Mountain biking is a sport that has been popular in the West for over half a century. Furthermore, it has been promoted at numerous competitions, fairs, and festivals around the world.

It has already been said that certain physical predispositions are necessary to deal with mountain biking. As in other areas of sport and life, the cycle path has different levels that require riders to meet the intended physical characteristics.

So, there are three different tracks for beginners, intermediate riders, and those who are ready for the most challenging course. Beginners have the opportunity to try out their mountain biking skills on a trail over 2 kilometers in length and 1.5 meters wide. The trail mostly traverses the green landscape of trees and forests, so the atmosphere is magnificent.


If you are ready to replace the entry-level with the more demanding ones or you already have enough experience that a trail of over 2 km is not extreme enough for you, there are also longer trails. An additional incentive for anyone who wants to ride such trails is a series of unavoidable obstacles, not exceeding a height of half a meter. This way, the drivers can test their abilities and adapt to the new situation.

The last track is the toughest exam for anyone riding MTB bikes. As most of the trail is in the forest, the tread is not very stable, and it is difficult to predict all the circumstances while driving. There are numerous obstacles and jumps, and the track does not exceed one meter in width.

Bicycle sharing

Bicycle sharing practices are becoming more and more common in the world. It is a system that allows people to share bicycles. None of them owns it; they just pay the right to use it. With the payment of the membership fee, a card or code can be used to unlock the bicycle. It is expected to be returned in a few hours. There were also different projects, with incredible (and unjustified) faith in man. The White Bike was a project of a radical group from Amsterdam, where it was intended to distribute free bikes that would serve people to be transported to their desired location and then given to others. In less than a month, all bikes were either stolen or destroyed in nearby canals.

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