Ever since the creation of the first automobile, humans have been fascinated by them. It is one reason that many people spend thousands & millions of dollars for their dream vehicle. Financially well-off people pay extra to get their vehicles personalized according to their taste. Diamond headlights, gold plated exterior, whale skin seats are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personalization. But purchasing your dream vehicle is just the first step in the long journey of owning a vehicle. Trust me when I say this that you will create some truly wonderful memories with your vehicle. The numerous trips with friends or cruising with your family are just a few of many experiences that you will continue to cherish long after.

However, these experiences can quickly turn sour if one is not careful. Just like any other machine, a vehicle (old or new) requires care and maintenance. This includes regular oil change, proper tire pressure, washing, detailing and so much more. I have so many people with bad experiences just because they failed to look after their vehicle properly. I mentioned earlier that one aspect of auto care and maintenance is a regular wash and detailing. Unfortunately, many people confuse car washing and auto detailing as the same thing. However, this is nowhere near the truth. In fact, auto detailing and car wash are two different things. But one can say that they serve the same purpose which is to ensure that the vehicle looks clean and spotless.

In this article, I will guide you about car detailing in detail and what it offers.

What is Auto Detailing?

In simple terms, it is a process that ensures that the vehicle is in the best condition possible in terms of cosmetic appearance. When we talk about cosmetic appearance, we do not just mean the vehicle’s exterior but also the interior. The best detailing services ensure that the interior and exterior both look equally exquisite and spotless.

Interior Detailing

This involves cleaning the interior of the vehicle including the seats, AC vents, dashboard and the windows. Steam cleaning and vacuuming are also done to ensure a perfect look.

Exterior Detailing

This involves cleaning the tires, windows, headlights, exterior body, and restoring the paint to its original condition. Different detergents, polishes, waxes, and even ceramic coating is used for exterior detailing.

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Now, let us look at why car detailing is beneficial.

Effects of Car Detailing

Source: jpdeluxe.com

When a regular wash, wax, or polish fails to get the job done, it is time for auto detailing. This is how quality detailing affects your vehicle:

Car Value Improves

If you ever went to buy a used vehicle, you would notice that the owner has it all cleaned up. After all, it gives a good impression. No one would pay good money for a vehicle that looks dirty as it indicates that it is poorly maintained. Similarly, if the paint job looks faded or has signs of chip marks, the value would go down. On the other hand, if a vehicle has gone through regular detailing, none of these issues would exist. The paint job would be in perfect condition. The exterior and interior would be spotless. This would automatically bump your vehicle’s resale value upwards.

Improved Visibility

Going down the road with poor visibility is always a recipe for disaster. When it comes to automobiles, poor visibility can be attributed to two factors – windscreen and headlights. Over time, they accumulate dust and dirt which cannot be removed with a simple wash. To ensure that they are spotless, you have to go for auto detailing. The best car detailing companies would use a mix of products to clean the windscreen and headlights. This would improve visibility and reduce chances of accidents arising from low or poor visibility.


Another effect of car detailing is on health. Just think about spending time in an unclean environment. You would be exposed to so many germs and other contaminants that you might end up falling ill. Isn’t it correct? Well, it is. Your vehicle is a safe haven for dirt, germs, and other contaminants. While sitting in the vehicle, you bring in all sorts of contaminants with your shoes. When you roll down the windows, you are inviting dust and dirt. Over time, they accumulate to a point that it can start to have an impact on your health. Through detailing, you can effectively get rid of such harmful contaminants and ensure a safe and healthy environment.


A quality paint job can cost thousands of dollars. Likewise, Car AC repair can cost a few hundred dollars. The point we are trying to communicate is that auto repairs can be quite costly. Even if you have money, such repairs are nothing but a drain on your resources especially when they could have been easily avoided. For instance, many people complain of malfunctioning ACs during hot summer months. They end up paying for repairs and maintenance which were easily avoidable. During detailing, the AC vents are thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and other particles which are a contributing factor to AC problems.

Likewise, detailing prevents the paint from fading and also removes minor scratches. Without regular detailing, the fade would become more noticeable. Soon, the only option would be to opt for a repaint. One more thing we would like to mention is that PitStopArabia is also offering AC repair and maintenance services in the UAE.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article for today. We hope that you find it interesting and informative. We have summed up how auto detailing affects the vehicle. Hopefully, these reasons convince you to opt for regular car detailing.