It is very unlikely that you will drive your whole life without being involved in a car incident at least once. Sometimes it happens that you are to blame, and often absolutely nothing depends on you but on other drivers on the road, weather conditions and many other reasons. A very good indicator of how many car accidents happen on the road is that of all personal injury claims, the most common is the one that concerns car accidents.

That is why it is important to know at least a few basic things, even though you are not a lawyer. But in the moments right after, what you do can be crucial and later decide the outcome of claim. Also, you need to know who to contact later and what to expect from the whole legal claim process. That is why you need to read our article about 5 things for you to know about legal claims after a car accident.

1.What you do right after is very important for the outcome


In the moments right after you will surely be under a lot of stress. But there are a few very important things you need to do to increase your chances of a successful legal claim, of course in case you are not seriously injured. First, of course, check the health condition of the other participants in the accident. Then it is very important to call the police to make a detailed report which will later be very important evidence.

And you also gather your own evidence. It is best to photograph the scene. Of course you should fully cooperate with the police and respect their orders. Then check for witnesses and get their contact so you can call them to testify later. And never admit guilt, even if you think you are guilty. Also, don’t talk to others much, because something you say can be used against you later.

2. Most common injuries


There are injuries that happen most often in this case and you will easily prove them. It is only important that you go to the doctor immediately and document them, so that it cannot be disputed later whether you experienced them then or in some other situation. Head injuries are common because your head will continue to move by inertia until it hits something.

Then neck injuries, where the most common injury is whiplash. Broken bones as well as cuts are also very common. When we contacted experts from they told us even post-traumatic stress disorder is not uncommon to occur, especially if fatality has been involved.

3. What if it’s your fault?


If you are found guilty, most people think he or she is not entitled to any compensation. However, this is not always the case and you should not give up easily. Check with your attorney to see what the real state of affairs is. Even though it’s your fault, maybe not all the blame is on you.

There is something called split liability and it can mean that you and the other participant in the accident are to blame also. The percentage of who is to blame and how much will be determined, and you can still ask for compensation, which you will receive, although a significantly reduced amount. Also, if you didn’t wear a seatbelt, that doesn’t mean you’re deprived of the option to claim.

Again, the amount you will receive is less, because they will surely say that the extent of your injuries would not be so great if you wore a seatbelt, which is true. But the seatbelt can’t stop this situation from happening, so you certainly still have the right to compensation, it’s just a matter of the amount of money you get.

4. Contact insurance as soon as possible


As soon as you can, contact your insurance company and report what happened. They will assign you an agent to handle your case. He will conduct an interview with you, and then he will investigate the whole situation himself. Also, notify the insurance of the other participants in the collision, but it might be best to leave it to your attorney. Because they certainly won’t work in your best interest, so be careful not to do or say something wrong.

Do not sign any permit, which allows them to inspect your medical records and the like. You have the right to refuse that and say that you will give them all the necessary medical documentation.

5. You should hire a reliable and professional attorney


Your choice of attorney can also be crucial to the outcome of the whole case. If you’ve ever been in that situation before, you certainly encountered those lawyers who are constantly in the ER or prison and are just trying to reach potential clients who in a state of stress can’t make rational decisions.

So always avoid such because their only goal is to make a profit as soon as possible, and the outcome of your case is less important to them. They are also often not experts in car accidents at all, and it is necessary for them to be in order to get as much compensation as possible. So as soon as you can, look on the internet for reputable attorneys who are experts in the subject.

In addition to being expert, they have their own clearly defined tariffs and will not try to extort money from you until they successfully complete your case. You also need an attorney not only for an insurance settlement, but also if you have to go to court. And also insurance will not try to deceive you when you have an experienced attorney next to you. It is only important to avoid predators that only try to profit from your accident.


These are some of the basic things you need to know. It is important to stay calm so that you can take all the necessary steps. From the moment after where you have to do a few things, to going to the doctor and later hiring an attorney. And also, to know that in most cases you are entitled to a rented car if your car is damaged as a result of a collision.