Most cars today are still run on fuel, even though there are some which have different power sources. So, for us, fuel is a very important commodity, and we want to try our level best to make sure it is used in the most efficient way possible, which is why General Motors has the AFM system in their car.

However, some of you might want to disable the setting to get the most out of your car. The AFM system can stop your car from doing so in order to conserve the fuel and make its consumption most efficient. But changing the setting without professional help can be tough, but don’t worry, today, I’ll teach you how to disable AFM without a tune.

How Does the AFM Work

First and foremost, we are going to get to know a little bit about the AFM before we start talking about how we can disable it.

So, what happens when the engine usage is on the lower side is that a signal is sent to the LOMA, which is going to open up solenoids. This allows the fuel to flow into valves, which are going to remain closed. So, the engine has to run on just the 4 cylinders, but will still do a great job.

When the load on your engine increases, then the fuel comes back to where it was, and then you see that everything is back to the way it was before.

All of that will happen without you even having a clue about it.

Why Would You Want To Disable AFM?

Even though the main goal of the AFM is to reduce your fuel consumption, which in the end would save you some money, but there are some who do not particularly care for it and would, therefore, want to disable it completely or delete the setting from their car.

Maximum Power

The first reason why people would want to disable it is to make sure they have maximum power at all times. If the car is conserving fuel, then you will not be able to make full use of the vehicle, and you might be someone who enjoys driving a certain type of why. So, you wouldn’t want
the AFM is stopping you.

For Noise Reduction

Another reason why many people want to disable it is because of how sensitive they are to sound. When the engine is running on four cylinders, you will hear a slight noise coming from your car. Some people can completely tune it out while others can’t stand it at all. If you are the latter, then this will annoy you a lot.

How Will You Disable the AFM?

In most cases, people tend to seek professional help from the dealerships or mechanics to delete the setting, but there are many others who want to do it on their own and cut back on the cost.

If you happen to be one of those people, then all you have to do is read everything carefully and understand what is going on, you should do just fine. There are two methods you can follow to get the job done, both of which are not too difficult if you know what you’re doing.

Method 1: AFM Deleting Kit

The AFM delete kit is something you should be able to find in most stores that sell car parts, and you can also look online. What this will essentially do is take away all the AFM components from your car, and you would be left with all the standard or normal ones, which is what you are looking for at the moment.

While installing the AFM delete kit, there are a number of things you need to do,
A study by torquewrenchcenter reveals that, the engine will have a compression of 25 pounds less than it should because of the AFM; this could lead to a few codes being misfired. That is why you need to upgrade to a non-AFM camshaft.

You then need to use a few computer programmers to turn the AFM setting off; you will be able to find that very easily.

But it is always easier is someone who has already done; it helps you out and stops you from making mistakes.

Also, you could switch out to a standard-volume oil pump. This is not a requirement rather works as an add on since your car will be going through a shift.

Method 2: AFM Disabler

The next way you can disable the AFM system would be by buying a disabler. You will have to install it in your car, and it is going to stay in. Its main job is to stop the signals about the low engine use from being sent to the LOMA, which is going to make the engine go to four-cylinder mode.

I would say this is a very easy way of getting the job done, which does not require a lot of work, But do keep in mind that you should only be using the disabler if the valvetrain is in good shape.

Both of these will get the job done very well; you should have no problems what so ever. The disabler will be a cheaper option if you are trying to cut costs, but the deleting kit would be more effective in its job.

Also, if you see that the lifters in your car are not in good shape or that they aren’t working properly, then you cannot use the disabler anyways. It would cause a lot of damage, and it is unsafe. So, your only option in the case would be the delete kit.


The main takeaway from this is that disabling the AFM is not difficult; you just need to know what should be done. But if at any stage you think things are getting too complicated then you should ask for help from someone who has done it before.