Diesel engines are great to have. They better economize fuel than gasoline engines, last longer, and have various performance advantages. Though diesel vehicles cost more than gasoline vehicles, they are worth the investment.

To get most out of your diesel vehicle, you can install diesel engine performance upgrades, and these generally come as aftermarket products.

Here are 5 best diesel upgrades you can make to your vehicle.

1. Performance Exhaust

The stock exhaust on most diesel cars and trucks comes with a small diameter pipe with many pinches and bends, making it difficult for the engine to push out exhaust gases.

With high-flow exhaust systems, however, your engine will sound much better, and it will be able to support more torque and horsepower. Check out some powerful high-flow exhaust systems from

A performance exhaust system from provides better breathing for your engine, reducing the exhaust gas temperature, and keeping the engine cooler, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Performing further upgrades, such as adding a turbocharger, make the exhaust much more useful.

2. Air Intake

A diesel engine produces power from oxygen combustion in the engine compartment, and this oxygen is provided by an air intake system.

An aftermarket air intake system can push more air into the engine from the outside.

The outside air is also generally cooler than the air inside the engine—the colder the air, the more oxygen present in it.

The improved airflow system will increase engine performance, lower the engine temperature, and extend the engine’s life.

3. Electronic Control Module

Once you have optimized the airflow of your diesel engine, you can begin making some tweaks and performance upgrades.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to modify your on-board computer or Electronic Control Module (ECM).

Tuning, chipping, and remapping your ECM to give out the best performance can be quite tricky, and if not performed by a professional, can lead to a blown-out engine. An experienced mechanic can adjust the engine’s pressure and timing to help improve the horsepower or even alter the compression ratios to improve efficiency.

4. Performance Fuel Injectors

Aftermarket fuel injectors can improve diesel engine performance by a great deal.

Like the upgraded airflow system, fuel injectors help bring more energy to the combustion process, and more energy means the engine can give out more power.

With performance fuel injectors, you also require an upgraded fuel pump. When combined, your engine provides more power, better performance, and a more improved fuel economy.

The new fuel injector also provides the right pattern for precise and optimal fuel spray and helps more fuel reach your engine, increasing the power output.

5. Turbochargers

After all other upgrades are taken care of, you can now add a turbocharger to your engine. The main aim of a turbocharger is to push more air into the engine from the outside and pressurize the air intake, thereby providing more oxygen for combustion, and producing more power.

A stock turbocharger can increase the airflow by 300-400%, and an aftermarket exhaust can further increase this, up to 500-1000%.

Oxygen is a crucial component for combustion, and the turbocharger provides more of it to help the engine deliver more power and performance.

So there are 5 tips you can use to help boost your diesel engine performance. It is not necessary to install every one of these parts, but you can go for the ones relevant to your diesel vehicle usage.

If you are looking for aftermarket diesel parts like exhausts, air intakes or fuel injectors there’s various warehouses out there (visit Canadian Diesel Online). Just make sure to ask their experts so that you don’t buy the wrong part. You can also head over to a specialized mechanic to talk about diesel engine upgrades to find out what’s best suited for your vehicle.