Driving a truck might be fun, but if you do not have the right gadgets it can turn from being fun to being quite exhausting. If you are wondering how you can make your driving experience a lot better than it already is, feel free to read until the end of this article.

Today we’re talking about some of the best gadgets that you can have in your truck, and since it’s such an interesting subject, let’s jump straight into the content.

A HUDWAY Cast – The Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Turning your smartphone into something like a HUD sounds pretty futuristic and impossible, but believe it or not, HUDWAY made this quite easy to do with their latest cast device. The device takes raw data from your phone screen, and then transmits it onto a transparent screen into something that is very helpful when on the road.

The device currently supports both Android and iOS phones, and it can be used for tons of different purposes apart from the GPS projecting. Calls, music control, reading texts, you name it, and HUDWAY Cast has it. The best thing about is that it’s cheap and it doesn’t require you to have a high-end smartphone.

Regular GPS

If you are a fan of the more old-school option, purchasing a simple yet very useful and stable GPS device is something that should be a top priority, especially if you’re on the road quite often. Feel free to visit here if you are interested in a few examples of GPS for truckers.

Navigating while on the road is very important, and you never want to find yourself lost in a foreign country. Make sure that you have at least some way of navigating in case something like this happens. A GPS is the best method, but if you are extremely old school you can use a map as well.

A portable vacuum cleaner

Nothing is more important than being in a clean vehicle, especially if you are someone who works with other people, such as an Uber driver or a regular Taxi. Portable vacuum cleaners are small, compact but quite powerful in order to get your task done fast.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are tons of companies that make them, so feel free to choose the one that you feel like it fits the most for your use.

A rooftop carrier

Stacking up backpacks and suitcases inside your truck is not really a good idea, especially if you are traveling with a lot of people and all of them need their personal space. A rooftop carrier completely solves this problem.

It is easily mountable, not too expensive to purchase and once you invest in it, it will serve for a very long time before it needs a replacement. Most of them are waterproof as well, so you don’t have to worry about driving in rainy conditions. One of the most famous brands is THULE, but there are tons of other options that come in different prices and with different features as well. Feel free to choose whatever feels best for you.