As always with this rather special model, the legendary Harley Davidson brand has done something special with the upcoming 2024 Harley Davidson CVO Tri Glide. MoCo, who took the ordinary model and gave it their signature CVO treatment, builds this top-shelf machine.

The Custom Vehicle Operations division, CVO for short, is a place where all sorts of motorcycles come to be enhanced and perfected. The 2024 CVO Tri Glide however is an even better example of the usual Harley practice. They now wanted to develop a platform on which they can test their brand new electronic goodies. In the recent months, the iconic brand has finally stepped into the 21st.

One of the new technologies is for example the Reflex Defensive Rider Systems, which will counter inherent issues with the traditional trike layouts, and make it a machine worth going head to head against anything.

Moreover, the company has developed their largest production engine ever, and called it the Milwaukee-Eight 117 Twin-Cooled Engine. It is capable of delivering more than 100 pound-feet of torque and it has two contact patches. Read on to learn more about this amazing new motorbike.


Like always, the front part of the new 2024 CVO Tri Glide looks special. It is sort of a blend between futuristic and historical influences. The fender is cut down and it controls the front wheel fling, between a set of beefy front forks. They feature the good old beer can fork skirts that serve to hide and protect the inner fork tube swept area.

When it comes to the light, the front end has a cyclops headlight that is recessed, and which has a pair of pimp lights and bullet blinkers. There is also a DRL ring that serves to improve the visibility of the rider and the bike for the rest of the traffic. All of the lights on the bike are some variety of LED, and they will really stand out in the night and make you safe and noticeable.

Next, there is a pair of ports between the headlight and the smoked windscreen. It relieves the vacuum behind the fairing and helps you fight the head-buffet effect, offering comfort on longer distances. There are also chrome engine guards for a traditional fairing look. They are lower and they extend the protection to the legs. One more interesting feature are the hidden radiators that are in charge of the Twin-Cooled engine feature.

Inside of the fairing, there is a quartet of round gauges surrounding the color TFT touchscreen, which will give you all of the information. Located in the tips of the wings are forward speakers reserved for the Boom! GTS Infotainment system. In addition, the wings themselves keep the wind away.

Furthermore, a classic chrome panel and a fuel door are present at the fuel tank, which by the way holds six gallons. Overall, the fly line of the bike goes down this teardrop shape tank and turns into a deep scoop seat that has a rider backrest, as well as a full width pillion throne complete. The passengers will have a lot of comfort thanks to the armrests, below which there are two speaker cones that give you a stereo effect. Last but not least, the new CVO Tri Glide has a Tourpak and a luggage rack above what is a true trunk area. The total amount of storage space is 6.8 cubic feet.


The frame on this motorbike is somewhat strange with all of the usual hardware, and it has welded mild steel members in a double cradle format. The steering head is at a 26-degree, with a rather short trail of 3.94 inches. However, since this machine never leans to the sides, it is not as important as on the traditional two-wheel bikes.

Between the front and the rear contact-patch centers, there are 65.7 inches of space, as the overall length can be compared to the rest of the touring line. Ground clearance is 5.1 inches off the deck, which is enough for the usual roads. When it comes to the wheels, they are cast aluminum “Tomahawk” wheels that are surrounded in Dunlop hoops. The measurements are 130/60-19 in the front, and automotive style 215/45-18 in the back. The handy Tire Pressure Monitoring System will help you keep track of your wheels at all times.

The bike also has Showa Dual Bending Valve tech for a far superior ride when compared to ordinary suspension. The hand wheel allows quick and easy rear shock preload adjustments, without the need of your everyday tools and dirty hands and knees. There is also a pair of four pot calipers that bites the dual front discs, while in the rear, there is a single-piston anchor on each wheel. It will take care of business impeccably, and you also get a parking brake.

The Cornering Enhanced Linked Braking, Cornering Enhanced ABS, and Vehicle Hold Control features are some of the high-end safety electronics that this 2024 bike is going to have. These amazingly clever systems are capable of reading data from the inertial measurement unit, after which they can modulate the levels of intervention, based on the available traction they have calculated.

The ABS works exactly how you expect it to, while the Linked Brakes share braking pressure between the front and rear ends. They also work in order to keep the CVO Tri Glide stable during cornering and not make you straighten the curve. This is by far one of the most traditional complaints of three-wheeled motorbikes. Basically, Harley Davidson has managed to conquer the over-stable nature of these vehicles, making it less wooden as you turn. This will surely make it much more competitive in the market than the rest of similar trikes out there.


Finally, let us talk about the usual star of any vehicle, the engine. Especially among the Harley Davidson products, it is the engine that always draws the most attention. The 2024 Tri Glide has a chrome over black wrinkle, Big-Twin lump, and what a machine this is. As we already mentioned, it is the largest production V-Twin that the Milwaukee-based company has ever made. It delivers a whopping 117 cubic-inches, packed away nicely in the 45-degree V. Of course, it is a long-stroke mill that has a 4.075-inch bore, a 4.5-inch stroke, and a 10.2-to-1 compression ratio.

The factory that the total is actually 125 pound-feet of torque, at a somewhat low max rpm of 3,750. This is an impressive feat. The bike weighs 1,269 pounds soaking wet, and when you account for the windage, the combined mileage comes down to 40 mpg.

The trike has a ride-by-wire throttle control, which sends the signal to the ECU. This then controls the fuel injected throttle body and manages the induction. The CVO Tri Glide carries a Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System, as well as a Cornering Enhanced Drag Torque Slip Control System. Both of these amazing features are specially made for the year 2024, as parts of the RDRS system. There are two traction control modes, one reserved for dry conditions, and the other for wet situations. As for the C-DSCS, it can goose the throttle a little during too much back torque. Safe to say, you will never fishtail if you go a little faster while exiting corners.

As you might have already guessed, the modern features an enormous step forward for the Harley Davidson brand. The 2024s are already looking bright for the iconic company. Finally, the Connect Service networks tie all of these neat electric features up, as you can use your smartphone to monitor the vitals of the trike, and even keep your eye on it remotely. This is possible because of the security system present on the bike.


As you already know and expect, premium designs that offer high-performance usually come with enormous price tags. In order to purchase 2024 CVO Tri Glide fetches, be ready to part with $48,999, and that is just the basic model. Exclusive paint packages are the Black Stardust with either Magnetic Gray or Wicked Red graphics, or the Blizzard White Pearl that has Lightning Silver or Stormcloud graphics. All of these combinations look breathtaking, but as you can see, they all come with a hefty price.


Right now, there are many different trikes out there with unreal kits and custom enhancements. However, the CVO Tri Glide does not really have a clear competitor on the market. The Can-Am Spyders are similar in nature, but they lack the high-end finishes or the serious feature packages Harley Davidson have at their disposal.

The Polaris Slingshot may be a worthy opponent, but that is not really the same thing. Therefore, if you want something like this, the new 2024 CVO Tri Glide by Harley Davidson is in a category of its own, which will surely show like a great thing for their sales. What is more, this bike might bring in a new age of modern electric trikes from all of the other big names in the motorcycle industry.