Dirt Bikes, machines that bring about a feeling of thrill and tremendous bravado. Hearing the roar of the engine, feeling of the vibration of a jarring ride or the dirt flying all around you as you race through the tracks. But the most exciting one is the freedom when you’re at the pinnacle of an aerial jump.

Regardless of the reasons if you’re an avid enthusiast of the sport you really can’t have enough of the excitement when you’re one with the machine. A dirt bike is designed, unlike your regular motorcycle. They have smaller engines because the off-road circuit is not a flat course so you’re only going to need a lighter throttle than when you’re driving on asphalt.

As with any sport, it doesn’t matter if the participant craves and eats adrenaline for breakfast, safety must always be a priority. If you’re a beginner of the sport, it is imperative that you learn and familiarize yourself with the safety measures practiced before, during, and after a ride. Below are three main reasons why it’s important to always be mindful of the measures and guidelines.

Importance of Safety

You’re not alone out there

Most of the time, unless you own the track, you will be there with a number of people either racing themselves, assisting in the track or just witnessing the marvel of a bike race. The safety measures will not only save you from harm it is also there to protect other people involved in the sport.

It’ll save you and your bike

Although your bike is secondary to your life and limb, if you have a sweet customized beast it’ll just be a waste if it gets wrecked because of recklessness. You will have to consider the cost of the repair on top of your medical bills. All these can be avoided if everyone in the course adheres to the safety guidelines.

More rides

It will be great to hang up our gloves and helmet on our terms. If you’re just starting you’ll have the impression that you have a lot in the tank. But if you’re not careful, the contents in that tank will drain faster than you can say “uncle”. Being conscientious will extend your riding years and will give you more opportunities to learn and improve yourself.

Safety Tips

Know Your Motor Bike

Before you throw in your money and hop on a dirt bike you’re going to have learned about them and their traits. According to MagicBike, there are details about a bike that you’ll have to determine and settle.

You can talk to your dealer, read online or ask advice from an expert about the basic things you should know about yo ur bike. A regular motorcycle is different from a dirt bike. The latter is lightweight because it’s designed to jump over obstacles and maneuver on loose soil. It also has a stiffer suspension for when landing after you attempt any aerial move.

Function Over Fashion

When it comes down to the safety gear, you should dress in case of a crash not dress for the ride. Wear the appropriate safety gear to protect yourself if something bad happens. Your helmet is one of the primary gear you need to wear when you’re riding down the track. It should be the right helmet and it should fit well.

You don’t want it to be too tight and a loose fit will not give the right protection. Knee braces are there to protect your knee from being blown or get hurt in that area. You will also have to wear the right boots to protect your feet and ankles. Elbow pads are important to save your arms. Gloves are also essential so that you’ll have a better grip on the throttle.  

Know Your Limits

If you’re just learning how to ride a dirt bike, you should really know that your current limits are not that far ahead. First is you should start small, bikes with bigger displacement mean more power and that translates into higher chances of crashing.

This is because if a beginner panics they would typically grab the throttle and would have difficulties in taking back control. Stay on the designated track or trail. These are identified to be suitable for driving. If you don’t stay on track you could be driving on a terrain that will have deep falls that you can’t see beforehand and bumps that would compromise your control.

Keep Your Focus

Riding is not only a physical activity, but there are also a lot of aspects of the sport that will test your mental abilities. When you’re riding you’ll likely face a lot of different situations that require a different approach. You need to stay focus so that you can react accordingly and on time. You may encounter a wild animal along the trail in the woods or a driver might lose control and is coming towards you.

You need to keep your body sharp and ready so you can drive safely. Bring adequate amounts of liquid to keep you from getting dehydrated. You should take the right-sized meal before your ride. Not eating enough will make you weak faster and too much will make you sluggish in the course.

Follow Driving Protocols

Make sure you follow rules and directions when you’re driving. Also, there are things that may sound counter-intuitive but will make more sense. One is if you’re a new driver you’ll likely roll a jump this is understandable as you’d want to be familiar first.

If you hear an experienced and fast rider coming behind you, don’t try to steer clear out of their way. This could result in you getting landed on, what you should do is maintain your course and let them find a way to get past you. They already saw you so they already have a plan to avoid you and take the jump.

When you get the hang of things, all of these things just come naturally. The main thing is to establish an attitude that prevents other riders and yourself from unnecessary risks. The sport is already violent and as riders take their bike faster and higher the crash will be more violent. So it pays to keep your wits with you at all times.