their saddles for certain purposes which may not include some bikes.

This might seem unfair but is in fact very fair for it makes saddles more useful in specific purposes more than in all purposes. The user should consider which saddle to use for which bike.

Nature Of Use

Related to the earlier point but just slightly different is the matter of nature of use. Saddles are employed in bikes for different uses.

These uses must be known beforehand if the effectiveness of the saddle is to be determined. If the bike is to be used for strenuous mountain climbing, the appropriate saddle for this task must be used.

The Durability Of Material

The last important factor to consider is that of durability of material which of course depends on the nature of the materials used. If the material used is low quality the saddle is unlikely to last.

The buyer has to consider the nature of the material used in making the saddle know which saddle is best to have and which isn’t.

Road Bike Saddles with Girl

Recommended Best Road Bike Saddles

After going through the list of necessary things to look out for before deciding on a particular brand of bike saddles, the next step which is even more important than the reconnaissance stage is the stage of actual selection. The following are the best saddles in this category.

1. Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

This is a specifically made saddle that has some features for those who are especially health conscious and Want their bikes to be able to provide safety and comfort. Its features include the following:

Anatomic Support

The saddle features support for the backside in the most health-conscious way possible. The specifications are made such that the backside isn’t left at risk of injury or discomfort. This is an advanced method of providing this kind of support.

Excellent Padding

Padding is the material that is used to make up the interior of the saddle. It is a very important type of material because it is what makes the saddle bear the weight of the rider and therefore provide comfort. The padding on this saddle is top quality as expected

Quality Cover

On top of the padding comes a top quality cover that serves to keep everything inside the saddle in place. The cover has to be tough to withstand the pressures of riding and it is indeed, with the result being the provision of a comfortable ride.

Dimensionally Perfect

The dimensions of this saddle are some of the best out there. A saddle has to be made to accommodate the different sizes of riders out there. If it is either too, small or too big discomfort will arise, and the saddle will not sell. This saddle is dimensionally perfect and accommodated different riders.

2. Planet Bike 5020 Men’s ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle with Gel

Planet Bike 5020 Men's ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle with Gel

This is a cousin of the above saddle, but it doesn’t compromise on quality at all. As far as saddles go it is every bit as good as the earlier saddle from the same company. Users should try it if they want to experience the most comfortable rides in their lives.

High-Quality Casing

The casing on top of the saddle that should make the saddle maintain shape and keep everything inside in its proper shape is made of quality material. Because of this, the rider can rest easy on the saddle without worrying about the cover giving way.

Back Protection

The way the saddle is designed has a direct impact on how it will be able to support the rider. If the saddle is poorly made the rider won’t be well supported and the rider will suffer from back problems in the long run. This saddle has the best design to prevent back problems to the rider.


Both the casing and the inner material of this saddle are made in such a way that they can last for a very long time. The saddle is made for bikes that will be used on the road so tough times are anticipated and the saddle is made tough to withstand these easily.

Easy Fitting

The saddle is designed in a way to ensure that the fitting of the device to the bike is easy and stress-free. Usually, the fitting of a saddle on to the bike is one of the time wasting parts of making the bike work, but here the problem is solved easily.

3. Fizik Tundra M5 Saddle

Fi'zi:k Tundra M5 Saddle

This is an awesomely named saddle that does even better work on your bike.

It has all the features that eager bikers usually look for on their bikes so it is very unlikely that this saddle will disappoint you in any way. These features in question include:

Manganese Rails

Rails are part of the saddle, and they offer invaluable service. Having manganese rails is important because for the function of rails manganese is the most reliable metal.

Flexible Flaps

The flaps, which are the side parts of the saddle are flexible and can move to accommodate the user of the saddle.

Unique Saddle Design

The saddle is designed like no others. The design lends to the making of the saddle one of the most effective at handling different types of weight and protecting the user from injury.

Mountain Saddle

The specific designation of this saddle is that of a mountain saddle. Because it is a mountain saddle, this means it can be used for lots of other kinds of terrain at ease.

4. Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women’s Bicycle Saddle

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women's Bicycle Saddle

A saddle specifically made for women to be able to accommodate them on bikes. It has uniques qualities that make it a must to have for every serious female cycler.

This is one of the best saddles in the market, even better than some of the men’s saddles on offer.

Special Saddle Design

Women are anatomically different from men in particular on the backside which is the side that will be in contact with the bike at all times. It is, therefore, important that a saddle for women be designed to accommodate this peculiarity. This saddle is designed to give women riders’ easy time.

Long Lasting Cover

The cover of this saddle is made to last because the makers understood the nature of bike riding. The cover if it isn’t made of tough and quality material can give way easily and may even cause harm to the user. This is anticipated here and solved easily.

Comfort Guaranteed

One of the most paramount considerations for this cover was comfort. This Saddle wasn’t made for the purpose of endurance riding or any other extreme sport. It was made for comfort and comfort is what it provides in abundance. All women will appreciate it.


The material used in making this device makes the end product very light. As a result of this, it doesn’t impact much on the weight of the bike overall meaning that as a user your ride will be more than comfortable when you are using this saddle.

5. ISM Adamo Road Saddle

ISM Adamo Road Saddle

An ideal saddle for road bikes, and one that should excite any biker. It has features that make it stand out and give it an advantage over most other saddles in the market.

It is a competitive saddle and assures the user of the most comfortable bike rides ever. Its features are the following:

The Special Gel In Padding

In the padding of this device, there is a special component whose work is to add to the comfortable nature of the saddle. The enhanced comfort is important as it provides the user with more value for their money.

Road Saddle

This saddle is ideally made for the road bike. Road bikes are used for such things as races and other outdoor activities that, so not necessarily include exhausting mountain climbing. As such it serves a specific niche not filled by many other saddles in the market.

Intelligent Design

The shape of a saddle is an important pointer to the way the saddle will function. This saddle is designed intelligently to make it be able to bear weight without causing the user back problems. It carries the weight of the user but is also able to maintain itself on the bike without mishap.

Extra Support Padding

The padding, in addition to the special gel it contains, is also just made to support the backside perfectly and prevents accidents.

Verdict Of Best Road Bike Saddles

Bike saddles aren’t like other bike accessories which can be bought at will. They are necessary, and that makes buying them a really important task.

The five presented here have all been tested and tried and are assuredly some of the best around. It is up to the buyer to look through the five and choose the one which has the best value to him or her.