When you are looking for the best cruiser bike, there are some things you need to watch, which set them apart from other types of bikes.

You want a bike that you can handle perfectly well for the best cruising experience. Some of the things that you should consider when buying a cruiser bike include the following.

  • Consider the size
  • The gears
  • The style of the bike
  • The frame of the bike among others

Cruiser bikes are designed to fit both male and female users. Getting the best bike that suits your body is the most important thing to do so that you can have a memorable experience.

Schwinn has been in the industry of making bikes for many years. One of their best cruisers for ladies that you can check is the Schwinn 26 Inch Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike.

This bike has been designed so that every lady finds comfort when riding outdoors with friends. There are a lot of things that you will appreciate in this cruiser. Let us look at some of them and I know you will consider buying the bike.

Schwinn 26" Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike

Steel Frame

A relaxed enjoyable ride can be achieved if you purchase a bike that fits you well. You are spending your hard-earned money so you should not buy a defective product.

The frame construction of this bike is designed with a classic steel cruiser and fork for stability and added strength. The bike can be used by almost every lady even those who are looking forward to losing excess body weight.

Schwinn Wide Cruiser Seat

Most of the riders end up complaining about the comfort of the seat when they are buying a road bike. This should not be the case; a bike should have a comfortable seat such that you feel good when you are riding for long hours.

This cruiser is all you would love to own. The seat of the bike is comfortable making your rides exciting an enjoyable.

Fenders And Rear Carrier

Whether it is raining or sunny the whole day, you can use this cruiser and still achieve the best riding. The fenders and rear carrier are included in the bike so that you get the chance to ride in all weather conditions.


If a bike gives you the opportunity to speed on different terrains, the brakes should also be dependable so that you can stop when you need to.

Sometimes you might find yourself approached by an obstacle along your way, and if the brakes are not reliable, you might end up falling over. But with this bike, the linear-pull brakes are responsive and provide you with instant stops.


Pedals play a significant role in any bike. Whether you are riding an indoor cycle, mountain bike, or cruiser bike, the pedals should be comfortable.

The bike is made with durable nylon featuring Kraton insert for color coordination and traction. This allows you to achieve a natural pedaling motion all the time.


  • It has full fenders for convenient riding in all weather
  • The bike has very reliable brakes
  • Seat is padded for comfort
  • The bike has a quality construction
  • This bike is lightweight


  • Assembling the bike is difficult
  • The grips of the handlebars are not of the same color with the bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of breaks does this bike have?

A: This bike is designed with handbrakes, 7 speed gears.

Q: Is it easy to assemble the bike by myself?

A: I guess the assembly is quite demanding. My husband and I spent almost one hour putting the parts of the bike together.

Q: Does anybody know the weight limit of this bike?

A: I don’t know the exact weight limit of this bike. However I weight 230 lbs, and I find it comfortable. I have not had any trouble with this bike.

Final Verdict Schwinn 26 Inch Ladies Perla Cruiser Bike

Riding should be an interesting activity that comes naturally. This is why you should get the right bike that is easy to use.

With this cruiser, you can use it for exercise or riding during leisure time, and this will help you maintain a strong and healthy body.

If you are planning for an outdoor biking event with friends, grab this bike and you will shine out in the beach without compromising your comfort.