Whether you need a vehicle to help with your work or you’re more into something classy but not too formal to play, a Dodge Ram truck gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a strong and powerful machine whose looks are more than just stunning. Going shopping?

Distributing some goods to your customers? Need to take your garden commodities to the market? Going on a long road trip? … No problem, this beast has you all sorted out! While it’s a medium duty multipurpose vehicle to bequeath, it’s not out of this earth to feel the urge to make your Dodge Ram truck even more powerful.

Fortunately, this post should give you some ideas on just how to make this happen. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about boosting your Dodge Ram performance.

Proper Maintenance

Depending on the level and regularity of use, your RAM truck can take a considerable amount of beating in a short duration. This is especially the case if you use it for commercial purposes or if you often drive off-road. Proper care is crucial to the wellbeing of any vehicle and according to, the best way to amp up your RAM truck’s performance is through regular maintenance.

These beasts are powerhouses when coming from the manufacturer, but with time, neglected maintenance can eat into your Dodge RAM’s performance, rendering it problematic and affecting its intended mileage. This means keeping an eye on how your truck’s engine behaves, changing engine oil regularly and replacing the oil filter at least every 7,500 – 15,000 miles.

Upgrade the Air Intake System

A rig’s performance largely depends on the engine, and one of the determining factors of engine performance is the air intake system. This is the part that sucks and delivers the right amount of cool air to the engine, providing more oxygen to support combustion.

Needless to mention, the amount of air coming into the engine will have an impact on engine power. This means that upgrading your RAM truck’s air intake system not only makes it more powerful, efficient, and aggressive, but it also makes the truck sound better by reducing combustion noise, giving it that oomph and the baby roar you’re probably looking for.

In addition to upgrading the engine’s air intake, other upgrades you can do to improve your Ram’s horsepower include:

  • Installing an aftermarket exhaust
  • Going for an engine tuner
  • Investing in turbochargers or superchargers

Suspension System

Now, navigating tough terrain is a common challenge to many vehicle owners. This is because many off-road terrains require a really powerful rig to maneuver, especially when the weather is not so favorable. The Dodge Ram is built for power, but you can make it an even more intimidating beast by giving the suspension system an upgrade. Once done, you’ll be rolling in a stiffer, tighter, and more composed rig that sometimes onlookers will hate to admire!

Install and Engine Performance Chip

Your Dodge Ram performance heavily relies on its torque and horsepower. To make it more powerful, especially when navigating rough terrain, another thing you can do is install an engine performance chip. It’s all about reconfiguring your engine’s timing. What’s more, the process is reversible and relatively affordable.

Try Rugged Tires

Especially if you’re a regular off-road user and you’ve just upgraded the suspension system, your Dodge Ram truck could do even better with some new rugged tires. In this case, you can go for supple rubber tires that are larger and rugged to improve maneuverability in rough terrain.

When treading through uneven surfaces, neither you nor your ride will feel any impact or experience inconveniences such as getting stuck in muddy ruts. What’s more, there’s a wide range of RAM pickup tire options you can get depending on the specific effect you’re looking for. For instance, some are specifically designed to enhance handling and efficiency on paved roads, no matter how twisted it gets. It’s all about what fits your lifestyle and the kind of performance enhancement you’re after.

Reconsider Your Brake Systems

If not as good as useless, any vehicle without effective brakes is a huge safety hazard, not forgetting how it can make life harder for any driver. Especially when rolling with a powerful machine like the Dodge Ram, a car collision is the last thing you want to get involved in. Brakes get even more important when spinning a loaded pickup truck.

Now, to get the most out of your Dodge Ram, you’ll need to keep an eye on your brakes system, ensuring that it stays in top shape always. Especially if you carry loads with your truck from time to time, you may need to give your brake system an overhaul upgrade. When doing so, go for high-performance brakes designed to perform well even under high heat/load conditions without losing effectiveness.

Some Lighting Upgrades

No feeling is more powerful than being able to cut through various surfaces or roads in your Ram at your preferred speed without worrying about visual limitations. Another way to maximize your Ram truck’s performance is to consider installing lights that will maximize visibility while on the road. For instance, you can replace the default headlights and taillights with some LED lights, which help improve your navigation and mileage even in challenging weather. On top of that, this move also improves road safety.

Upgrade the Exhaust

The slightest amount of restriction in exhalation can affect your Ram’s performance. To give it that performance boost it greatly deserves, why not install a new, free-breathing exhaust? This will modestly increase the beast’s horsepower, making your drives even more powerful and enjoyable regardless of the surfaces you’re treading through. In addition to this, an exhaust system upgrade will go a long way in improving its sound performance. With a few more bucks added to your budget, you can even make your wheels sexier by installing a dual exhaust system.

Truly, a Dodge Ram is a huge investment that every owner would want to protect the best way they can. How much you enjoy owning one will also largely depend on its performance on the ground. Luckily, you now have a few tips covering most, if not all the basics you need to know about boosting your Dodge Ram’s performance.