How many times have you urgently needed money for some reason? It is a tough moment when the bills are coming, but you can’t afford to pay them at once. Many people get scared and they go to the bank as soon as possible to get a loan. However, is this the only way to get money quickly? The answer to this question is “no” without any doubt.

Believe it or not, sometimes you do not have to get out of the house to find the solution. More precisely, the solution to your problem is located in your garage. We know that people are emotionally connected with the vehicle they drive.

However, in today’s world, we usually have more than 1 car in our garage. The advanced technology allowed us to purchase some amazing cars for a fair price. Still, it is reasonable if you can’t sell it because you need it for your everyday life. For instance, your office is not near your home and you will have to use your car every day.

But, what is the purpose of your old car?

Some people believe that they can’t sell their cars. They think it is impossible to find a buyer because the car is older. Well, that is the wrong way of thinking. Your old car can bring you the necessary amount of money for only a couple of days (or less).
Let’s find out together the fastest ways to sell your old car.

Use the Benefits of Social Media

Well, we believe that this sounds like a basic piece of advice. You already had this idea, didn’t you? However, we believe that you were not using good methods to sell your car.

Do not forget that we all live in a world of modern technology. More precisely, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram became equally popular in all parts of the world. Selling something online today is easier than ever before. So, here are the things that we recommend you do.

First of all, ensure that you have quality pictures of your vehicle. The pictures must be clear so that people can see each detail. Subscribe to groups like “buy-sell old cars”. You can search for them alone and you will see that there are a lot of them. This is the place where you can find a potential buyer.

Still, there are two disadvantages of this method. First of all, you will need to offer a discount. This means that you are not going to get the full price. However, many people accept this because they urgently need money. The reason why they accept this is because they haven’t researched all the options they have.

Anyway, the second disadvantage is that you might not be able to send it the same day. We do not want to say that you will have to wait for months or weeks to get your money. Still, you will have to wait for a couple of days. Of course, this still is one of the best ways to do that.

Sell It to Someone You Know

Looking for a buy of your old car is sometimes unnecessary. Have you talked with the people around you? Maybe some of your relatives or friends would want to buy your old car. The reason why this option is good is easy. They already know all the features of your car. Despite that, they also know how you maintained it, which things you upgraded, etc.

This will make the entire process a lot easier. You won’t have to spend time convincing them that your car is still good for driving. Logically, they already know that. Despite that, you won’t have to spend time searching for people that are looking to buy an old car.

Sell It to a Car Buying Service

Well, this might be the less complex solution from our list. Some people simply do not know how to sell things in the right way. First of all, they do not know how to promote the car to the potential buyer. Even if your old car perfectly works, you need to prove that. Despite that, they do not know how to determine the value of the car. Some of them are looking at the price subjectively and they offer a high price. On the contrary, some of them are afraid to raise the price because they urgently need the money. If that’s the problem that you have, then this is a perfect solution for you.

Fortunately, once again we can use the benefits of the Internet. However, we will do that differently this time. You can search for car buying services online and try to make an agreement with them. One of the car buying services that we would like to suggest is They operate in different cities in the US.

However, the main reason why we suggest them is – speed. Believe it or not, you will get your money within 24 hours. The entire process is not complex at all. You can contact them via phone, e-mail, or simply book an appointment online. The paperwork is not your concern because their experts will handle that for free. Finally, the pickup is also free, and you can expect their workers in front of your home within 24h. Who says that “quick money” does not exist?

Bonus Tip: Sell Old Car Parts & Use Old Car to Reduce Price

There are two more things that we would want to talk about here. First of all, you can also try to sell old car parts. You might get a good price from the buyer. This especially counts if those parts are rare on the market. However, we suggest you check the demand for the current part before everything.

Finally, there is one scenario that happens all the time. It might happen that the reason why you need money is buying a new-old car. Well, if that’s the case then you should do one thing. Talk with the seller and see if he wants to give a discount in exchange for your old car.