Riding a dirt bike is not as easy as it may seem. That is the reason why people should learn the basics before deciding on that move. We do not want to say that things are going to be easy. Mastering different techniques are going to be a challenging task for every beginner. Yet, if you are a patient hard worker, all the goals that you have will become achievable.

There are a few different reasons why the tricks and tips from the list will be useful. Before everything, you will have better control over your vehicle. Logically, that will help you reduce the risks of any potential injuries. Despite that, changing conditions is the number one reason why people experience an injury. Because of that, you will manage to react quickly when the conditions are not on your side. Finally, skill improvement is an entertaining process. It is going to be interesting to you to become the master of dirt bike riding.

Before we start, there is another thing we have to say. Strength, experience, and speed are important factors. However, driving a dirt bike successfully is only possible if you use the proper technique. That is the reason why you should start with small steps. Start driving quicker only when you are confident enough in your skills. Not doing that can result in some costly consequences that everyone wants to avoid.

After we explained everything, let’s get to the point. Let’s find out tips and tricks for the newbie dirt bike riders.

1. The Position of the Body


Beginners usually do not get in the right position. They often believe that riding a dirt bike and a “basic” bike is the same thing. Unfortunately, you can’t sit the same way you would sit on a bicycle. Because of that, you should do a couple of things before starting your ride.
Before everything, sitting far back on the bike would be a huge mistake. You won’t manage to control the vehicle promptly in that way. The drivers need to sit forward on the bike and ensure a high level of control in that way.

Despite that, squeezing your dirt bike with knees is a must-do thing. If you don’t do that, you will have to deal with a strong arm pump. Your entire body needs to participate in the dirt bike control. Because of that, squeezing the knees will allow you to use your legs as well when controlling and turning the bike.

The next thing you should learn to do is the proper usage of your overall weight. Your weight mustn’t be on your butt. On the contrary, you should put it on the footpegs while sitting up with a straight back. You probably know how tennis players are waiting for the ball to come. That is the same aggressive stance you should be in.

In the end, place your elbows high up in the air. In that way, you will ensure enough power when turning the bike. If the elbows are too close to your body, you won’t manage to do that properly.

2. Pick a Good Place to Start

Beginners need to understand that not every terrain is good to make the first steps. You will hear different opinions from people around you. However, the suggestions you here usually won’t be the good ones. Our recommendation is to start learning how to drive a dirt bike on an old dirt road.

There are a couple of reasons why we suggest a thing like that. First of all, the terrain of that type is flat with no big rocks. In other words, the obstacles you sometimes need to deal with do not exist. Improving your skills and experience in a safe area is something you should strive to do. You won’t get hurt, and you will have enough space to try out different techniques.

Still, you will have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. Of course, do not start at once to drive like crazy. Instead of that, you should start driving a bit quicker in some moments. That is the only way to defeat certain fears and improve your instincts.

3. All Bike Parts Are Equally Important


As we said, your safety should be your main priority. Because of that, you should put all the essential aspects of dirt bike riding into consideration. One of the things you should know is that all dirt bike parts are important equally. For instance, will you manage to go fast if your breaks are not good enough?

However, it seems that some parts do not seem important to the drivers. Keep in mind that your bike needs to handle great stress. Because of that, having a proper dirt bike suspension is something you should ensure. Finding a good dirt bike suspension is no longer a challenging task. There are many webshops like where you can find the ones that will meet your expectations. We recommend you check the website we attached, and check the options you have.

4. It Is Recommendable that You Start Small


Purchasing a 450cc dirt bike as a beginner would not have any sense. All the newbies need to start small. The bikes of that type are suitable only for professionals. Even people that have some experience will avoid purchasing the strongest “machines”. It is a heavy bike,e and controlling it requires good quality skills and long riding experience. You may lose control even when there are the smallest obstacles.

Instead of that, you should start with less heavy bikes. For instance, a 250cc dirt bike would be a good option. The bike of that type is not heavy and you will manage to control it even when the obstacles exist.

5. Learn How to Deal with Small Obstacles


Every newbie needs to be ready to deal with small obstacles like tree branches and other stuff. In those cases, you have two options. The first option you have is to stop. However, keep in mind that you won’t have the option to stop many times. Because of that, slowing down your vehicle would be a much smarter solution. That especially counts if you have to deal with small logs. Slow down, and ride over it while you are shifting your weight back.